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Remarkable People (2015)
by Etat Libre d'Orange


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Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseEtat Libre d'Orange

About Remarkable People

Remarkable People is a shared / unisex perfume by Etat Libre d'Orange. The scent was launched in 2015

Remarkable People fragrance notes

Reviews of Remarkable People

Yummy! Remarkable People opens with one of the best grapefruits I’ve ever smelled, a juicy Ruby Red Rio Star that is a welcome hit of sunshine on a wintry day like today (I am writing this on January 2nd, and it is sunny but cold outside). It also has a delicious cardamom note, and a bit of immortelle that I think constitutes the “curry JE accord” that ELDO lists among its heart notes (I have no idea what JE means. If you do, send me a message). I don’t smell Champagne, but then, I’ve yet to find an alleged Champagne that actually replicates the ineffable bouancy of the real thing. (My boyfriend described the opening as “rubbing alcohol, but I didn’t get that).

The scent mellows into a melange of cold spices, very appealing with the slightly bitter grapefruit accord. Its base is an unsweetened Amber and sandalwood blend, that boosts the mixed spices and citrus. I like this for what it is not as much as what it is, as I don’t smell the woody amber that I was frankly bracing myself for. I also detect some leather, even though I don’t see it in the house notes—probably labdanum, a friendly animalic ingredient—and a creamy smoothness emerges as the scent settles down after its bouncy opening.

It reminds me a little of another ELDO (Dangerous Complicity) that first elicited a “meh” reaction from me, but which grew on me so quickly that I snagged a bottle when I found one for forty dollars on the aftermarket—another boozy, creamy, slightly animalic scent that seems to sit in the center of this house’s fun, amberesque, non-gendered fragrances. Even though they don’t resemble one another on paper, they hit on similar cylinders for my nose, and would occupy a similar olfactory space in my collection, with this one leaning more towards “interesting sandalwood” than “fruity leather,” but they’re both made of fruit, Amber, spice, and cocktail accords. If I can find this for a price as good as the one I found for Dangerous Complicity, I might spring for it, as I am really enjoying this winter citrus.

ELDO’s always kooky ad copy says a lot about how this scent has something to do with (and I quote) demigods, scientists, nonconformists of various stripes, artists, and people who like the Free Orange State’s other perfumes. I fit at least three of these criteria, so I suppose it’s for me, to some degree. It isn’t particularly loud, it doesn’t really project beyond the opening grapefruit, but it creates a nice, moderate aura that drifts past the fingertips. As with many of ELDO’s fragrances, it lasts about eight hours on skin. It is a quality fragrance, it has some original thinking, it’s absolutely wearable, and I like it, so it’s pushing up against a solid four stars for me. If you like interesting citrus, if you are looking an easy-wearing spice box, or if you want a sandalwood that doesn’t force a woody amber down your throat, this could be for you. Thumbs up

02nd January, 2021
A very lovely bitter-ish grapefruit at the start, then it sweetens - but in a soft, slightly floral, not toothachingly sweet, no, just slightly sweet way. The sweetness changes into mild spiciness which is even lovelier. It's a light and lightweight, happy scent, very unisex, should feel great at spring.
Is it truly remarkable? Maybe not, but it's definitely lovely, cozy, fun to immerse in and with a hint of some bitterness and spice among the friendly stuff - just like these people you like to hang out with.

Sometimes I think this quirky, subtle and bright citrusy-spicy scent with a lot of cardamom should be called Lovely People or Fun To Be Around People or People You'd Love To Hang Around With More Often because it feels like this to me. On another note, these qualities are rather remarkable, too.
09th December, 2020 (last edited: 02nd January, 2021)
Effervescent, bittersweet and cozy, like a party with witty strangers. Sometimes acerbic (sour notes of grapefruit among others) but warm. Suave, glib, the flattering aura of illustrious company. Bubbly but not giddy, a classy celebration.
23rd August, 2020
Reminds me a lot of Dunhill Icon. The fruitiness along with the pepper note makes it unisex.I don't see myself getting a full bottle, but this is a decent fragrance in my book. 6.5/10
30th January, 2020
Not bad, but the champagne accord is just grapefruit and pepper, with jasmine support.

Not groundbreaking. Will finish the decant and that's it.
19th May, 2019
Not bad at all with a fruity opening that gives way to some peppery notes that I can only smell away from skin. That combo is very nice as it has some pleasing fruit notes that can be a little hollow but also some good depth and fullness from the heavier pepper notes which are almost like a clean musk.

I think this straddles unisex nicely, could be worn by either sex without issue.

Good projection out of the gates but really start to fade after a couple hours.
15th December, 2018 (last edited: 16th December, 2018)

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