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Leather Blend (2014)
by Davidoff


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Year of Launch2014
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerChristophe Raynaud
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige

About Leather Blend

Leather Blend is a masculine fragrance by Davidoff. The scent was launched in 2014 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Christophe Raynaud

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Reviews of Leather Blend

This isn't leather, case closed. Davidoff launched the "Blends" line in 2014, a line that was supposed to be the brand's entry into the world of next-level designer prestige perfumes meant to compete with niche fragrances in the area of perceived quality/value, and were thus priced accordingly. Well, if you know anything about Davidoff it's that their brand cachet, or "clout" as the Instagram crowd would call it, has slowly slid downstream to be more of a "value" mark in a different sort of sense. This means nobody is going to bankroll a Davidoff fragrance no matter how nice the metal label affixed to the bottle or how much claimed opulence awaits within it. Tantamount to a designer like Tommy Hilfiger trying to launch a private blend or prive range, the Davidoff Blends line fell upon deaf ears at best, or was met with uproarious laughter at worst. Either way, the entire range was flushed out to discounters like most Davidoff releases and selling for 30% of original sticker until it was discontinued altogether. Among that range, Davidoff Leather Blend (2014) proved most popular with the online fragrance community, mostly because the hype train surrounding it possibly being a lower-priced alternative to everything from Tom Ford Tuscan Leather (2007) to Gucci pour Homme (2002), was too good for most caught up in wanting to smell like a "cool kid" to resist. Perfumer Christophe Raynaud seems to have really phoned this one in too.

Really, this is closer the Gucci example if anything, as Davidoff Leather Blend is just another tired woody amber that adds a little cashmeran trick here, and a bit of rose there, to tickle out a bit of a niche leather feel, although it falls dead very quickly into that swamp of woody ambery aromachemicals. The opening hits like a cool collected designer evening wear masculine from the early 2000's, no surprise there. Everything from the aforementioned Gucci pour Homme, to similarly fuzzy and warm woody ambers with a cashmeran glow like Kenneth Cole RSVP (2006), comes to mind in this starting phase. A bit of something kind of rosy continues into the heart, with saffron and a peppery note emerging while the fuzzy cashmeran imparts a bit of suede leather, but everything goes poof besides the pepper and cashmeran before long. A woodyamber compound not altogether unlike the Gucci or any of a long list that utilized this note (sometimes to mimic oud) comes to mind, leaving behind a bog-standard designer woody amber feel that by 2014 might have felt niche compared to the norlimbanol and ambroxan horrors filling department store shelves, but isn't leather to my nose. Wear time is decently long at 10 hours and sillage is persistent enough to be cloying, especially with these base materials, giving fans of this style something to chew on for extended cold weather use. I see a bit of romantic potential here as I do with most from this category, but increased scarcity doesn't make this a good option for any kind of regular use period.

I find it all a bit too boring and linear personally, having smelled tons of fragrances now with this late 90's through late 2000's style woody amber dry down, running the gamut from Tom Ford's "Comet Cleanser" overdose to the softer and cozier "warm blanket" vibes that other houses would achieve when combining this accord with musks of varying types. The whole deal about this being a proxy for most of the things it is said to replace is laughable though, unless the people in question are just fronting for brownie points with their peers and really haven't smelled most of the things they say this perfume smells like. It's all irrelevant anyway, as the post-discontinuation hype train spurred on by a dozen YouTube personalities has sent any prospective value per dollar spent sentiments to the grave along with the fragrance itself, which easily sells for over $100 on the aftermarket. My words to you are don't be fooled, the ship has sailed on this one, and it was only a mediocre woody-amber that smells more like a $30 fragrance than a $300 one, coming from a brand better known for functional freshies found at your local Ross, Leather? Sorta. Rose? Maybe for a few seconds. Honestly just pick up Calvin Klein Encounter (2012) for a similar dry down at an affordable price. Davidoff Leather Blend is a wild goose not worth chasing, especially if you were considering a floral leather scent that smells like something more expensive. I'd seek out discount Montales or Rasasi before giving this a serious shake. Neutral
04th April, 2021

A gentleman's answer to the "toxic masculinity" political correctness of today...and a silent response to anyone that mistakes your kindness for not being enough.It's not the leather i know from TF Tuscan Leather.the leather here is strong,peppery with a big dose of saffron.the amber and saffron combined add magnificent depth and character. one of the better Davidoff's out there.definitely masculine but who cares about girls spray away!

Stylish,opulent,sophisticated and graceful take on a classic leather scent with a warm spicy opening notes with dominant saffron in the middle that give way to a rich and deep blend of warm and a bit soft leather with a whisper of amber in the dry down.the opening is bold and imposing but the fragrance softnes in the dry's a special occasion fragrance on the coldest winter days.the crisp bone-chilling air makes the sillage divine and heads will turn.You can't go wrong with this Davidoff.
31st January, 2021
I really enjoy the fruity(from juicy rose?) leather interpretation, but the synthetic backbone kills it for me.

This synthetic accord is not near as headache inducing as say, Dior Sauvage, but it is quite noticeable and detracts from the enjoyment of the scent.

Pretty linear to boot. But I could look past this if the profile wasn't so apparently artificial. Not bottle worthy for me.

Good Longevity though.

23rd December, 2019
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The leather impression is there right from the beginning, composed of a component that reminds me of many of the hundreds of laboratory ouds that have been released over the last few years. A dark peppery accord is also present in the background.

In the drydown the oud-like parts have harsh patchouli characteristics at times, with a dark but somewhat flat rose is lurking beneath it all. At times amber shines through, with the whole forming a leather composition that is on the dark side, never sweet, but also never with the raw gasoline tone that is the hallmarks of some other leather creations.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and then hours of longevity on my skin.

Whilst overall recognisable as a leather scent, this autumnal blend is characterised by a very synthetic core, which has been used in numerous permutations so often in the recent past that is has become the expression of a certain lack of inspiration. Whilst not bad as a leather-oud fragrance, it is not more that average. 2.5/5.

15th April, 2018
The much-hyped Davidoff Leather Blend achieves in a leather fragrance one of the expressions I like most--a sweeter, less animalic leather than leans closer to a sumptuous gourmand than a gritty leather experience.

A mix of leather, amber, rose, and black pepper, it's mainly sweet and resinous but has a but the rose and pepper lend, respectively, floral and spice to the mix.

Usage is primarily cold weather, the usual attribute of fragrances involving leather, but it's not so dark that it couldn't be enjoyed on summer nights. And it's surely unisex, though I imagine it was originally developed with women in mind.

Performance is quite good, above average for an EDP without being extreme. Still, the value is excellent, at $65 for a 100ml bottle on Notino currently. This is definitely an "instant love" for me, and I bottle I want to acquire.

8 out of 10
03rd May, 2017
A very nice leather scent for men although it is labeled as unisex. It is a quality juice for sure from start to finish with just a slight hint of Davidoff mall juice dna (lol). At the start it does have a slight incense feel with saffron. For about five to ten minutes it reminds me of Rhinoceros by Zoologist Perfumes. It turns into a much less overbearing scent and much more sweet and leathery. Overall, based on the price $65 US, I would try before you buy especially if you have several leather scents. If you are a fan of leather then this is a nice juice. I have layered this and Agar Blend by Davidoff and get something similar to Tom Ford Extreme... At least to my nose. Enjoy!

Now that I have layered Leather and Agar Blend I find that Davidoff could possibly be going for a Tom Ford type Private Blend line. I am waiting to get Amber Blend by Davidoff so I can mix all three blend juices together or mix and match. If Davidoff is going for a layering/blend line the first two juices are excellent so far. Enjoy!
01st May, 2017 (last edited: 04th May, 2017)

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