Smuggler's Soul (2014)
by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]


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Year of Launch2014
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseGorilla Perfume [Lush]
Parent CompanyLush

About Smuggler's Soul

Smuggler's Soul is a shared / unisex perfume by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]. The scent was launched in 2014

Smuggler's Soul fragrance notes

Reviews of Smuggler's Soul

A great cologney and delicately floral combination of hesperides, vibrant vetiver and soft wet sandalwood. This juice is natural, aromatic, relaxing and exotic (conjuring me the vintage Guerlain Vetiver's formula but in a less formal and more "agricole" vest). Marigold provides a quite aromatic and botanical vibe, being so grassy and woodsy (slightly minty as well). Lemongrass is definitely notable and rich in acidity and bitter greenness. Smuggler's Soul is a simple (natural in perception) fragrance, irresistible under my nose.
01st March, 2020
It would be hard for me to hate something thatís sounds like it should be Han Soloís signature scent, but there is also a good juice to be had with Smugglerís Soul. Like Mr Solo, itís a bit rough around the edges, but is rather a lot of fun too.

Super clean green opening, floral in the heart without being Uber-dandy and the base has a touch of smoke to go with the woods. Most scents that develop in this fashion will win me over, but few will have such an abundance of naturals.

The transitions arenít smooth as it develops through the day, which I would assume is a sign of the amateur blending, but the individual notes are nice and there is an apparent lack of fixed aromachemicals beyond a dash of coumarin (and maybe a peck of something else I canít distinguish). The rosewood in particular is impressive, well rounded with a hint of cedar-like bite.

Itís also not great when smelled directly over skin, but lovely when itís left to develop and waft up to you, so I would advise spritzing your chest hairs and clavicles with abandon. Solid thumbs up.
16th January, 2020
Smuggler's Soul by Lush (2014) is another fantastic and underappreciated entry into the Gorilla Perfumes line from the handmade cosmetic chain. The brand does tend to get justifiably overlooked by the fragrance community for their extremely commercial placement in most malls and shopping districts, plus the fact that you can't escape the smell of the store and often get anosmic to the products inside long before you get to test an appreciable number of them, but if you're able to wade through the fog of bath bombs and soaps, there are some very quirky and enjoyable niche perfumes within. Another complaint, albeit less-grounded in reason and more based on snobbery, is the accusation that Lush perfumes are not worth considering because they're often simple and amateur in nature. Well, they're all composed by the self-taught owner Mark Constantine, who is a Trichologist (dermatologist) and not even a strict chemist let alone a classically-trained perfumer, so the DIY vibe has to be something you want from the start to enjoy the line. Smuggler's Soul is a rather novel take on vetiver as it stands, and one with surprising versatility.

Smuggler's Soul features a very grassy vetiver that is introduced with lemongrass and then flanked with a number of unorthodox florals on a bed of sandalwood. The stuff is sold as unisex but so far as vetiver perfumes go, reads fairly masculine to my nose. The big lemongrass and bergamot push with the brightest facets of vetiver comes first, then a musky tagetes smell moves in alongside a powdery iris note that evokes a vetiver-inflected Dior Homme Eau (2014) of sorts, but with much more natural ingredients and nowhere near as blended. The vetiver holds hands with the iris and marigold for a good portion of the heart to deliver a dandy-like contrast to an otherwise verdant accord thanks to the lemongrass and bergamot up top. The bergamot fades as expected but the lemongrass continues with the vetiver into the base while the florals calm down to let a dry Australian sandalwood note surface. This isn't the creamy Mysore sandalwood all vintage purists clamor for but anyone with sense knows Lush will never be able to attain that anyway, so despite a bit of depth lacking, this sure beats a synthetic sandalwood proxy. Wear time is all day but sillage is luckily only on the optimistic side of moderate for most of the wear.

Smuggler's Soul is parfum strength so the 30ml for $60 should suffice for most, but if you want to use this profusely, a 100ml is available if you're okay with shelling out entry-level niche prices. Comparing this to the reference Guerlain Vetiver (1961), Smuggler's Soul clearly lacks some refinement and doesn't have any tobacco or oakmoss but I feel this doesn't need it, since the main vetiver and sandalwood accord shine so brightly that all the other stuff the Guerlain contains would just blur the elegance of the pairing. Yeah, the tagetes and iris are going to definitely make Smuggler's Soul something that sits outside of the mainstream, but there's always stuff like Diptyque Vetyvero (2010) or Terre d'HermŤs Eau Intense Vťtiver (2018) for the guys who want a naked vetiver without any genderbending florals. Smuggler's Soul effectively smashes Dipytique Vetyvero and Tam Dao (2003) together and adds florals. Great for most weather, Smuggler's Soul only falls short in extreme winters, since there isn't anything particularly warm about the scent. If you're a hardcore "fumie" and your friends would make fun of you for wearing Lush, you can always say this from a one-man artisinal perfumer named Mark Constantine instead of saying "Lush", and you wouldn't technically be lying! Thumbs up!
05th June, 2019
A good sandalwood fragrance for summer. Never heavy - it's brimming with lemony fun on top. The vetiver is lively - not over "green". The sandal is simple and light-hearted. Not long lasting enough though. I'm glad I finally got to try a Gorilla, Lush fragrance.
23rd July, 2018
Subtle, ie not there.
12th June, 2017
It starts with a citrusy verveine-like smell that goes fast towards black pepper. There's also much sandalwood and a musky powder finish. I can smell a green flower, something like violet leaves.
I love it but I think it's a very masculine fragrance, both modern and vintage.
A strong Eau de Cologne with a big twist.
19th January, 2017 (last edited: 25th February, 2018)

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