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Rumz al Rasasi 9325 pour lui (2013)
by Rasasi


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Year of Launch2013
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About Rumz al Rasasi 9325 pour lui

Rumz al Rasasi 9325 pour lui is a masculine fragrance by Rasasi. The scent was launched in 2013

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Reviews of Rumz al Rasasi 9325 pour lui

A vibrant and zesty peppery/citric/exotic opening evolving into a sort of Aventus-like final mix of woodsy resinous cedarwood, smoky suede and musky synth ambergris. Actually Rumz Al Rasasi 9325 Pour Lui opens energically on fresh/spicy pineapple and lime and (passing through a dry floral transition) settles down to a mix of fir, lemon (throughout present and heady), cedarwood, fir, leather and synth ambergris. This Al Rasasi fragrance is labelled in terms of cheap Aventus-variant/clone along side with scents as Al Maknoon Silver, Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man and Vibrant Leather by Zara. Rumz is really close to Aventus but smells fruitier, stronger on lime and hesperidic acid bitterness, less prominent on juicy pineapple (in here smelling drier and no way "ripe"), less smoky and basically softer on my skin (with a less powerful sillage if compared to Aventus). If you can't handle with the "boisterous" Aventus-smokiness (especially the one in some batches of Aventus) than this fragrance could be a valid inexpensive alternative. Lemon is prominent on pineapple (and throughout) and the fruitiness is slightly less peppery. Also in here the smokiness is heady but in a more "balanced" way while the zesty/musky fruitiness (with vague ozonic elements) is the real protagonist of the olfactory performance. Dry down is definitely close to Aventus (especially to several of its batches) and Armaf Club de Nuit but smoother, more lemony, fresher and softer on suede, spiciness, rootiness and smokiness. Performances in general are more than satisfactory. Better to be worn in sultry/humid/exotic climates, tanned skin, unbuttoned shirt, hair pulled back with gel, shiny leather shoes, rugged southern accent. Applied it sparingly on skin, it's powerful.

25th November, 2020 (last edited: 27th November, 2020)
ad_scott Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A nice fragrance. Fresh pineapple and lime at the opening which settles down to a mix of cedarwood, fir and lemon. I wish it had more longevity and sillage but overall it is very good for the price.
26th December, 2017 (last edited: 05th January, 2018)
Rasasi Pour Lui is an excellent scent that presents aromas of tropical melons and pineapples folded through a contrasting blend of sueded dry smokey base notes. The harmonics of the fruit melange and smokey suede notes keeps this fragrance buzzing with a soft cooling aroma that while approaching Aventus in structure has more grey than green in its mossy tones. There is a cooling affect at play in this dryness that works well in hot weather.

I received two unexpected compliments the first time I wore it! It is nice to get confirmation that you smell good.

The Zebra black and white striped graphics of the bottle design matches the rhythm of contrasts in the notes of the fragrance. I don't know why that should matter - it really is not important, but it explains the images chosen to name the scent.

Overall, this Rumz al Rasasi (the Zebra) Pour Lui is very nice to smell and a super value for its modest cost. High thumbs up!
12th July, 2017 (last edited: 13th July, 2017)
I bought this last month out of curiosity, as I found it pretty cheap and it resembles Aventus pretty much, especially the fruitier batch of it. What I really like about, it keeps those Aventus' smoky-fruity top notes a long time (with a slight addition of some lime in the beginning), so even if it doesn't evolve too much, for me it's a good thing in this case.

Longevity/sillage are also pretty effective, I got around 6-8 hrs, depending on the amount of sprays. All in one, it's one of my best blind buys this year.
30th March, 2016
yes i agree very good aventus clone..... but nothing is like the real deal.
01st January, 2016
Just bought this from Rasasi store in Dubai, very nice fragrance but you can't compare it to Creed Aventus. This is a very close clone to it but surely not a clone and lacks that feel. Overall a good scent with moderate longevity and projection.

The scent projects great for a couple of hours, then becomes a quiet scent for the next 4 hours and it slowly fades. Good value for money considering its only for about $25 in Dubai.

22nd November, 2015

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