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Replica Jazz Club (2013)
by Martin Margiela


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Year of Launch2013
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseMartin Margiela
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections

About Replica Jazz Club

Replica Jazz Club is a masculine fragrance by Martin Margiela. The scent was launched in 2013

Replica Jazz Club fragrance notes

Reviews of Replica Jazz Club

I can see why it would work well for others, and it has a certain amount of complexity I can admire. However, I’m disappointed at this one. I get none of the top notes—from the get go, it’s all rum and tobacco and something else I can’t put my finger on, but I don’t like it. It really doesn’t work well with my body chemistry, I think, and it ends up smelling quite generic, like a drugstore men’s cologne. But boy does this cling like a mofo! Gooooood staying power.
02nd November, 2019
I have quite a few stories of fragrances that sound absolutely up my alley from the notes that end up disappointing. Jazz Club is definitely one of them. Right at the opening I get the rum and tobacco that I'm looking for, however, within minutes the scent starts to develop in really strange ways I can't quite wrap my head around. When the notes start to blend together I get this off-putting buttery quality. As if movie popcorn could go sour. This isn't the first time I've had a well-liked boozy fragrance "go sour" on me. Same happened with Bentley Intense, so I'm not quite sure what could be happening. Likely a personal issue, so your mileage may vary. But, I have to give this a thumbs down as I feel like scrubbing it off.
24th September, 2019
Replica is a line by Maison Martin Margiela that tries to capture moments in time, much like Byredo does with their "scent memories", but with more specificity. Jazz Club (2013) is an attempt to create the ambiance of the obvious, and mixes woody aromatics, spices, booze, tobacco, and a semi-animalic base to give off a convincing snapshot of a sweaty night at your favorite dimly-lit hangout. I think the idea is captured pretty brilliantly here, and the overall accord achieved pushes the idea first conjured by scents like Aramis Havana (1994) or Creed Tabaróme Millésime (2000) to something a bit more realized, albeit perhaps not as enjoyable to some (especially fans of the aforementioned). It's also a rare thing to see a tobacco fragrance in the 21st century that isn't absolutely drowning in tonka bean, letting the leafiness of the main note sit alone in the base and shine, as opposed to being thickened and enriched into something rounder like what you catch coming from a pipe smoker, which is what the "tonkabacco" fragrances usually go for. For these reasons, I rather enjoy Replica Jazz Club, although I also admit this is an area very well-worn by designers, meaning anything pricier in the niche segment like Maison Martin Margiela better come packing heat if it hopes to make a dent.

The opening of Jazz Club is sweet citrus and peppercorn, with neroli and lemon easing us into the earthier portions of the scent in mere minutes once they fade from sight. The peppercorn hangs around for a while until a rather old-school barbershop-ish heart of vetiver, clary sage, and a rum note show up. This is a pseudo bay-rumish kind of a mixture, and helps the "jazz club" theme by bringing the booze and the masculine whiff of aftershaves all in one. The tobacco is where this gets beautiful however, recalling a bit of the aforementioned Havana with how it mixes into the rum note, but staying away from being too dated in the eyes of it's potential market by lacking the oakmoss. Instead, we get a dry vanilla, styrax, and bright Iso E Super finish which acts sort of like the wood paneling of the jazz club itself. The final accord of cigarettes, booze, worn wood bar tops, and stinging sweat finishes out Replica Jazz Club brilliantly, and although there are still way better designer tobaccos for far less on the market, the imaginative execution on display here is not to be missed. Wear time is pretty average, and sillage is surprisingly not a monster despite the subject matter, and of course this is best worn on a night out, preferably in fall or winter, but cool summer nights work too if you live in a temperate enough area for that.

Replica Jazz Club is sold as a unisex scent, but this registers as thoroughly masculine to my nose, for what it's worth. MSRP will have you a bit above the standard designer fare, but Maison Martin Margiela is no super-luxe niche house like Roja Dove or Clive Christian, so you can easily find this in department stores or cosmetic shops like Sephora, where entry-level niche brands are handled (like Juliette Has a Gun, Atelier Cologne, etc). I'm not sure this vibe entirely suits me, as I'm a bit more finicky about my tobacco scents than most if I'm the one wearing them (I used to be a smoker), but I'd never be displeased smelling this on someone else. Rich, earthy, boozy, dry, yet still somehow casual and inviting, Replica Jazz Club is a surefire winner for someone looking to both enter the niche world without a huge investment, and wanting something that isn't an ambroxan bomb, aquatic freshie, or old-fashioned oakmoss hammer, but still wants to come across unmistakably masculine. The bottle and label is a bit gimmicky in that scientific way Le Labo also is, but I can forgive them for that. Go try and see for yourself as again, this is too commonly found for you to take the word of any review. Thumbs up!
14th August, 2019
A smooth sweet-woody-tobacco scent that offers a pleasant enough ambience but is not quite distinctive enough to stand out as an entry in a genre that has been so thoroughly explored as this one; the most interesting details remain firmly in the background, never taking in the spotlight enough to give Jazz Club a distinctive signature.
14th May, 2019
Replica Jazz Club is perhaps a very misunderstood fragrance. Folks tend to focus on the name alone and find the scent to run counter to expectations. It is, in fact, a decidedly urban scent and a lovely one at that.

So many reviews argue that it doesn't at all evoke a jazz club. And that's quite true if your idea of jazz club is something from some bygone era a la the Roaring Twenties replete with flappers and rolled cigarettes or some film like The Cotton Club or Bird.

However, Replica Jazz Club does not at all attempt to replicate the scents of the past. Rather it attempts to evoke a very modern, vibrant and decidedly urban jazz club hence the qualifying copy that details the exact time and place as 'Brooklyn, 2013' as with all Replica fragrances.

With that in mind, the scent very much draws from the atmospheres of contemporary urban jazz clubs. The vanilla, tobacco and vetiver do not bring to mind austere cigars in a parlor room, but sweet blunts smoked over coconut rum.

Either the styrax or vetiver most definitely nudges the fragrance toward just the slightest hint of marijuana in an incredibly clever way. It certainly doesn't reek and is something you find upon examination more than anything else, at least to my nose.

The scent is also deceptively complex. Initial sniffs are easy to dismiss Jazz Club as a linear, somewhat boring scent. This has not been my experience at all. It most definitely goes on a bit of journey, especially as it becomes more herbal in the dry down, the clary sage and vetiver intermingling with the vanilla and rum.

Finally, Jazz Club is a crowd-pleaser. It's an incredibly easy scent for others to like. While it leans sweet it's neither cloying nor loud. It comes across as both a classy scent and playful one - a difficult feat, but one that Replica manages to accomplish in Jazz Club.

11th April, 2019
The smooth Replica Jazz Club hardly manages to evoke the licentious american jazz clubs-ambiences because of its kind of yummy too generically linear (un-dirty, un-boozy and seriously un-smokey) woody mellifluence. It is a quite vanillic sweety tobacco's rendition with a touch of Sheridan's and some dry woodiness. Jazz Club is indeed nothing more than a pleasant take on woody vanilla combined with yummy tobacco, neroli (quite present) and rum-cream. I even detect this generic woody (pencil-shavings like) vibe which is nowadays boring and mainstream. For a better alternative on the tasty theme stick to Franck Boclet Tobacco, Xerjoff Join the Club: Kind of Blue or several chep vanille tobaccos out there.
08th July, 2018

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