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Serpentine (2014)
by Comme des Garçons


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Year of Launch2014
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
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People and companies

HouseComme des Garçons
PerfumerEmilie Coppermann

About Serpentine

The scent was developed on the occasion of the Serpentine Galleries’ expanded presence in the Royal Park of Kensington Gardens with the new Serpentine Sackler Gallery. Serpentine Galleries invited Tracey Emin to illustrate the bottle and box.

Reviews of Serpentine

The smell of a laundry, or someone ironing shirts near you. Metallic notes, heated fabric, scented starch, detergent (I’m making this up as I go). Then comes a darker, woody vetiver in the background. It smells good and it is original. Average performance and longevity.
09th February, 2019
I have enjoyed CdG's Odeur 71 for many years now, and I purchased it and worn it knowing its eccentric, unconventional construction that still comes across as "right."

Enter in Serpentine by CdG, another scent that is meant to be an outside-the-box creation.

It starts out with a really bright "grey-green" feel, clean and vegetal (i.e. the grass and leaves). It evokes a scene of the outdoors that includes man-generated, concrete urban jungle traits as well (e.g. the thinly pollution-stained air, sidewalks, buildings, et al). Synthetic, but not cloyingly so.

Also, there's a subdued diluted soap-water vibe as well that seems to prevail overall in Serpentine. Amidst this, wisps of labdanum and juniper can be detected, and the phenolic tar quality of guaiac wood is evident, echoing blacktop within this scent's outside city imagery.

To me, Serpentine also comes across as easily containable within the flurry of notes of Odeur 71; or should I say, it feels like a derivative scent influenced by facets of Odeur 71. A truly distinct experience, unlike what you'd find in typical fragrance counters. And DEFINITELY worth sampling before deciding to buy a pricy full bottle; blind-buying is not encouraged here!

Thought-provoking, picturesque creation from CdG which I appreciate for its individuality and courage.
14th November, 2018
Future Jason:

Most days convince you that you are a blissfully happy idiot. Not shy about the latter.

Today's vote in the idiot column comes from the fact that you've had a sample of this for months, and can't remember ever having worn it. And now, having worn it, you want to have worn it most days in recent memory.

The opening is cray-mazing, like the bully vestiges of Encre Noire getting swept off the sidewalk by some blustery fresh air. Not too far in, a rubbery mintyness happens, which is awesome. As the rubber sits, you get the pollution vibe they're talking about. It lurks. As pollution does. Smokestacks.

Towards the end, it gets a bit trying. It's the rubber and smoke that stays; some of the other stuff fades. And there's only so long that I like smelling like rubber and smoke.

This is complex, in good and unique ways. 50/50 that you own some someday.

01st April, 2016
Super-tart/turpentinic/xerox-toner-like/aldehydic/hyperbaric/aqueous/medicinal woodiness. Comme des Garcons Serpentine is a sharp abstract/robotic take on "wittingly" plastic woodiness with apparent fruity (kind of simil-berrish) shades and a secret rubbery-leathery twist (probably on me responsible about the fruity illusion). Its intensely "simil woody-ostensibly floral-red berrish-lemony" kind of fizzy-ozonic initial tartness conjures me more than vaguely scents a la Mark Buxton Devil in Disguise (partially Wood&Absinth) or (at least conceptually) several deliberately "musky-plastic" experiments a la Andrea Maack (Coal, Dark), Oliver&Co. (Nebula 1) or Escentric Molecules (Molecule 01). Probably synth woodiness and chemical "suedishness" elicit a simil red-berrish undertone while it seems to catch a sort of "magnolia-centered atmosphere" throughout (a scent as L'Erbolario Magnolia jumps partially on mind, in spite of its surely diverse substance and conceptuality). I surely detect grass (as faint undertone never jeopardizing the dominant woody intensity), liquid frankincense, Iso E Super woods (EM Molecule 01-nesque), galaxolide, "oxygen", aldehydes and simil-floral pollen (eliciting a sort of really faint vegetal bitter/pasty dissonance) while a general (green/yellow) leafiness surrounds the elements. I get as well of course a sort of petroleous "xerox-tonerish" (Odeur 71) undetone by now kind of "trademark" for the Comme des Garcon's "cybernetic" production. Dry down is a sort of monolithic melancholic woody-soapy embrace kind of warm and futuristic at same time (with a plain chemical/metallurgical vibe) end eliciting a sort of aqueous/silent atmosphere conjuring me vaguely (but in to a "plastic" post-modern disguise) the old Mila Schon Uomo's pureness and solitude. I detect also a sort of grass/carnation-like earthy-floral vibe as like having energically rubbered those elements on skin. I figure on mind white concrete, dazzling hyperbaric chambers, dodgy/secret research centres, aseptic lounge-bar rooms and electronic suburban rendez-vous. Appreciable chemical alchemy which anyway doesn't strike profoundly the "classic" old heart of mine.
21st February, 2016

Much like Comme des Garcon’s Odeur 53, Odeur 71, and Garage. Serpentine is a continuation of a winning concept: the idea of presenting an olio of miscellaneous odors in an interesting and coherent fragrance. I’ve enjoyed all the odeurs… I find Serpentine my favorite of all of them. I particularly like this one because it is fresh, clean, and up-lifting – for most of its run. Serpentine opens with aldehydes and “oxygen,” I love aldehydes and I sort of depend on oxygen, so how could this opening miss? The fresh green cleanliness is remarkable. It’s the kind of accord that, upon smelling it, a person is obliged to breathe it in greedily. …Love those aldehydes… the opening lasts for much longer than most openings do.

As the opening morphs into the heart notes, Serpentine takes on a warmer (less oxygen-green) aura with a background asphalt note. The asphalt note is not at all dominant so it balances well with the original character of the fragrance, and the oxygen-aldehydes are still quietly coming through the heart notes. At this point, the fragrance has taken on a soapy ambiance not as enjoyable to me as the opening, but still something I find very comfortable to wear. From here, the movement is a gradual accumulation of labdanum and woods which do a decent job of representing the general atmosphere of a city’s pollution… Still, surprisingly gentle, soapy, and highly wearable.

Odeurs 53 & 71 I found intellectually interesting and important. Serpentine I find not only interesting, but majorly enjoyable. I purchased it two days after I first smelled it.
07th February, 2016
Nj guy Show all reviews
United States
This is a winner. Don't know how they did it, but I get green grass and asphalt. Quirky and fantastic. Thumbs up!
16th July, 2015

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