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Fusion Sacrée Obscur / Fusion Sacrée Lui (2012)
by Majda Bekkali


Fusion Sacrée Obscur / Fusion Sacrée Lui information

Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseMajda Bekkali
PerfumerBertrand Duchaufour

About Fusion Sacrée Obscur / Fusion Sacrée Lui

Fusion Sacrée Obscur / Fusion Sacrée Lui is a masculine fragrance by Majda Bekkali. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour

Fusion Sacrée Obscur / Fusion Sacrée Lui fragrance notes

Reviews of Fusion Sacrée Obscur / Fusion Sacrée Lui

The celery note completely ruins the formula... Too bad because behind that hideous note, a lot of sweet and delicious things are playing hide and seek.
25th October, 2019
The fusion of contrasts is an interesting idea – here there is a successful graft between outdoorsy notes of citrus, lavender and celery (just a hint) and boozy caramel-dominant gourmand notes. But from the off you know which side is going to be taking over and pretty soon the richer notes of davana, tuberose, caramel, vanilla, backed with seamless woods and musks form the sumptuous bed of this fragrance.
It doesn’t really matter that the contrast isn’t maintained as this is a sophisticated blend: rich, luxurious, prompting thoughts of decadence, but maintaining an energy about it, a kind of spicy herbal zing that burnishes its edges and saves the project from ponderousness. If you’re imagining fudgy caramel, you’ve got this finely orchestrated perfume all wrong. In the drydown a plush suede accent emerges, a comforting touch.

07th June, 2017
A spicy gourmand...bursts on the scene with a cloud of citrus that immediately dissapears...then i get a kaleidiscopic blend of spicy/boozy caramelized coffee... a thick rich coating of sweetness...has a dreamlike narcotic quality to me...normally not a big fan of grandiose sweetness or gourmands , but this juice just smells so wonderfull that i make an exception in this what I'm smelling...
05th January, 2017
Superbly luxurious Duchaufour's spicy-liquorous masterwork exhaling for us straight from the boundaries of a semi-oriental woodsy mysticism. A "viennese valzer" of boozy notes, yummy-caramellous nuances, aromatic/anisic herbal elements, dusty spices, woodsy-resinous-fruity ingredients, suede nuances and bitter (liquorice veined) tuberose, overall combined in to a multifaceted (not finally collapsing) spicy recipe. A great surprise and a "cloves boozy ode" imo. Majda Bekkali Fusion Sacree For Him floats there on the turbulent waters flowing between scents a la Nasomatto Pardon, several Neela Vermeire's spicy (Bertrand Duchaufour's) creations and a couple of velvety Aedes de Venustas/Puredistance/Clive Christian (C for Men and Aedes de Venustas Eau de Parfum jump vaguely on mind for several of their nuances). The previous reviewer (bFlay) gives an accurate description of the general atmosphere: the opening is by soon boozy herbal, liquorous (herbal-digestive type) and vegetal. Cloves and nutmeg are "everywhere". A spicy-luxurious-plummy tuberose jumps soon up as surrounded by an articulated congeries of spicy/wet elements in order to finally evolve towards a velvety boise mélange really smooth, "molecular" and mystic. Resinous and caramellous patterns are absolutely well calibrated while the coffee-liquorice combo is never overly bitter or toasted. I don't think the liquorice/anice-celery seed accord couldn't be well linked with caramel and disagree about any assertion concerning a presumptive basic olfactory linearity. A quite silent-spiritual kind of dusty potion which strikes for its variegate "parade" of pungent nuances. Really "oriental" in style (actually semi-oriental boise but "eastern" in its meditative conceptuality). To be tryed for sure. Great longevity and medium sillage on my skin.
18th March, 2015
bFlay Show all reviews
United States
Wonderfully complex, rich, intense with astounding depth! I am absolutely floored by FUSION SACREE LUI. Opens with a fascinating bergamot and neroli oil scent that is fresh, heavy and very organic. This opening is supported by a wonderfully complicated cycle of gourmand spices and subtle florals. There is a dry wine and vaguely sage-like herbal note that mutes some of the sweetness. The heart of this fragrance is a deep, pure clove and sandalwood that projects and warms up whole rooms. Complex secondary notes come out about an hour into wear...I get anise, mace, nutmeg, an interesting cedar and pine sap quality...there is a very rich but subtle toffee note in there as well. This fragrance builds and builds, holds your interest for hours. Lasts well over 9 hours on skin and clothes. Definitely a signature scent for the complicated, sophisticated man with something to say...
13th January, 2015
mspa Show all reviews
United States
a cacophonic bomb of notes. it is like an olfactory fusion of dozen home fragrances. it gets finer and more personal parfum like only towards the end of the dry down.
not sure who needs an essay-like long list of notes blended.
it is made obvioulsy of very high quality ingredients since it does smell very natural, but i remain in wonder how could one of the best perfumers ever let this on the market.
after all, if you are looking for a natural smelling scent with a great longevity and projection, there is nothing else like this i know of... but the loudness and richness here do not click right to me
30th March, 2014

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