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Bentley for Men Absolute (2014)
by Bentley


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Year of Launch2014
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerMichel Almairac
Parent CompanyDenz > Art & Fragrance

About Bentley for Men Absolute

Bentley for Men Absolute is a masculine fragrance by Bentley. The scent was launched in 2014 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Michel Almairac

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United States
If you are looking for a very dry woody, smokey fragrance with no sweetness whatsoever, this is it!

A colder month fragrance with a beautiful outdoorsy feel that will not disappoint. This is a very sophisticated and grown up fragrance, like a good scotch or a great book.

It's the antithesis of sweet, cloying, ozonic, BS that 20 year olds go for.

It was a blind buy and one of my favorite fragrances in my collection

25th June, 2021
Strong peppery start with frankincense, cedar and sandalwood. It is a solid dupe/copy of Gucci Pour Homme. It has a underlying dry, dusty spicy nuance that is similar to Tauer L'Air du Desert Marocain. For the price it is well worth the investment if you are into Gucci PH. Enjoy!
10th November, 2020
Bentley for Men Absolute / 100 ml EDP -†

Clearly,†Michel Almairac had a job to do and many with the exception of only the most ardent Tom Ford era loyalists will enjoy this Gucci Pour Homme I re-creation. If you have never worn the original then you won't know what†you are missing anyway - WIN!

For around $30 you can experience this interpretation while patiently waiting for your Ebay search engine to find a vintage bottle of GPH. Then you will need to make the call - pay my rent or get this juice!? (100 ml New In Box can go for $500 +).†

I have worn GPH I for years and for me Bentley for Men Absolute is not a clone, but rather an impression. There are many similarities, but ultimately the composition of the original Gucci is superior as apparently synthetic oud is†de rigueur in men's perfumery forever more.†

Nevertheless, I look forward to wearing Bentley this Fall as the cooler weather will allow it to shine.†

3.5 stars.†
10th October, 2020
Pretty close to Gucci pH I. It's dark, sweet, refined, and has plenty of woods and incense. When I compare side-by-side, the Bentley feels slightly younger, not as musty.

Performance is very good. Projection is solid but not huge and it lasts for most of the workday.
06th October, 2020
A blend of woody (vaguely pencil shavings in vibe), resinous and dry spicy elements. Ideally a sort of Gucci Ph/Montana Graphite/V&R Spicebomb-combination plus a vague toasted tobacco/toasted coffee-veined sort of undertone. Ginger (connected to a tad of hesperides) is featuring and responsible of the kind of watery/aromatic spark (slightly classic in vibe). The dry (kind of woods/paper-oriented) spicy dustiness is mostly provided by peppercorn and papyrus (notable under my vulgar nose). A minimal touch of anything gourmandish? Probably is just the combination of resins and spices. Dry down is more restrained, vaguely musky and virile (as for a kind of ambergris-pattern).
17th September, 2019
I blind bought the 2013 release Bentley Intense some time in early 2015 and was quite smitten with it like manyóboozy, acerbic, but somewhat sweetóand it was difficult to argue with the pricing and very strong performance. Even though Absolute had already come out in 2014, I didnít get around to blind buying it until recently, but Iím perhaps even more delighted with it than Intense.

Absolute is a semi-smoky/ashy, semi-sweet tobacco/oud-like fragrance, clearly less infused with spices and sweetness than something along the lines of Burberry London but not wholly as earthy or smoky as a more vetiver-leaning fragrance like Lalique Encre Noire. Rather, it sits somewhere in between, and that balance is excellent, particularly at the under-$40 pricing found on both FragranceNet and FragranceBuy. Absoluteís main standout notes on me are olibanum, oud, sandalwood, cedar, amber, and moss, with the spicy influences of the ginger and pink pepper going relatively unnoticed, at least on my skin.

I find Absolute a bit easier to wear than Intense, and in that respect Absolute is less bold and daring than Intense, but thatís why itís nice to have both and not one. Still, I feel I could reach for Absolute more often, whereas Iím a little more careful with Intense, which I really donít wear too often on account of it being a bit too biting despite being a nice option to cut through cold of a winter day, in particular, not to mention that noticeable rubber note in Intense for which thereís really no corresponding standout odd note in Absolute.

Iím quite pleased with Absolute and am almost annoyed I hadnít bought it sooner, as it was literally at the alphabetical top of a short ďblind buyĒ list I keep (for cheapies that I have some trouble sampling in stores) from which Iíll randomly choose a bottle to order here and there. Certainly for men, Absolute is an easy winner, fairly uncontroversial and easy to wear. It performs reasonably well and is priced in the $36-38 range for the standard 100ml bottle size.

Iím quite impressed while not being over the moon, but for the price, Bentley Absolute is a steal.

7 out of 10
31st May, 2019

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