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Zahd (2014)
by Slumberhouse


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Year of Launch2014
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
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PerfumerJosh Lobb

About Zahd

Zahd is a shared / unisex perfume by Slumberhouse. The scent was launched in 2014 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Josh Lobb

Reviews of Zahd

Twisted, in a good way. Immediately inhaled notes of cranberry, champaca, plum, cacao, and balsam. The cocoa note is sublime. All, of these notes are intense. Red wine note becomes very noticeable. Once again, I am reminded of walking into a head shop, back in the late 70's; all its various odors mingling into one cloud. (Was this the idea?) I get a little skank, somewhere below the surface. Perhaps it is the mix of fir, sandalwood, and incense.

I get some cherry wafting upwards, a little later. An animalic smell from possibly the Gromwell and oak. Slight barnyard accord underneath really appeals to me. This all dries down to a sweet, woody scent with tones of an after desert, flavored coffee.

Zahd kicks my butt. I'm glad I had the chance to try this [thanks to cello]. After awhile of wearing this, it hit me. This reminds me of Yves Rocher Nature Millenaire for women.
30th October, 2018
Slumberhouse Zahd marks my only try so far of one of the houseís discontinued scents from years past, and I believe Zahd specifically had a deliberately-limited run of bottles.

Itís a notable departure from both the other scents from the house I own (Norne, Jeke, Ore, Sova) and have sampled (Pear + Olive, Sadanne, Kiste, New Sibet).

It smells mainly of fine cherry / red wine, sweet and sultry, and even somewhat alluring. Benzoin contributes a certain creaminess, while champaca lends a floral charm and sophistication. And there is an inherent mixed woodiness supporting the whole fragrance, though I donít detect one specific woody note of note above all others.

It features the potency for which Slumberhouse fragrances, in part, are known, exceptional in terms of both projection and longevity, with skin- and clothing-staining potential admonished to me by the kind soul that gave me a sample of Zahd.

Iím very impressed by Zahd, and the general hype and unusually high prices surrounding it seem to be warranted to an extent, as Iíve never smelled anything quite like it.

8 out of 10
23rd December, 2017
Kneel before Zahd! Josh Lobb has such an eclectic fragrance sensibility...and I absolutely love it! Zahd is sweet, but spicy...pungent, but in an aromatic way. It's a juxtaposition of dissimilar individual parts that make up a greater whole. I do smell the cherry. I do smell the cranberry and the plum, as well as the cocoa and the incense. There is a lot going on that creates a scent profile quite unlike other fragrances. Personally, I like it. I enjoy peeling back the layers and enjoying the amazing craft that is displayed in this fragrance. Zahd is not rank...Zahd can pull rank. Zahd is not a "Private" blend...Zahd is a "General" success!
23rd September, 2017
I love it. Tart cranberries, dark cherries and rich chocolate, all masterfully channeled through that deep, waxy Slumberade you'll find nowhere else. Season? Anytime except summer, though for me this one shines in the winter and spring. This is a fragrance to be worn for yourself and maybe another person who enjoys it. I usually try to attribute styles and occasions to fragrances, but Zahd is just Zahd--you're either with it or you're not. I'll be honest--I sold this about 3 months after I bought it, but I was always haunted by its smell and regretted selling it. A couple years later I picked it up again and it's exactly as I remembered it...but this time I appreciate it for the masterpiece that it is. An oddball gourmand with surprising wearability and exceptional performance, you'll never find anything else like this. Thumbs up for this rare limited release from Slumberhouse and something I really feel lucky to have in my collection.
15th February, 2016
I am so grateful I did not get a "grape bubblegum" scent from my sample of this fume! I had actually held off sampling it, simply based on the reviews, worried that I may find it too sweet, and therefore unbearable. Thankfully, this was not my experience.

While I am not certain that I will be tracking this discontinued scent down for my collection, it is one that I enjoyed, even if only to realize that though I may admire and enjoy many reviewers, and respect their findings, it is always worth my time to try these scents for myself.

I find that Slumberhouse is quite an intense house, with offerings that don't attempt to please the masses. This is both spectacular as well as difficult. Wearability is always part of my consideration when investing my hard-earned cash, so while I may appreciate and even enjoy many (if not most) of Josh's creations, there seem to be only a few that I can wear myself.

The more I sniffed the tiny drops left in my sample, the more I grew to really enjoy this scent...and like most of Josh's collection, I found I desired it in my collection. I began to put out feelers and a wonderful basenoter came to my rescue!

This house has an intimacy that insists upon being worn for the joy of scent, rather than the fit of wearability. I'm finding that the former is taking precedence rapidly in my ever-expanding collection. Not that I don't want others to also appreciate what I wear, but I'm no longer interested in pleasing anyone but myself and perhaps my husband. Of course, I find several of Josh's creations highly wearable, especially in fall or winter. They also pair well with rain.
09th September, 2015 (last edited: 26th October, 2015)
After quite a few wears, I feel like I finally understand Zahd's story, but I'm not sure if it's a story I want to keep hearing. It behaves like a natural perfume, going on strong and chaotic, eventually settling into a cohesive whole that loses both density and depth as different ingredients burn off.

One thing I have to give Zahd credit for is that, while a lot of these crowded natural scents are horrifying messes that are only worth sniffing a couple of hour in, Zahd clearly had a lot of precision engineering put into making sure that it's not just an essential oil mess.

So what does it smell like? Sweet fake fruit, like opening a packet of Kool Aid next to a bottle of cherry cough syrup. But this is over a just-as-important backbone of weird darkness. It smells fairly strongly of seashells (an effect I've smelled from natural-perfume queen Mandy Aftel) and hamster cage cedar, but there's also a weird darkness that's like a blackened inky version of sarsaparilla. Given time to coalesce, Zahd ends up as a piece of beachy driftwood with root beer and cough syrup dried on it. It's all very interesting and unique, so I don't have any issues with those who love this scent, but it's just not really what I like, so a neutral vote from me - neither amazing nor bad.
05th February, 2015

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