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Bayolea (2014)
by Penhaligon's


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Year of Launch2014
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PerfumerMike Parrot
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group
Parent Company at launchFox Paine & Company > Cradle Holdings

About Bayolea

Bayolea was launched by Penhaligon's in Summer 2014. The fragrance features refreshing top notes of mandarin, tangerine and lemongrass, a warm heart of cardamom, black pepper, neroli and lavender, on a base of cedar, sandalwood, musk, moss, patchouli and amber.

The fragrance is accompanied by a men's grooming collection including an aftershave splash, a hair pomade and a facial scrub.

Bayolea fragrance notes

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United Kingdom
Based on the aftershave splash. Full credit for the use of lemongrass as a note in a male fragrance! However the rest of the scent is a little underwhelming.

The lemongrass combines well with the pepper in quite a realistic way that can make you want to sneeze. The pepper is not too strong, and comes across more like a fine dusting of white pepper.

The scent is extremely clean-shaven. Beyond squeeky clean to an almost uncomfortable screechy-clean.

In the dry down the scent seems to loose it's sense of ambition, going for a rather generic cedar light woodiness. Performance is quite poor, perhaps the EDT would be better and slightly more complex.
Overall an unambitious scent from a house with a far more imiginative back catalogue. Novel use of lemongrass is the redeeming feature 57/100
08th August, 2020
An awesome offering from Penhaligon's, this is a photorealistic lemongrass scent. It smells of lemongrass with pepper (combining to smell sort of like lemon-pepper seasoning), with a lot of mossy green notes in the drydown. In fact the lemongrass is so realistic that some people say this reminds them of Thai food (which often uses lemongrass in its recipes). It smells similar to Lalique White, but lasts far longer than that, having strong projection for over 4 hours. Very gentlemanly, green, and old-fashioned (in a good way). Love this stuff.

19th April, 2019
Spring meadow by Charlotte Wahlstrom 1849 1924
17th November, 2018
I do not like how this develops on me. There is something strong that I don't enjoy smelling and I worry that it may smell this way to others. This is indicative of a strong sillage, which most people would enjoy. It may be ideal for hiking, cycling or the gym, but it is a bit strong for me to use regularly. The fragrance notes list here are a very accurate description, however, on me it seems like I am reeking of Gin.
11th March, 2018
Bayolea is a surprising fragrance from the subtle house of Penhaligons. I received a sample with a purchase, and had to look up the fragrance online, having never heard of it as one to check out. Bayolea opens with a citrus dominated by lemongrass, which I wasn't familiar with and thought was fairly unique. It's a clean lemon note, with a refreshing zest that stays forward for about 30 minutes, and then plays support as the lavender, cardamom and pepper middle notes emerge. Its very clean and a bit traditional in a gentlemanly fashion, and hints at barbershop tonic. The lavender and lemongrass create a fresh, hot shave cream tone. Fairly quickly, the top fades and a cedar and musk note is revealed which produces a somewhat bay leaf tone, but not in the fashion of your grandfather's sharp bayrum aftershave. It's a much softer note, and the sillage doesn't rise more than a personal level. The maximum longevity you'll get is maybe 2-3 hours tops. The problem here is trademark for Penhaligons, most of their fragrances disappear totally at 3 hours. I like Bayolea, but won't consider purchasing it as it performs so poorly.
03rd September, 2017 (last edited: 16th October, 2017)
I enjoy the opening of Bayolea..I can really detect the lemongrass note and I've not tried many fragrances that use lemongrass so prominently and so well ..usually expensive air freshner or room spray tend to use it. I also detect musk..pepper and woods and a touch of lavender ..very uptown and classy barber shop ..only issue is that it doesn't perform as well as I'd like, after 3 hrs I'm struggling to smell anything, on a par with neroli Portofino in performance and like portofino a very attractive refreshing summer cologne.
25th January, 2017

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