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SexMagic (2013)
by House of Matriarch


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Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseHouse of Matriarch
PerfumerChristi Meshell

About SexMagic

SexMagic is a shared / unisex perfume by House of Matriarch. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Christi Meshell

Reviews of SexMagic

Another from Matriarch that combines exotic woods and resins and then drowns them all out with screeching aoud and guaiac.

I am unable to comprehend the noses that can stand this overwhelming, bitter and acrid scent and even like it.

I will never be one - instant scrubber.
08th August, 2017
This is marketed as a wood fragrance including oud. It's a bit screechy for me, especially the opening. If it's wood, it's freshly cut green wood that would never burn, it's far too wet. Maybe it's a freshly varnished wood, there's a chemical smell in it. The name doesn't match the smell. In the top, I am reminded of a shop selling imported items such as wooden bowls and chai tea. As it develops, it does form more of a unified accord of fuzzy woods with an added chemical oud note.
31st August, 2016
This is the fourth charmer from this house that pierces my armour.
It's not that they are so sexy. It is something related to sensuality.
All that I have tasted thus far, carry a creamy refinement or "Mounting of the Sauce" succulence.
Again, the best of Aromatherapy. Dreamy and Soothing.
Sex Magic, Black No. 1 and Orca, Coco Blanc. Into the wardrobe they go.
26th May, 2016 (last edited: 24th December, 2016)
So, what is Sexmagic? Subjective - motor oil, smell of tyres, an open car engine etc. That can be sexy I guess if it's your thing. Not my thing though, however I must say that this is an ingenious work, if not a masterpiece.

Niche, of course, great quality, refined, abundant, peculiar and with a strong character, too strong at that. Not for the softer kind of people, or at least not for those who are not so hardcore. Who could wear this I wonder? You know those bikers who wear helmets that look like German Wehrmacht military ones from the WWII? That profile of people.

So, is it bad? No, not bad, very unusual and to me it's headache inducing. I'd wear it to offend and to spite people. Hardly one could seduce a woman wearing this, or seduce anyone for that matter.

I'll rate it neutral due to the fact it is very, very peculiar and unique, different and "off", otherwise I'd rate it thumbs down.
30th December, 2014
Sexmagic opens with a fantastic, gloomy, austere and almost “mystical” blend comprising a breathtaking contrast between a peculiar herbal-leather accord which is extremely soft and mellow yet really “black”, and a ghastly breeze of thin floral notes and something almost “candied”, blended together with something reminding me of galbanum and mossy notes, providing a distant echo of traditional masculine fougères. The charme of Sexmagic is really powerful and unique: I am not actually sure of the reason why, but it is. It’s extremely dark, but in a sort of softer, more sensual, more enigmatic way than usual, managing to make also airy-colorful notes smell somehow gloomy and creepy. I would define this as almost “grotesque”, like a baroque “vanitas” painting: the smell of a dusty still life, of something once aristocratic and now dead – actually, there’s a feel of “death” in fact here. But much carnal and sensual too, I really get the Crowleyan inspiration behind the name of the scent. Feelings aside, it’s a really good and solid scent, with a perfect and clever composition, and great materials, as far as I can smell. The evolution is really peculiar, as the “pyramid” of the notes smells almost inverted: it’s like if the mellow, soft and hyper-black leather-herbs accord was on top, and then you get the lighter, fresher, woodier notes. The leather accord is great and rich, with a unique sort of plushy, velvety and gloomy texture that I rarely found elsewhere, fascinatingly wrapped into a balsamic, ambery-resinous, slightly floral sort of dusty shade. The drydown is sadly not that great in my opinion, as it’s a bit dry, thin and linear, but still really nice – basically almost only leathery-woody. A nondescript, clever, fascinating, extremely sophisticated gem which finally gives some sense and credit to the word “niche” (taking all this into account, the price is still completely crazy).

27th December, 2014 (last edited: 01st January, 2015)
The SexMagic's opening is like a sort of floral boots-polish (conjuring me more than vaguely By Kilian Pure Oud plus the violet caress), something arousing the aroma of aromatic (somewhat gassy) glue enriched by hints of aromatic greens, roots, berries, barks and spices, overall eliciting the unquestionable leathery House of Matriarch's landmark feel. I catch the resins combined with fruits of the forest and suede in to a sort of simil aromatic cleaning foam with an elusive captivating aroma. Mysterious and velvety amalgam by Christi Meshell. The woodsy resins play a central role in the olfactory recipe and the previous as combined with leather/amber and woods exude a sort of deep almost berrish final subtle suede vibe. I detect a certain earthiness/rootiness as lingering undertone under the nose. The note of oudh is sapiently associated with fir resins, leather and soothing amber in a way the final "foam" appears smooth and woody, musky and aromatic with a subtle floral sophisticated spark. I see points in common with BlackBird (and partially Devotion) which is more powerfully leathery, stout, forbidding and woodsy. Along the dry down the resins get drier and the ambery-musky sandalwood (slightly a la Fortis) starts to be standing out as absolute protagonist. SexMagic is finally surprisingly subtle and "polished" as well as it can perform as a more elegant sterotype of velvety chypre. The scent smells more "European" than others from the same brand despite its undeniable indie visceral intimate soul coming out straight from the high forest.
23rd June, 2014 (last edited: 07th January, 2015)

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