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Electric Wood (2015)
by Room 1015


Electric Wood information

Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseRoom 1015
PerfumerAnn-Sophie Behaghel
PerfumerAmelie Bourgeois
Creative DirectorMichael Partouche

About Electric Wood

Electric Wood is a shared / unisex perfume by Room 1015. The scent was launched in 2015 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Amelie Bourgeois and Ann-Sophie Behaghel

Electric Wood fragrance notes

Reviews of Electric Wood

Smells like it has oak wood in it. I can't stand that smell. It's a sour smell that smells like cat spray. I'll try it again sometime just to give it one more try, but I didn't like it at all, and I love most wood fragrances.
26th August, 2016
Electric Wood is inspired by rock and roll, say its creators. It is electric guitars, night club atmosphere, cigarettes, mixed cocktails. If you stepped into the corner night club spot the morning after, this is what is left from the night befores activity, and it does smell as advertised. It's smooth warmth of ambroxan with dry cedar, strong pithiness of oak, smoke resin, clear balancing iris and prickly hypnotics from nutmeg oil. The spice from nutmeg along with the deadening of the cedar by oak yields a light to mid range sandalwood aroma strengthened by the universal appeal of ambroxan. Electric Wood is a fine smelling fragrance that I think of as an atmosphere or a backdrop scent. It does smell a bit like "Santal 33 Lite". The non commitment of the scent is part of its appeal but also what is at fault here too. No single note stands out but overall the effect is pleasant, warm, uplifting and does smell like electric guitar, bourbon and seven with an unlit cigarette. It is amazing how just adding this descriptive story of guitars and bars creates this association with an otherwise nice sandalwood type fragrance. I have worn it several times now and I would rate it 7.5 of 10 stars. With this positive assessment I look forward to trying all of the others from Room 1015. A nice fragrance that I highly recommend to those who like spice woods.
28th June, 2016 (last edited: 03rd July, 2016)
Tested from a 5ml sample.
Not sure what to say about this one. I love the smell of wood, especially when it's crisp, clean, cold and dry, when it actually smells of real wood. For me this fragrance is dominated by an oddly sweet, musky, warm aspect (I guess from the listed notes the ambroxan, which I've never smelled in pure form, so I'm guessing). I even thought leather at first. It kind of smells of a "thing", not a person, animal or flower or tree or anything natural in any way. When I was a child my parents had an old record player and the smell when you opened the lid reminds me of this oddly enough. For me this drowns out the wood, which only shines through beautifully in glimpses. Definitely goes powdery after a while too, which gives that feminine make-up kind of feeling that I'm not overly keen on smelling on my own skin. I'm going to pass on this for now. I've got enough of the sample left to come back to it another time when I might feel differently.
April 2016.
28th April, 2016
One of my favourite woody fragrances. Great performance, smells great from beginning to end, softening to an exquisite and sensual end.
27th January, 2016
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A top note that is strong on cedarwood, and in the beginning that is the main note I am getting - and that is the best part of this product. Later on the wood turns even more synthetic than it already is, with a violaceous green floral note added in the drydown, and then ambrette, and ambroxan and other generic tones form the base notes. The result is an ambery impression towards the end, but as generic as amber can get.

The strong point in regards to this autumnal creation is the performance. I get moderate sillage, strong projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin. Nonewithstanding the good perfomance indicators this is overall a predictable scent following a well-trodden path in creating a fragrance after a popular standard script; this is very synthetic and too generic to be inspiring or exciting or even particularly interesting. Not bad, but that's about it. 2.75/5,
12th January, 2016
Here’s some good old cedramber galore, stuffed with mellow cashmeran and dusted with ambrette, citrus and something powdery, like violet (iris? Come on!). Name nearly any mainstream woody-citrus-amber fragrance from the 2000s on; Electric Wood won’t be far from that. Neither better nor worse. Plastic woods, dusty amber, a sprinkle of lemon, ambroxan, a shade of silky powder. From Chopard Noble Cedar to Terre d’Hermès and/or pretty any other recent designer "crisp woody" scent, that’s the family. Polished, synthetic-smelling, extremely déja-vu. Not unpleasant but a joke for the price and the naive “indie rebel” pretenses.

26th April, 2015

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