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Rhinoceros (2014)
by Zoologist Perfumes


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Year of Launch2014
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseZoologist Perfumes
PerfumerPaul Kiler

About Rhinoceros

The company says: 

Massive and stubborn, the Rhinoceros takes stock of his territory under the unrelenting sun. His weathered hide protects him from the merciless heat and eroding drum of sand in the wind, as he protects his domain.

Rhinoceros fragrance notes

Reviews of Rhinoceros

Opens with a powerful herbal blast, like some kind of extreme essential oil blend, with an aura of turpentine or some other volatile liquid. The leather emerges, hard and slightly smoky at first, growing stronger, richer and muskier over time with a waxing vetiver note. It reminds me of the leather note in Shalimar. Remarkable.
23rd February, 2020
Sprayed from an atomizer onto skin, Rhinoceros opens with a powerfully acrid aroma. To me, Rhinoceros’ opening is somewhat reminiscent of Les Liquides Imaginaires Peau de Bête. Thankfully, the piercingly astringent funk lasts only a minute or two, and I begin to perceive wormwood, sage, and conifer needles, the bitter and aromatic vegetation described in the perfumer’s notes. In about a half hour, the medicinal bitterness is still present, but it is now mixed with a potent vetiver, along with what I perceive to be frankincense, of a dry, smoky, and slightly sour variety. Does any of this smell like leather to me? Not really. Meanwhile some reviewers of Rhinoceros celebrate its opening notes of pure, raw leather. Perhaps the perfumers are suggesting a new idea of leather to me, the scent of a dusty rhinoceros washed with mentholated and volatile chemical spirits and rubbed down with herbs.

An hour later, Rhinoceros has changed dramatically and begins to evoke a specific dreamscape with almost cinematic clarity. In this phase, Rhinoceros is extremely beautiful, and I would wear it for this experience alone. I am visiting a very old house in New Orleans on a very hot day, as a thunderstorm impends.There is petrichor in the air. Inside, the cypress floorboards creak as I open a cedar-lined armoire containing old linens layered with bundles of vetiver roots. Everything is dry and scrupulously clean, with no mold or sourness, but I can smell old ashes in the grate, the dust of ages, and traces of cigars and pipes smoked long ago. I sniff the decanters of whiskey on a polished wood table, getting both the syrupy sweetness of bourbon and the peaty scent of an Islay single malt. And, yes, it is just possible that I am beginning to smell the crumbling leather bindings in the library.
15th February, 2020
Zoologist are interesting. They have a USP. Spray this and as your nostrils are taking it in, out of the swirling vapours you will be deafened by the charge of a rhino coming right at you up close and personal leaving no detail of his hygiene to your imagination. You yell in fright sitting up in bed waking from your horrible dream... but then was it a dream you muse as you sit sniffing what is probably the best dry leather smell I have experienced. Strong. This is doing exactly what it set out to do. Maybe you are a game hunter and its the smell of the rhino hide of the beast that charged you and the tanning process is not over yet either.
It's not something that I find pleasant but its interesting deadly accurate. No poetic license here or efforts to sanitise it . Where could you wear it? Who would you wear it for? A Hell's angel? It's fancy dress. A masterpiece and what an entree. I will keep my sample and show it for fun to fellow enthusiasts but thats it.
Note: Camel is the same thing dialed right down with some extra depth at which it fails so its much less interesting unless you enjoy smelling of a better tanned more expensive leather coat.
Fragrance: 8/10-- but not for me
Projection: 8/10
Longevity: 8/10
03rd February, 2020
Like it's namesake, Rhinoceros is a hefty fragrance. It's never foul-smelling but definitely challenging at times on my first wearing. The opening is potent and a bit skanky. The oud, leather and rum combine in a way that is a bit medicinal but also very masculine.

After an hour or so of this dry strong combo, the fragrance sweetens a little and becomes very green. This sudden pine influx is a bit unexpected, I don't know if it fits the hot sun vibe as well as the other notes, but it's welcomed as it mellows things. Like many other scents by the house, there's certainly a lot going on here, and I'd really like to save my sample and try it again in cold weather. Its definitely been fun to try, but for now I'm not sure it's for me.
20th August, 2019
Zoologist – Rhinoceras (2014)

Nineteen notes make up Rhinoceras’ profile and it’s a bit of a personality disorder. Leather and tobacco jump out upon application, followed by a very dry and very green accord made bitter by agarwood. I keep waiting for the agarwood to subside and the leather/tobacco accord to return. Oddly, if smelled from a distance all I get is the leather and tobacco, but up close all I get is the bitter dry green agar. Strange that with nineteen notes, all I can smell are three.

So, ultimately for the wearer (me), it’s decidedly unpleasant, but for the other person in the room, it’s a gentle leather with supporting tobacco. I am experiencing this with my spouse, so as to get the dual perspective. I have to reject this Jekyll and Hyde concoction as I would never wear it and to keep my spouse at a distance in order to stand it does not make for a successful marriage.
18th July, 2019
Masculine abstraction and awe-inspiring assertiveness have rarely had a bolder olfactory pillar. The stormy fury of a manifest stout smoky dominant leather (in this bold and super virile fragrance, under my miserable but stubborn and determined nose from the southern lands) is a reminiscence of powerfully aggressive woody/rubbery leathers a la Complex by Boadicea de Victorious, Profvmum Roma Arso, Santa Maria Novella Nostalgia, Tauer Lonestar Memories, Nasomatto Duro, Hashish Homme Veejaga or Mona di Orio Cuir. We are talking about a modern leather/fougerè (bergamot, lavender, sage, geranium) with a solid support from boozy notes (rum), aromatic herbs, dry woods, burnt-sugary immortelle and harsh tobacco. The standing out note of leather is in Rhinoceros definitely rubbery, smoky, finally silkier and kind of initially aromatic (pine needles, toasted tobacco and immortelle playing a key balsamic/resinous role in the general woodsy/coniferous/smokey/dry bitter atmosphere). Opening is brutal and almost off-putting (with petroleous/plastic presences lingering all around for few minutes - provided by a juxtaposition between smoky oudh and coniferous resins), it is for a while (five minutes or few more) moistened out by a splash of aged booziness (supported by hesperides and aromatic patterns) before this supreme smoky coniferous leather starts coming out kind of dominant and unapologetic. The initial rum's jet is kind of earthy, herbal (like for a tea-tree/rosemary/lavender's presence), peaty, visceral and aromatic (it's like to detect essential oils, aromatic and woodsy). Agarwood resin, peaty myrrh, peppery spices and arid woods enhance the stark bitter smokiness (vaguely a la By Kilian Pure Oudh) of the olfactory performance while the even more increasingly performing note of tobacco is more properly seasoned, toasted and dry (a cigar leaves' kind of toasted vibe). Dry down is a purely impenetrable, refined, "gentleman club like", lofty, cultured leather/tobacco/woody-accord (smoky, dusty and seasoned) although actually tobacco is more detectable along the durable central stage. This is a take no prisoners kind of bold piece of virility, basically a charismatic connection of seasoned tobacco, smoky leather, woodsy glue (pine-resins) from the forest, dry woods and animalic resins, overall combined in a sort of old-style (vintage/stuffy/moldy in nature but avant-gard in olfactory technique and sensibility) piece of leather/tobacco uncompromising abstraction. Humid aromatic booziness is kind of accessorial and focused on top notes (kind of relatively aromatic/fougerè in their fleeting initial blast). Zoologist Rhinoceros is a charismatic and intimidating fragrance that creates an aura of extreme unapologetic masculinity around its wearer. Rhinoceros is the appropriate name in order to epitomize these characteristics, a solid construction and a sombre appeal (a la Eau d'Italie Bois d'Ombrie and ever more) for a stout temperament to evercome the trials and tribulations of a man's life (as the rhino while defending his domain on his dusty territory with its tough hide as armor against relentless sand and scorching sun). Another winner from Zoologist.
05th May, 2019 (last edited: 18th May, 2019)

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