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Le Mat (2014)
by Mendittorosa


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Year of Launch2014
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerAmelie Bourgeois
PerfumerAnne-Sophie Behaghel

About Le Mat

The company say:

Le Mat is the "odour" of bravery, gumption and change. With a mantle of nutmeg and black pepper that protects its heart of geranium and rose, the scent unleashes whiffs of patchouli and cashmere wood. A blend of celestial and earthy aromas that instils a sensation of freedom.

Le Mat fragrance notes

Reviews of Le Mat

Piercing spices. Nicely mixed geranium and rose merge with the spice. The rose has an antique, old style flair. Not sweet here at all. Sunny disposition. A nearly woody-green accord... The flowers fall in a well of liquid patchouli and more wood aromas. All is smoky, somewhat earthy. Immortelle has some indole aspects to it. Not enough to dissuade my enjoyment. This is a dark floral with some uniqueness to it. The rose is well used here. Three and half stars, for me.
28th April, 2019
In a weird way, this reminds me of Rossy de Palma and its fierce, buzzy, thorn-sharpened rose. I'm guessing it is the geranium here that provides the rose's aromatic antithesis and creates a sort of push-pull between floral and herbal, and delicate and pungent. I am not a fan, simply because I find Le Mat somewhat sharp and "masculine" in overall tone. It's briskness and emphasis on patchouli are also negatives (for me). I can definitely see that it is incredibly well-blended and made with fine materials, it just isn't my style, but I think that sophisticated males into unusual rose scents should give Le Mat a whirl.
02nd November, 2018
Lian Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Starts of smelling of sweet hay and brings back memories of Dzing!. I like and miss Dzing! Then the rose takes over and reminds me of Voleur de Roses. The whole perfume makes me miss L'Artisan when they were good. Sadly, the chamomille is lost on me. Maybe it was the hay that I think I smelled? I liked the Dzingy opening better. I'd say 4 stars for me. It's nice and good and brings together 2 perfumes, which is cool. But I like their version of Dzing better and wanted it to continue to smell like that.
30th July, 2018
One of the ways you can tell a certain song has a good production, is to play it at low volume. If you can still clearly catch all the part and instruments that compose the track, this means the studio engineer and producer did a good job. The other way is to play it very loud so that potential compression defects and mis-handled frequencies can possibly show up and give your loudspeakers (and your ears) a hard time.

Le Mat lives up to both these experiments. It's one of those tunes that works either if lightly applied or overdosed with the same final result. It's fulfilling.

It starts with a thick boozy accord to then turn into a simple and yet totally intoxicating combo of woody-patchouli, unsweetened immortelle and aromatic florals such as geranium and rose played at the same time. There's surely more about this fragrance but its main character is the one of a dark and totally enveloping woody oriental with genderless florals. The immortelle is represented in its woody / herbal / aromatic nature as opposed to syrupy and sweet while the woods are handled with enough restraint to never result synth-y or harsh. Overall Le Mat is quite a thick composition and quite potent too but it's rendered with enough grace to feel perfectly sized on all counts. A very good piece of work and such a pleasant surprise.

14th June, 2015
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Le Mat opens with a boozy whiskey-like accord before quickly moving to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart it turns highly aromatic as radiant patchouli joins powerful burnt sugar-like immortelle. Moving in and out of the aromatic patchouli and immortelle starring tandem through the composition's middle are whiffs of smoky black tea with perhaps just an additional hint of airy bergamot. During the late dry-down the patchouli and immortelle both recede, eschewing their aromatic facet as their remnants pair with a light, natural smelling woody accord through the finish. Projection is excellent, and longevity very good at about 10 hours on skin.

*Now* we are talking... After having been somewhat disappointed by the prior two Mendittorosa compositions, I went into wearing Le Mat with lowered expectations. Of course, just when one expects a middling result, you instead get a winner. The first thing that became clear early in the composition's development was Le Mat has some real potency. The patchouli and immortelle starring tandem for most of the composition's development features very interesting aromatic aspects of both, and the fact that I enjoyed the pairing is saying something as this is coming from one who can't stand immortelle generally. Through the mid-section adding to the already interesting aromatic pairing were unexpected facets like the smoky black tea that would pop in and out. The late dry-down is the time most of the other Mendittorosa compositions near-completely fell apart, but happily *not* Le Mat. When I saw "blond woods" in the official base note ingredient list I feared my arch-nemesis, cashmeran, would make an unwanted appearance late, but if it is in the composition, I didn't detect it, instead the woods while light and somewhat vague smelled completely believable, relatively transparent and highly pleasant. At the end of the day, Le Mat succeeds where the rest of the Mendittorosa compositions to one degree or another fail; it smells good, it is interesting and it has good performance. The bottom line is the 198 Euros per 100ml bottle Le Mat is a very different and desirable take on patchouli and immortelle, earning an "excellent" 4 stars out of 5 and a strong recommendation. Finally, an immortelle composition I want to own.
14th April, 2015

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