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Blue Santal (2013)
by Comme des Garçons


Blue Santal information

Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseComme des Garçons
PerfumerAntoine Maisondieu

About Blue Santal

Blue Santal is a shared / unisex perfume by Comme des Garçons. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Antoine Maisondieu

Reviews of Blue Santal

Mmmm! Blue Santal immediately grips my attention and encourages eyes-closed reflection from me.

I agree with other reviewers that that starchy, sincerely and intensely woody quality of CdG's Wonderwood is very present in Blue Santal. There is a dreamy, peppery incense touch here that grab me every time I take it in. Juniper and pine inject a smooth, serene backdrop to Blue Santal. Sandalwood, with its creamy semi-smoky and spicy character, emerges within this lovely formulation in an almost raw way, smelling drier than what I usually expect in other scents.

Blue Santal inspires the imagination, evoking distant exotic lands reveling in this hypnotic mix. I am in love. :^>
14th November, 2018
Blue Santal leaves an impression of cold resting on a bed of soapy, non-creamy sandalwoodiness and cedar. Juniper freshens the whole thing up. When I breathe it in, I feel like I'm in a snowy forest where the wind has died down and pure, woody, evergreen air surrounds me.
07th February, 2016 (last edited: 20th November, 2017)

Definitely a wood scent worthy of consideration. The opening wood note, according to the scent pyramid, is pine; and I have no reason to disagree that it’s there, but I get a soft, dry, not-quite-natural sandalwood right from the start. The sandalwood is not “natural” because it has a bit of a metallic tinge to it.. I think it’s the juniper berry note that is responsible for the metallic – possibly the “boozy” – tone that Darvant mentions. I thoroughly enjoy this version of sandalwood.

I find that Blue Santal is pretty much linear. It is a subtly unusual fragrance – a creative rebel that disguises itself as a conformist sandalwood. I enjoy sniffing it, and in the course of the scent, I smell mostly sandalwood in its different guises… it is sandalwood-light… it is metallic sandalwood… it is boozy sandalwood. It’s not as creamy as the sandalwood I smell in… say… Tam Dao. The metallic tinge of the sandalwood isn’t the only difference: Blue Santal has less cedar than Tam Dao, which I think is a good thing if one is looking to buy a sandalwood fragrance.

Perhaps exaggerated by its linearity, Blue Santal has very good longevity. Its sillage is light to average, and when it stops as a sillage-maker, it continues for a few more hours as an enjoyably sniffable skin scent. I’ve already purchased Blue Encens; this one may soon be on my shelf too.
22nd February, 2015
A bright, very cool sandalwood. The intended effect is to have icy notes contrasting with the warm wood -- a shimmering effect sometimes called moiré. It succeeds.
Ultimately, I find this to be an attractive but somewhat simple cool-wood scent. But, it has very good wood notes and the "cool" is not a screechy synthetic.
04th August, 2014 (last edited: 03rd August, 2014)
Together with Blue Incense (and far over Blue Cedrat) another amazing new "blue" creation from CdG. Try to figure on mind a somewhat (but basically far less) "turpentinic" sort of Black Tourmaline's type of incensey peppery dustiness as basic platform and colour that reputable sombreness with a mild (yes Wonderwood's-like) fluidy and dry sandalwood-green tea (slightly pencil shavings) aroma turned out slightly effervescent by a simil Blue Incense's typical "coniferous resins-parasol pine-juniper-mint-mineral amber crystals" frozen green effect plus hints of un-salty ozonic molecules, a slightly angular lime-orange support and a sweet spices (cinnamon for instance) brush-stroke, .... well you can probably guess as Blue Saltal smells like. The minty water-sandalwood aroma is broad, aromatic, slightly "mountainous" and almost fizzy/boozy (with a sort of dry vodka or better boozy gingery aqueous undertone), finally taming a bit its almost gingery sparkling "swarming" in order to embrace a more typically dry aromatic woody substance. I find Blue Santal far more interesting, approachable and wearable than the mentioned Odeur 53 which (is more properly rubbery in the sense of plastic and not woodsy resinous) I find similar but effectively more weird, laundry/freezing, synthetic in approach, "cybernetic" and "ozonic/oxygenate". The final Blue Santal's aroma is an olfactory overlook over a wide canadian forest waiving landscape in a frozen sunny/blue sky day (you bewildered as a grain of dust in the middle of hills, mountains, sparkling air and aromatic piney breeze). I place this fragrance immediately after Blue incense and for sure before Blue Cedrat in the scale of my "Blue trio" preferences.
19th February, 2014 (last edited: 27th May, 2014)
Soft, mellow, cozy balsamic scent. Fresh and dry at some point, but still floating on a warm - soapy, sweet woods warm - base. Frankly a bit negligeable for my tastes, but I admit it's balanced and well-made. As I am testing it with Odeur 53 on my other wrist, I agree there is a connection between the two - as Alfarom user suggests below.

31st January, 2014 (last edited: 05th April, 2014)

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