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Sensei (2013)
by Piotr Czarnecki


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Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HousePiotr Czarnecki
PerfumerPiotr Czarnecki

About Sensei

Sensei is a shared / unisex perfume by Piotr Czarnecki. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Piotr Czarnecki

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Reviews of Sensei

I get what can be interpreted as a chocolate vibe from this. But it's really the beauty of the deliciously inebriating whiskey, mixing with the sweet leafy tobacco, spices and the jolting java note of coffee beans. Into the drydown Piotr adds another warming note: amber. This rich amber is mated with myrrh, labdanum and musk to provide a warm blanket of base notes.
07th May, 2020
Surely among my favorite cold weather fragrances, Sensei (now named Shihan) is a wonderful mix of several favorite notes, or categories of notes, specifically: whiskey, coffee, and tobacco.

The dancer-turned-perfumer released the original 3x33ml (in EDT/EDP/Extrait) presentation in 2014, but by the end of 2015, when I finally ordered a bottle, the presentation had switched over to the single-concentration 100ml EDP variety, which very much smells like the EDP in the original arrangement. Since then, the scent has been renamed “Shihan” due to what I assume was some sort of a legal dispute, but I still like calling it Sensei.

In short, this is a winter, masculine-leaning delight, not that it’s strictly for men (despite the existence of a later release, the more feminine-leaning She Sensei, now She Shihan). It includes familiar notes that are somehow rarely all together in one fragrance: whiskey, coffee, and tobacco are the main players, an amalgam of bold winter contributors that play off one another superbly in this dark, dense concoction.

The main trio is supported heavily by resins (incense, labdanum, amber, myrrh) along with the curious ambrette seed and some musk, though I don’t especially detect these two. The main story is the boozy tobacco coffee with a healthy dose of resins which satisfies several vices in one bold fragrance.

I get exceptional performance on my skin, beast mode for hours and then moderate for hours beyond that, exceptional longevity and very good projection overall, certainly what I expect for high-quality niche juice that suits the colder weather, particularly.

The pricing has consistently remained $160 for 100ml (in the US, sold only by Luckyscent) for the past three years, and this value is great, in the same range as Kerosene, 4160 Tuesdays, Hilde Soliani, Phaedon, etc., particularly as his more recent releases have increased in pricing to $175 or $195. While the intrigue of the original presentation will always remain high, and I’m glad to have one of those, the 100ml EDP is still excellent, and the basis for my review / recommendation. Also, for what it’s worth, the name change does not seem correlate with any change in the actual juice as I’ve tried the 100ml EDP Shihan and it’s the same as Sensei.

Sensei is a supremely excellent release, nearly-perfect, in my opinion, and a winter staple, in particular. It both conjures cold weather times and also reinforces those occasions when wearing it. Truly a majestic scent.

9 out of 10
26th February, 2019
This is now Shihan, and I just got my FB from luckyscent, and it’s fantastic! It’s kind of gourmand, but definitely not too sweet. Shihan goes on with a rum and tobacco opening, almost like a honey vanilla type tobacco. There is a bit of amber and cocoa in the background and drydown, and it’s all balanced out with a little spice! It’s a very warm scent that is working out well in the col weather.
20th February, 2019
Nutmeg, Cinnamon, whiskey, and tobacco. I like this, it smells somewhat sweet, very sweet-spicy, there is a hidden subtle note of cocoa also. Well done.
24th August, 2017
I read a lot of praise about this scent, and (call me a snob) that made me a bit "suspicious" about it – widespread enthusiasm does that to me all the time. On the contrary however, Sensei was quite a surprise at first sniff: a peculiar, charming whiff of golden, opulent sumptuosity mixed with an "old", shady, austere feel all over, stuffed with mellow and captivating smells of spices, resins and woods. Much Oriental and sensual on one side, but also totally contemporary, dark and really thick on the other. All perfectly blended together. Quite a good scent indeed, which brilliantly manages to mix sticky and dark resins and amber with the brownish, humid heaviness of tobacco and spices, with a light and ethereal floral-fruity breeze which provides a really fascinating twist to an otherwise quite dark scent. Basically it smells like a chypre "rewritten" with other accords, more resins, more booze, more tobacco, more spices. What I really like the most is a sort of really dark, pungent vein of spices, amber, rhum notes, cloves, something almost gourmand (chocolate or licorice) but also terpenic and almost morbid in a really contemporary, "urban" way which reminds me of some Slumberhouse fragrances - notably the tobacco ones like Sova and Zahd. The style is in fact quite similar. Modern decay and archaic opulence. Much linear, though, so it may become a little cloying after a while, given it's also quite "loud and clear": not for everyone, but really nice and well made.

09th September, 2014

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