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Tendre est la Nuit Obscur (2013)
by Majda Bekkali


Tendre est la Nuit Obscur information

Year of Launch2013
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseMajda Bekkali
PerfumerDelphine Thierry

About Tendre est la Nuit Obscur

Tendre est la Nuit Obscur is a feminine perfume by Majda Bekkali. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Delphine Thierry

Tendre est la Nuit Obscur fragrance notes

Reviews of Tendre est la Nuit Obscur

Full-spectrum oriental amber, which opens very warm indeed – smoke, resins, spices, gummy sweetness. This kind of thing would be overwhelming were it not that this perfume does manage to stay ‘tender’ – it still projects plenty but without the whump that other heavily spiced orientals can have. But the heat doesn’t relent; the base retains it, mingling leathery, pasty vanillic and animalic tones. While I don’t find Tendre est la Nuit overbalanced, I do find it a bit stuffed with richness and wish that it could have had a bit more give to it – something in the composition that let in a bit of air or cooled down the almost hammam levels of heat. The insistent spicing crosses my personal comfort levels and makes me irritable after a while.
24th May, 2019
BLUF: Resinous, slightly sweet, oriental-inspired fragrance that I’m surprised is marketed as feminine. Pleasant enough but calms to a skin scent fairly quickly. Classic niche: nice but doesn’t warrant its retail price IMO.

Opens with a warm oriental blend of peppery spices, resins, smoky incense, and also a bit of funk, which I’m guessing is coming from castoreum and immortelle? Sometimes the resins smell piney and sometimes not. When it does, it sort of comes across as a rounder and less-lively cousin of Jubilation XXV, but that phase lasts only minutes. Dries down to reveal benzoin, leather, amber, and soft florals. That sounds like a fairly common accord, but if I had to pick one word to describe it, the word “weird” comes to mind. It’s a sexy weird though and think it would be appreciated by both men & women on the opposite sex…if they can smell it before it’s gone.

Folks elsewhere seem to smell a patchouli-dominated fragrance, but I don’t at all. I’m not anosmic to patchouli (as far as I know) but I can’t help but think maybe some of that is just parroting. I’ve heard that immortelle can have a patchouli-like note, so perhaps a bit of that as well. I’m not all that familiar with imortelle to be honest.

It was a blind buy for my girlfriend because she thought the bottle was cool (no harm in that) but I end up wearing it more than her. There are so many masculine fragrances I’ve tried that are far more feminine smelling than this, but I think it would work equally well on either sex.

Overall, it’s nice but like so many niche fragrances, way overpriced based on how fleeting of a scent it is. Of course, value is in the eye of the beholder…or credit card holder. The bottle is really cool though.
13th April, 2016

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