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Insurrection II Pure (2013)
by Reyane


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Year of Launch2013
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Insurrection II Pure

Insurrection II Pure is a masculine fragrance by Reyane. The scent was launched in 2013

Insurrection II Pure fragrance notes

Reviews of Insurrection II Pure

its a good Aventus clone for the price. The smell is nice - sweet apple and birch notes which dry down to earthy birch and some residual sweetness.

My problem with this fragrance is the longevity. only a few hours on my clothes most of the time. I wouldnt dare spray this on my skin because it would be gone within the hour.
10th March, 2019
This has a horrible synthetic vibe that instantly gives me one of the worst headaches. I'm not sure what it could be. Actually if it was blended differently it wouldn't be so bad for the money. If you can overcome the synthetic you may like it for the $, its definitely not for me.
28th May, 2017
I am writing a review on this product to provide the readers a clear and honest comparison to Creeds Aventus and Insurrection II Pure. I own both products and truly like this scent which is identical from first spray out of the bottle on to the skin and if you desire clothing. They both have very good projection and if worn in heavy doses could be over the top and offensive. The longevity is about 8-10 hours for Aventus on skin and have noticed it still on clothing a day or two after use or when putting a load of wash on. Insurrection II Pure lasts for about 4-6 at best. Another major difference Insurrection II Pure is slightly synthetic after dry down. Aventus silage stays consistent throughout its lifespan. If price is an issue then Insurrection II Pure will get you as close as possible to Aventus at a fraction of the cost. You may need to use more over the life cycle but still worth it. Again this is IMHO!
03rd May, 2016
I got Insurrection II Pure as a gift from one of my clients. It is very nice at first spray with pineapple, apple and citrus. I have never sampled Aventus so I cannot compare it like other reviewers. I think it is a very nice fragrance for hot summer days. It has great longevity for the price.
14th April, 2016
A far superior Aventus clone to Glenn Perri Unpredictable Adventure, Reyane Insurrection II Pure is a steal, at $22.50 for 90 ml on Amazon, and captures most of what Aventus provides, note-wise, just not the refined dry down.

A refreshing warm weather option, Insurrection II Pure isn't overwhelmingly fruity (it lacks the strong pineapple of Aventus), but rather a tropical fruity/floral combination. Citrus and pineapple are certainly a part of this but are counterbalanced by a synthetic coconut vibe.

I've not tried Armaf Club de Nuit Intense for Men, allegedly another great Avenus clone, many of whom say is the best clone, but it's hard not to be pleased with Insurrection II Pure.

7 out of 10
17th February, 2016
Although apple isn't listed in the notes above, it exists and is more dominate than any pineapple. The fruit accord is mostly sweet, with little to no citrus. The birch is a bit strange in this one. It opens as a pepper note, containing almost no smoke that's normally accompanied with birch.

Peppered apple. That's basically the opening. As bland as it sounds, it works surprisingly well. Longevity is average with the apple eventually giving way to the vanilla, leading to a slightly peppered vanilla. It attempts to loosely follow the DNA of Aventus, but does so on a rough but parallel path with lower quality ingredients. That's what stands out the most to me with this fragrance. It's as if they found the cheapest ingredients possible, and did a remarkable job putting them together.

Will this fool anyone into thinking you're wearing Aventus? Of course not. Will you get unexpected compliments from wearing a $20 cologne? Yes. More than you'd expect.

I'm on my 2nd bottle. I doubt it will be my last.
29th December, 2015

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