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Encre Noire Sport (2013)
by Lalique


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Year of Launch2013
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerNathalie Lorson
Parent CompanyDenz > Art & Fragrance

About Encre Noire Sport

Encre Noire Sport is a masculine fragrance by Lalique. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Nathalie Lorson

Encre Noire Sport fragrance notes

Reviews of Encre Noire Sport

Tries to be everything and comes off as just... awkward and unpleasant. A dark, dusty, musky scent with top notes of citrus?

As someone said elsewhere, it's like wearing shorts with a leather jacket. It just doesn't work. Anywhere, ever. It's not a summer scent, or winter, or nighttime, or daytime. Or at dinner, or on a date, or in a club. It's not casual nor formal.

Maybe a goth gym. Yeah, if you belong to a goth gym, this is the scent for that. Slick back your black hair, put on your black trench coat, your black shorts and black running shoes and go for a run on a treadmill covered in fake spider webs while wearing this.

It dries down to something that's sort of close to "Moth" by Zoologist. Dusty and weird. Think "Moth"... in the forest... after smoking a pack of stale cigarettes. Or something.

I don't like it, my girlfriend doens't like it, and it doesn't last very long, so that sort of seals the deal.
12th June, 2020
I like this lighter "sportier" version much more than the original, and the L'extreme version. I find it much more wearable, less linear, and more interesting than the original. I like how it seems to waft in and out for hours.
It's also quite affordable, just like the original.
06th May, 2020
This is one of those perfumes that makes you sad, as it's a decent scent, but its lifespan is comically short.

This opens up with a dirty vetiver and a dash of grapefruit. It's a more earthy, wetter vetiver of the type found in Grey Vetiver (2009) by Tom Ford. and after the intro, it drys down fast into a relatively subtle, musky vetiver. It still retains some of the inkiness of the original Encre Noir (2006), but this is a more casual, versatile version...except for the fact that it has the ephemerality of a mayfly. After an hour, this thing is a skin scent. By two hours, my nose needs to be pressed up against my skin to smell it.

When you couple the dreadful performance with a scent that's "good" at best, there's no other choice for me but to give this a thumbs down. The only way I could recommend this is if you are the type of person who doesn't like long-lasting fragrances.
01st August, 2019 (last edited: 08th August, 2019)
Nice summery, daytime, office friendly flanker.
Grapefruit and vetiver.

16th July, 2019
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United States
Compared to the original, I get more vetiver and less woods. I don't get the grapefruit luckily, really any citrus. I do prefer it to the original, they're both good but neither really blows my mind.
08th July, 2019
Tamed down Encre Noir really. Bit more fresher and lighter than the original but quiet weak on longevity. I get Citruses, a weak marine accord and smoky vetiver. Not worth it if you own the orginal.
10th June, 2019

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