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Reckless pour Homme (2014)
by Roja Dove


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Year of Launch2014
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseRoja Dove
PerfumerRoja Dove

About Reckless pour Homme

Reckless pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Roja Dove. The scent was launched in 2014 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Roja Dove

Reckless pour Homme fragrance notes

Reviews of Reckless pour Homme

Beautiful citrus opening... The citrus seems somewhat dark and serious to me... This is a scent that means business...excellent projection...produces a nice citrusy aura... Get a melange of the other elements...get flowers as a faint backdrop... Get a little spiciness and greenery...other than the prevalent citrus my nose gets several accords that kind of come and go and altrnate between woodiness and a resiny incense...a slightly overall dirty semi-animalic vibe...this one went on my wish list...
30th July, 2020
Starts off with rich, sweet woods, incense, and citrus. Maybe even a little of a cola vibe. Smells refined/expensive/well-blended, take your pick.

As it dries down, it moves from somewhat modern to more mature, getting drier and dirtier. Also, the deep drydown starts to get more powder. Incense and woods hang on from the beginning and take over, smelling like old money (figuratively) while the earthy, slightly dirty vetiver gives a little smokiness to the scent.

Projection is never loud but it is solid. Lasts all day and into the next on my skin.
18th May, 2020
Smells very much like X, but thats a great compliment! But, while X goes more floral, Reckless goes more woody, creamy and rich.

Reckless is like a niche of a niche.
Bravo Roja Dove, 10/10
25th January, 2020
Reckless Pour Homme smells rather nice. Initially we have a nice citrus blast which does hang around for the duration but slips into the background after the first 20 minutes. What you are then left with is a classic masculine fragrance of warm creamy woods, cinnamon and the underlying citrus notes. Very nice and all but doesn't really last on my skin and tragically overpriced.
27th November, 2019
A really interesting one. EDP.
Starts off with a masculine spicy sweet citrus opening, then remains fresh but seems to oscillate between woody and sweet and inscensy -but not obviously so , a real delight. It does not define the wearer, it reflects the wearer's personality and mood and temperature but as the best art does it enhances it. The wearer wears it rather than the other way round. Highly recommended.

Fragrance: 8.75/10
Projection: 7.5/10
Longevity: 7/10
31st August, 2019
Roja Dove and his Roja Parfums conjures a little of this and a little of that within the context of a classic by-the-book fougère with Reckless Pour Homme (2014). Those unfamiliar with what the designer perfume publicist and marketer-turned influencer and perfumer does need to know right off the bat that this is decadence for its own sake in perfume form, with an expectedly exorbitant price tag to boot (yet is within the standard pricing realm of a house with even pricier offerings), so if an unfathomable wall of scent designed with nothing else in mind but to smell "of luxury" isn't your aesthetic, consider turning back before reading further. For those still morbidly curious despite my warning, what Reckless Pour Homme does is set the stereotypical fougère within the frame of Roja Dove's personal penchant for over-the-top redolence and density; it doesn't draw inspiration from a single scent or specific slice of scents as some others do, but rather is just the classic fougère done "Roja Style". Guys not really into a classic mossy or spiced wet shaving type of smell may want to skip out on this regardless of price, because that's the direction Reckless Pour Homme travels.

The scent opens rather simply for a Roja Parfums creation, as if Dove decided not to beat us in the head with a cudgel of blending like with Danger Pour Homme (2011) and instead opted to confine that thinking to the base. A clear sweet bergamot, lemon, bay, and lavender opening show up, giving us a nice if slightly fussy barbershop introduction that then goes directly into rose, jasmine, and armoise; bear in mind that going directly from one clear set of notes into another is something Roja Dove compositions rarely do. I get recollections of everything from Paul Sebastian Fine Cologne (1979) to Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels (1989) in this opening, with the rose and jasmine adding the "dandy" feeling those others lack. The base comes in like the wrecking ball of richness this house is usually known for, and presents a veritable chimera of fougère goodness which defies easy description, but with everything from oakmoss and aromatics to spice and animalic notes present, you'll never get a solid handle on the sometimes-oriental-sometimes-not complexity of it all. I'll hand it to Dove, he likes his kitchen sink full of dishes. Wear time is of course all day at this price point but sillage is not imposing, just very thick and unmoving for those who get in close, which seems normal for the brand. I'd wear this in colder weather as there is nothing particularly fresh about it, but Reckless Pour Homme is rather not reckless in tone, so it could work in an office.

The decision factor for buying Reckless Pour Homme is the same as any of the Roja Parfums creations: do you really need a dense fragrance jam-packed with notes, or would rather have the half-dozen more-concise and specific fragrances it was likely inspired by and amalgamates together? If you're flush with cash and like the luxury perfume equivalent of "fusion cooking" that Mr. Dove fancies, the answer is yes, but if you'd have to sock your Visa card for this one or just want the core fougère experience Roja Parfums buries in embellishment here with Reckless Pour Homme, the answer becomes a bit trickier. I rather like this because I am just a sucker for fougères, but I admit $400 for 50ml of pure parfum I'd need a lifetime to use up is a tall order, as I tend to limit purchases of anything higher than EdP in concentration to things I can't enjoy life without, because a little goes a long way. Reckless Pour Homme is like the cheesecake of the fougère world in my eyes: it's so rich that you can only handle a little bit now and then, but once you get that initial taste, you'll likely think about it tens times as much as actually eating it. It's a good thing cheesecake doesn't typically cost half a grand right? Thumbs up.
03rd May, 2019

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