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Fahrenheit Parfum (2014)
by Christian Dior


Fahrenheit Parfum information

Year of Launch2014
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseChristian Dior
PerfumerFrançois Demachy
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Fahrenheit Parfum

Fahrenheit Parfum is a masculine fragrance by Christian Dior. The scent was launched in 2014 and the fragrance was created by perfumer François Demachy

Fahrenheit Parfum fragrance notes

Reviews of Fahrenheit Parfum

FP has the original Fahrenheit DNA with a slightly sweeter and woody floral vibe. Nice! 7.5/10
01st December, 2020
Take Bentley Intense, add Green Valley to it and you get this. But this is a lot smoother, softer and has that green/vanilla contrast thing going on.
Very faintly smells like the original, but character is vastly different. This smells most alike Bentley then anything on the market.
Very intoxicating scent, not at all fresh, and definitely for cooler weathers. Not a club going scent.
Boozy incense iso E with green top. Very smooth and soft ( with that green vs vanilla tension).
23rd October, 2020
Took a few wears for me to come around on this one. Initially the lavender came off really harshly with spice and booze... granted, this was also at the tail end of summer. Cold weather is transformative... it really elevates this to another level. Also, Clockwork Alice’s observation that this leans unisex, if not slightly femme, makes perfect sense. Doesn’t put me off wearing it, I just see this as Fahrenheit that can be shared with greater ease.

The first ten minutes of application are still my least favourite, but as this develops on skin in colder weather some magic happens. As the screeching lavender and pepper get kicked off stage, this goes a little umami on my skin, almost vaguely reminiscent of boozy, violet leaf soy sauce, which then falls into the leather jacket accord from the EDT.

The vanilla and benzoins in the base form a lovely anchor with the patchouli and woods, and the dry down becomes what I’d probably best call a ruggedly smooth experience. It’s good, leans gourmand without going gooey and never quite gives up its bite.

This goes in a couple of different directions before finally settling into a solid accord, but when it does it’s stunning.

Not a favourite for me, because it falls short of the mark left by the EDT. It does fill a cold weather gap for lovers of the DNA, but still leaves me feeling a little unfulfilled. Still a solid thumbs up.
09th February, 2020 (last edited: 03rd March, 2020)
A Fahrenheit that is sweet! I was shocked at first how sweet and feminine it is – at least for Fahrenheit. But it is beautiful. Gasoline with vanilla and leather and some booze. And patchouli!
I would wear this gourmand Fahrenheit with ease and joy, especially in autumn. Seems very unisex to me - maybe even leaning slightly feminine. It also reminds me of something I have tried and liked before, but I don't remember what it is, maybe something from A*Men range (they also felt quite feminine/unisex to me), maybe something from Les Senteurs Gourmands fragrances or even Burberry London for men? Or maybe I'm feeling this because of this unexpected combination of Fahrenheit and warm boozy and slightly spicy patchouli sweetened with vanilla. It's like Fahrenheit meeting Black Opium in a way – I am sorry for this comparison, but I do like both, and with this scent I can actually wear both at once.
I could see myself with a bottle of this warm and sensual Fahrenheit in the future.
14th October, 2019
This is a special one. How do you take something lavender fronted and make it mature and masculine? By loading it up with warmth, booze, and vanilla, that's how! The rum note is great in this.

And speaking of warmth, it's impressive how this can be a wholly distinct scent from the EDT while still connecting in your mind through that heat. There's something a little smokey or metallic (I think it's from the violet leaves) that is ever so slightly evocative of the original, while still being sophisticated and not smelling like you just got off work at the auto shop. I do love the original in it's own right though.

As some other Fahrenheit flankers have gotten discontinued over the years, I made sure to grab a 75ml, which I'll cherish as long as I can.
17th June, 2019
Dior, for once, has released a nice perfume. This is an excellent scent with smoky woods, leather, hints of petrol (initially) on a base of dry, bitter vanilla. The violet leaf is very prominent; the Fahrenheit DNA is clearly there, and it also reminds me a bit of Fahrenheit Absolute. No harshness, very smooth, and the execution from start to finish is very good. I find both sillage and longevity to be good.

This will probably be loved by people who love Fahrenheit (I do). I often wear Fahrenheit in spring and summers; by contrast, I prefer the Parfum in cooler weather. It's also quite versatile, and can be dressed up or down.

All in all a welcome twist on Fahrenheit that is neither trivial nor insubstantial.

31st January, 2019

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