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Yesterday Haze (2014)
by Imaginary Authors


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Year of Launch2014
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseImaginary Authors
PerfumerJosh Meyer

About Yesterday Haze

The company say:

Yesterday Haze, the subtly sinister follow-up to Lenora Blumberg’s acclaimed debut -Violet Disguise,- tells the story of a farmer’s wife who, after maintaining a decades-long affair with a crop duster pilot, decides to come clean to her husband, who also happens to be her lover’s employer. “Just as sunsets are more beautiful on hazy days,” Blumberg wrote, “so, too, are the memories of yesterday.” Set in California’s tranquil and dusty San Joaquin Valley, the elaborate tale unfolds like a dream, delicately shifting perceptions like the colors of a dimming dusk. The seductive, dreamlike quality of this scent works like a magnet. Use it liberally during the day and, as it lingers into night, watch as those around you are lured into your sphere.

Yesterday Haze fragrance notes

Reviews of Yesterday Haze

Yesterday Haze takes me back to the indolent days of late summer, early fall, as the sun is going down. The family is sitting idly around at my grandmas house and making casual conversation with bright bursts of occasional laughter. In the golden light of the setting sun, dust motes are clearly visible, the bindings of all the age old books ond the shelf are being warmed, and the ancient wood of the house is giving off it's own comfortable, lived in scent.
I usually don't care for fig notes, but this one is changing my mind. I'm no expert, but isn't that the slightly bitter note that's coming through? All in all, this is a golden, warm, dusty scent, with a rich, deep purple heart.
10th December, 2020
I think this one is some kind of citrus, gourmand, patchouli. Uninspiring.
01st February, 2020
Yesterday Haze is a strong and somewhat funky gourmand. It's not cloying, but right away it hits you in the face with a tart figs, rich cream, and sweet tonka. I've tried other fig fragrances and thought they were too green and not fruity enough. Well now I've gotten what I asked for and it's almost a bit more than I need.

After about an hour that tart sweetness is cut with an especially buttery iris note, as well as some nuttiness a bit later. The profile is constantly shifting as each note comes into or out of the mix. Ultimately I don't think the scent is for me, but I really appreciate how unique it is, there is a lot going on here. Some could say it's all over the place, but I appreciate that. There are too many boring fragrances out there.
09th January, 2020
I think Yesterday Haze smells like the rejected leftovers of a charcuterie platter. It smells "wrong", and worse, the fragrance is strong and hangs around. Usually a fragrance with a long duration is a good thing, but I just don't like Yesterday Haze. I can imagine some people like over-ripe fig and cream fragrances, so I am giving Yesterday Haze a neutral rating.
15th May, 2019 (last edited: 11th June, 2019)
Figgy, creamy, dusty, woodsy. It's nice. I wish it was maybe slightly more powerful, and like many Imaginary Authors perfumes it can feel a little rough somehow. I'll wear through my sample definitely and would maybe consider a travel size, it's easy to wear and would be nice sometimes on a casual fall day, but so far not FB worthy.
13th March, 2019
Opening is a slightly sweetened fig with some dusty, woody notes. The iris is barely there. Reminds me of spa or hotel smells. Pleasant, herbal and creamy. Fig is the main player here. Just nice and creamy.

Very unisex. Casual wear seems best but versatile enough for all climates.

Average projection of not a little weak. Longevity is good, hangs around all day.
08th November, 2018

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