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RÍve d'Ossian (new) (2012)
by Oriza L. Legrand


RÍve d'Ossian (new) information

Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseOriza L. Legrand

About RÍve d'Ossian (new)

RÍve d'Ossian (new) is a shared / unisex perfume by Oriza L. Legrand. The scent was launched in 2012

RÍve d'Ossian (new) fragrance notes

Reviews of RÍve d'Ossian (new)

This one has me somewhat baffled...i'm not quite sure what I smell , but i am loving it...there's mention of this smelling old , but I find it to have more of futuristic avant-gard vibe to me...i close my eyes and inhale and i smell a mystic otherwordly cinnamon flavored addition a bunch of resins are having a party in the woods as the scent of the incense weaves through out it this a lot...just a faint touch of soapiness...not much in the way of pine for me , but it's there...
04th August, 2020 anyone might compare this fragrance to church incense is beyond me!

This one actually made me nauseous. For a moment after skin application, I truly thought I would vomit.

Right out of the bottle, I knew this fragrance was not for me. The opening was so intense and offensive, to me it fringed on vulgar. Not sure if it was the pine, or elemi or whatever but I just could not get that initial opening blast off my skin/out of the air/out of my mind...awful.

With its overwhelming sour opening, I couldn't clearly discern middle, or base notes. Some incense perhaps, dark & dirty anamalic musk, ambergris, resin, skanky leather. Just one hot, stinky nasty mess.

After 45 minutes or so, nothing morphed, blended, or receded. I had to go to the sink and scrub...and scrub and scrub and scrub just to get the scent off my wrists & forearms...

Threw the remaining sample contents down the garbage disposal drain. Awful, just awful. Cannot imagine wearing this stink.
09th October, 2019
The first sniff takes me to church with the bold, although fresh, frankincense; I wasn't expecting that. After one minute it has already settled a bit and the initial frankincense blast is paired with green nuances of pine and aldehydes together with resins and spices. The projection drops after the first minutes, making it light and airy. After about one hour it envelopes the skin with warmth and that's how it stays from now forward. It reminds me of winter holydays, due to the pine and incense combo. It stayed for a long time on the skin, but very quiet like a comforting blanket.
15th July, 2019
A big ol' face slap of bold top notes. Wow! I am immediately smitten. Notes well mixed, give a breezy, fresh vibe. The aldehydes stick around as the top begins to settle. The heart notes are somewhat dark - somewhat damp. They remind me of an old house I've visited in my dreams.

They are kind of flat, these notes. Slight cookie crumbs, the sweet note I smell. There is a woodiness here; an old book or paper accord. Old, dusty perfumed curtains hang in this dream house.

A resinous buzz begins to rise. Incense and balsam airs arrive with muted fanfare. As far as stand-out notes, Tonka, benzoin, and opoponax do it here for me.

After time this smells less old and mysterious; becomes more modern and awake. It reveals itself as a fine oriental for either man or woman.

A well-blended bag of notes. Lightly sweet, smoky, resinous. I like!
18th February, 2019
Old smelling. Reve d' Ossian smells of old things...nasty old things, like the aldehydes are actually, "formaldehydes." This smells like it was produced somewhere between 1820 and 1840, then left to rot. In fact, Reve d' Ossian brought to mind Miss Havesham's wedding from Dicken's Great Expectations. I had great expectations for this fragrance, but they walked off and left me at the opening notes. Like Miss Havesham, RDO sat there going first stagnant, then fetid, then putrid and I was driven mad over time. A true stew of a missed opportunity. I guess I'll try it one more time to see if I'm being unfair, but at this point I'm not looking forward to it.
27th February, 2018
I wasn't honestly expecting much from Reve D'Ossian but I've to say this has been more than a nice surprise. A bright, modern, aldheydic resins fest built around a nostalgic powdery /ambery base.

For the most part this is all about a candid white incense with piney / dark green notes and soapy aldehydes but the overall brightness and the airy feel are warmed up by a retrÚ and smoothly woody, ambery foundation. The first thing that comes to mind is Maria Candida Gentile's Exultat minus the violet note but also other *clean incenses* such as Cardinal or Sancti. Not exactly groundbreaking but if you're a fan of the main player, this is thoroughly enjoyable.

Great presence.

06th March, 2015

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