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Benjoin 19 (2013)
by Le Labo


Benjoin 19 information

Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseLe Labo
PerfumerFrank Voelkl
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Benjoin 19

Exclusively available in Moscow:

Benjoin 19 is about a moment. A moment depicted by one of the most important writers of all time, Leo Tolstoy, in the eternal Anna Karenina, when Anna meets Count Vronsky in a Moscow train station. Benjoin 19 is that moment, the moment when everything changes, when your life topples over, when nothing will ever be the same. In Tolstoy's masterpiece, this happens in Moscow yet what makes Anna Karenina a work of art is its universality: it could have happened anywhere. This is what Benjoin 19 is - a universal tribute to passionate spirits, to those determined to live their lives on their own terms.

Benjoin 19 fragrance notes

Reviews of Benjoin 19

A slight thumbs up for yet another "huh?" reaction to a Le Labo experimental scent.

When I think of benzoin, I have a definite memory of it being vanilla-like and a bit balmy. It is present in many of my favorite scents (i.e. Body Kouros by YSL, Terre d'Hermes, Thierry Mugler's A*Men, Givenchy Pi, Boucheron's Jaipur Homme, et al.), and so I approached Benjoin 19 with similar expectations.

I should know by now that Le Labo uses fragrance notes to name its scents in a seemingly incidental, tongue-in-cheek way. Benjoin 19 is more amber oriented, with its honey sweet quality, and has a bare smattering of the vanilla-like character of true styrax benzoin. Also contained within is the Boswellia plant (olibanum, aka frankincense) in minute amounts, adding a dry sweetness.

In the end, Benjoin 19 is an uber-pricy, fairly simple foray into resinous sweetness that happens to hint at - not loudly declare - the benzoin note. Great scent that I'd rather test and get samples of versus buy a full bottle of.
17th August, 2018
JimmyP Show all reviews
United States
I love wearing Benjoin 19 in the cooler weather. I agree that the resins play a major role in this one. I would also point out that to me it also has a definite leathery feel. Overall a very robust composition. Expensive - yes, but I do not regret getting my mini bottle last September. Easily 5/5.
05th May, 2016 (last edited: 11th May, 2016)
Benjoin 19 Moscow is another cold weather-leaning entry in the Le Labo City Exclusive line and much like its closest friend in the group, Poivre 23 London, it is a powerful fragrance with a decent overall composition. I'm not an authority on resins, but the combination of benzoin and olibanum is a powerful combination that seems to be at the forefront of the fragrance from start to finish---it's a resin-dominant experience. The drydown is mainly sweet amber---a pleasant, slight departure from the resinous opening.

I started off thinking this was complex like Poivre 23 but it ultimately was simplified in the manner described above---resin and amber. The projection and longevity are both above average, even for the EDP, but as with the other works in the City Exclusive line, the most damning aspect of the fragrance is the price, at (when Luckyscent offered it in September) a steep $290 for 50ml. And I've come to the same conclusion as with other fragrances in the line---it's not worth the price. At a lower price, I might consider it since I certainly like (not love) Benjoin 19 as a winter option. It feels appropriate for this time of year. An interesting entry, for sure.

8 out of 10
19th October, 2015 (last edited: 06th March, 2016)
Benjoin 19 is pleasant, but uninspiring. It’s little more than vanilla and frankincense, notes that are cast rich and deep, probably as the result of layering and folding different extractions over the top of each other. There’s also a slight musk (it’s pretty much ambroxan) and possible something a little floral (jasmine? lavender?), both of which are buried so deep into the vanilla that you’d be hard pressed to spot them. Benzoin is vanillic by nature, and I don’t doubt that there’s plenty of the real stuff in this scent (it’s not like it’s a precious material), but make no bones about it: this is benzoin spun as vanilla ice cream. And that’s it. They’re charging over $400 for this, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the production cost of the compound (per bottle) doesn’t even crack 40c. Pleasant enough if you want a linear, semi-sweet vanilla perfume — and I really do enjoy it for what it is — but the pricing is silly.
17th June, 2015
Very little benzoin
Little olibanum
Little amber
A lot of disappointment

I should've prefaced this by saying I own 10 le labo bottles.
I love le labo & had high hope for Benjoin 19.
08th April, 2015

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