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United Arab Emirates
by Roja Dove


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United Arab Emirates is a shared / unisex perfume by Roja Dove.

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This is some killer stuff...seems like ive smelled a gazillion rose/oud combos , some good , some bad , but this is one of the best ive had the pleasure to smell...unlike others , i get the oud more than anything else...its a delicious oud with no medicinal or synthetic qualities...a terrific animalic essense to the oud...the rose is awesome , but for me , it plays second fiddle to the oud...this juice is like an attar...unquestionably well blended and exquisite ingredients...other notes appear for a while and add interest...yeah , its expensive , but im guessing from what the oud smells like , it was a pretty high priced ingredient...awesome...Also reminds me of the animalic woody/leathery oud in a lot of Boadicea fragrances...
07th August, 2020
Credit where credit is due. This is exceptionally well put together. You would expect nothing less from Roja. It's personally not for me. I find it a bit too much and a tad too funky. The rose here is great. Very natural. I'm surprised that some say they get no oud? I get a fair bit of it. Very floral, very oudy and very rosey.

Very good but not for me.
04th March, 2020
Excellent long lasting quality rose which after having rubbed against my face I stilled smelled on my winter hat the next time I wore it a few weeks later.
29th February, 2020
Taif rose note - a richer, more intense variant of its relative, Damask rose - is explored and expanded so well in this Gulf Collection offering from Roja Dove!

UAE is a spicy-floral wonder, a fitting reflection of the Middle Eastern country for which it is dedicated: Deep, rich, multifaceted, unexpected, opulent, and friendly. It contains an animalic oud note, a welcome part of a fragrance loaded with very sensual, thick ingredients (such as the resinous olibanum and benzoin, lichen-like oakmoss, bitter green artemisia, drippy wet geranium, et. al.).

Touches of sweet, powdery, woody, spiciness, florals, smokiness, herbals, and some fruitiness (esp. from the cassis) join hands and present a diverse, profound tableau that comes across as truly classy and wearable - for either men or women. May be a bit too strong for some, so blind buy is HIGHLY not recommended here.
26th January, 2019
For context's sake, I've not smelled the earlier Roja Parfums United Arab Emirates Spirit of the Union, listed correctly as a separate fragrance. This review is for a sampling of the newer 2017 release UAE that has black-faced bottles similarly-styled to other members of the same collection, such as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and the Sultanate of Oman.

UAE is definitely more of a standard rose/oud than the sweeter, fruitier Kuwait that I sample yesterday. UAE entails a heavy taif rose--a sharper rose note, I find, than other types of roses, though I still feel the learning curve of becoming accustomed to various rose notes.

Beyond the rose, the blend of UAE is spicy, woody, and a bit animalic. Oud factors in significantly, its animalic side coming out a bit more than its medicinal side in this case. I also get some cumin, patchouli, pepper, and resins, per the note list. There are also numerous florals.

It's definitely at the intersection between pleasant and challenging, mostly pleasant from a cursory sniff but certainly more challenging when taken in more deeply, and I find it a big enigmatic beyond the abovementioned few note.

Much like Kuwait, though, UAE is rather versatile with respect to gender, age, occasion, and season, though its relative heaviness and density at least push it toward more cold-weather use.

Performance is very strong, and as with most Roja Dove fragrances, price is the biggest obstacle, as UAE, like the others from the collection, is $555 for 50ml, steep by almost any standards, so I'm likely content without it in my collection.

8 out of 10
27th March, 2018
For all the listed notes, I sure don't get very much of any of them except ROSE! It is a deeper rose than most fragrances, and maybe a bit spicier, but basically all rose from start to finish. I was disappointed since I had more hopes of some distinguishable frankincense and smokiness, but you can tell it is made of high quality stuff, so I give it a neutral. Sultanate of Oman is a better option if you're looking for more depth!

Edit: over time this has really grown on me and I find it beautiful and well made!
03rd March, 2017 (last edited: 09th February, 2018)

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