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Room 237 (2015)
by Bruno Fazzolari


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Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseBruno Fazzolari
PerfumerBruno Fazzolari

About Room 237

The company says:  

Supernatural green notes of flea bane and angelica haunt a base of oppoponax and costus root. Peculiar florals whisper together with soap and the scent of a vinyl shower curtain, laying a cold finger at the base of the spine.

Reviews of Room 237

Room 237 is not a horror ‘fume by any stretch, though the opening is definitely all vinyl shower curtain off-gassing, which then lingers around as plastic tends to do—never degrading completely, but leaving a whiff of something a little minty and cold. At least the room is no longer being fumigated.

After that’s, it’s all clean and proper white florals and some aquatic green notes, maybe a hint of some human musk, but nothing too skanky. There’s a similar sweet base as BF’s Monserrat and Unsettled (this feels right in line between those, maybe even a synthetic diversion on the road between the two), and the opoponax finally gains some ground as the other notes start to die down during its 8+ hour development.

Not bad, but also not really enjoying it. At its core I find it to be pretty, but boring, and the added vinyl note isn’t really adding anything to make me want to dig deeper.
04th June, 2019
Hmm...okay let's see. Modeler's glue...check. suntan lotion...check. Alright, there ya have it...Room 237. This is strange, but I'm sure that's what BF was going for when he created this, "Shining" fragrance. Not my thing, but there's some who might like it. As already stated, the synthetic nature is off putting and takes this into the novelty arena in my book. Neutral for me.
15th May, 2018
A fun beachy floral pretending to be an art project. 237 is a really nice mix of coconutty, slightly banana-ish ylang with minty tuberose over rum. It's got salty calone beach air and it's lightly buttery, and dries down to a mix of rich ambrox and that metallic chemical Creed uses in their big masculine releases.

The end result is a kicky tropical floral with rich undertones and a hint of aquatics in the background, like sipping a delicious rum punch on the beach wearing a fresh flower lei.

I personally think the horror movie advertising doesn't do this any favors, but I generally hate all perfume advertising, so I'll just say thumbs up for a fun Hawaiian vacation perfume and move on.
04th October, 2017
This scent is definitely not in my wheelhouse, and yet I am a fan of its wonderful weirdness. I love scents that confuse and confound, that trick the wearer into looking one way while a rabbit is pulled out of a hat. Here the sleight-of-hand includes a misleading opening that speaks of cleaning fluids and vinyl shower curtains, while also sliding notes of dirty hair and musky skin out from under its sleeve. This juxtaposition of squeaky clean soap with the unshowered, bedhead note of costus creates a fascinating dissonance that I love, but that will probably not appeal to many.

Intriguing and unusual. Definitely NOT mainstream.
03rd October, 2017
Vinyly, clean citrus.

Conceptually, it's a pretty scant connection to Kubrick's vision of Room 237 — which, to me, would smell sireneqsue followed by putrid air and disease. There's no emotion of fear in this bottle, it's a clean step out the door from a summer shower.

05th July, 2017
Bruno Fazzolari Room 237 is, like Five, clearly geared toward warm weather wearing, but unlike Five, Room 237 is deliberately synthetic and geared toward a sort of bathroom cleaner vibe, and not in a very appealing way.

Still, I'm more or less ambivalent toward Room 237, as, while there are synthetic elements to it, there are components that seem to be genuine citrus, floral, and other plants, though indistinct enough to be pretty uninteresting.

I can't see the appeal, really, even from a generic standpoint, but at the same time I don't find it unpleasant. I can't say I share the hate for it that many do, too, as it doesn't project well enough to even bring out its bad side, if it has one.

Probably not worth smelling unless you get the Portfolio Set like I did. Onto the next.

6 out of 10
05th April, 2017

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