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Déjà Le Printemps (new) (2012)
by Oriza L. Legrand


Déjà Le Printemps (new) information

Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseOriza L. Legrand

About Déjà Le Printemps (new)

Déjà Le Printemps (new) is a shared / unisex perfume by Oriza L. Legrand. The scent was launched in 2012

Déjà Le Printemps (new) fragrance notes

Reviews of Déjà Le Printemps (new)

Overall, not too crazy about this house...after sampling everything i only found a couple of fragrances i liked...this is not one of me it opens green wth a swampy mint/moss strange as it sounds , for a while this smells like herbs strewn around an art studio with the smell of oil paint and linseed oil...towards the end i get some cedar others have said , another variation of this houses inerpertations of various gardens...does do a decent job of its presentation , just not my taste...
29th April, 2020
If I didn't smell APSU by Ulrich Lang, I'd say this is a good grass notes.

However, when compare these two hand by hand, I realize deja is not a cut-grass note, but definitely something else, very fresh and realistic:

This is a photo-realistic fresh SOY-BEAN MILK note! Non-sweetened!

Kudos to Oriza, this scent truly is one of the kind: where else can I find $200 a bottle of soy bean milk perfume, right?
30th August, 2017
At first I found this fragrance faint and elusive, but I have gradually come to appreciate it. Normally I don't like the harsh coconutty side of fig leaf perfumes, but here the fig is tempered down, and the overall natural green effect is attractive and original. There is a minty aspect like pennyroyal, while the cedar undertone makes a passing nod to Goya's classic Cedar Wood for men. It's a fitting celebration of springtime - I think of the French singer Hugues Aufray with his song "Des que le Printemps Revient"

PS 5 years after my original review, I now find the fragrance quite strong! The woody cedar/ionone/raspberry aspect recalls a Firmenich ingredient called plicatone, in case anyone is familiar with this.
07th September, 2014 (last edited: 17th June, 2019)
Dejà le Printemps opens with a bold, mentholated, crunchy, grassy-earthy and humid green accord, gently sweetened only by a hint of vanillin and a light floral accord, on a subtle woody base (cedar?). Fragrant and vibrant, playful and bright but with a nice shady and bitter aftertaste, really simple in its botanical essentiality, carrying Oriza L. Legrand's signature "abandoned neoclassic garden" mood – ghastly silence, shades, melancholy, a bit of decadence. It then evolves on a more balsamic and sweet drydown, always green, just a bit more fruity and breezy, and the woods emerge a little more. The cons here are basically the average-to-low quality of the materials (in other words, don't expect any explosion of "natural greatness" à la Vero Kern or AbdesSalaam Attar – it's green, but plainly, conventionally, aromachemically green...), and the linearity which may make the scent smell boring after a while. Plus it's not that long-lasting. However, decent in my opinion.

07th July, 2014
Exquisitely windblown green. The placement of the mint note is nothing short of amazing – right up front but tossed up in a tumult of twigs and grass that banishes any associations with toothpaste; this is real, living, breathing, crawling-to-conquer-your-garden mint. It takes no getting used to (unlike say Herba Fresca), it fits right in.
A slight sharp chypric stab of moss recedes a bit too quickly for my taste, to be replaced by balmy tones bolstering the green – mainly soothing chamomile and fig leaf sap. A soft scent for a season associated with new growth and tender buds after the barren chill of winter, this is an idyllic green – airy, with nothing poisonous lurking in the undergrowth, and nothing strident in the mix. The cedar backbone gets a bit more evident after a few hours, with ultimately more of a fig leaf, dry vetiver and cedar base left at the end of the day. This phase is fine but unexceptional.
Long-lasting, light and natural, it best suits days when one craves something simple and not too perfumey.
21st February, 2014
An exceptionally verdant fragrance with green herbal notes. It is intensely green, sappy and grassy to open. Then straight into a "wet" green phase which I can only describe as having notes suggestive of Aloe Vera to me. Aloe in a drenched herb garden. There is a mint note and an elusive suggestion of something which seems like fennel/anise to me. There is a note reminiscent of old ivy pulled from a wall which reminds me of the central note in Tauer's Verdant. This leads into green figs and fragrant earth in the mid development. Then the vetiver makes an appearance, and there is an almost inky note. The fragrance is much drier by this stage.

For some reason I don't often favour fig fragrances as such and initially I found this fragrance to be quite challenging, but it has intrigued me and interested me which is why I have tried it again and again, and I'm enjoying it. There is a lot more than fig going on here. It does remind me of Ninfeo Mio but Déjà Le Printemps impresses as softer and more refreshing. Of the two I much prefer this one. I anticipate that this will be a great success amongst fig lovers, and lovers of verdant green fragrances, of which it is a really lovely example.

An objective thumbs up from me. Not a personal "must have" but a huge recommendation all the same.

13th February, 2014

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