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Cuir Sacré (2015)
by Atelier Des Ors


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Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseAtelier Des Ors
PerfumerMarie Salamagne

About Cuir Sacré

Cuir Sacré is a shared / unisex perfume by Atelier Des Ors. The scent was launched in 2015 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Marie Salamagne

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United States
Cuir Sacree isn't going to charge at you like Rhinoceros, mainly for it's dressed in a tuxedo, and not in a generals uniform. That said, there are similar notes that align them together, but the difference could be viewed as one is a politician , and one is rather a patriot.
10th November, 2018
I was kindly provided samples of a few offerings from Atelier des Ors by a blogger friend(thank you!). Here is my experience with Cuir Sacré:

On my skin, Cuir Sacré is primarily a vetiver fragrance, contrary to what the name might imply. At first glance (or sniff should I say), the fragrance seems quite linear and simplistic. But upon close inspection, different notes do demonstrate their distinct facets even though they're overall very well blended.

Cuir Sacré opens with aromatic, fresh, almost crisp juniper berries and vetiver. The vetiver here has some of its woody, salty smoky ham-like aspects, grapefruit-like sourness and even mineral tonalities, but it feels essentially awashed and pale. It recalls to me the bleached vetiver in Frederic Malle Vétiver Extraordinaire, a type of vetiver interpretation that I have had hard time with.

However, what makes Cuir Sacré much more interesting and wearable for me, is the wonderfully fleshly cardamom-saffron-creamy leather accord that I also enjoyed a lot in the opening of Lune Féline. The spices here are much more demure than in Lune Féline, and the leather is more like an abstract velvety texture. But they effectively cast a soft tanned glow on the pale face of vetiver.

Cuir Sacré doesn't go under any significant change once all the elements are in place. I can catch glimpses of the green woody sparkles of cypress, but generally speaking, the fragrance remains a gently spiced vetiver through and through during its 8-hour longevity. The sillage is also quite intimate. It generally stays very close to skin, and the fragrance feels rather airy and transparent.

Because of my personal preference to a darker, more robust vetiver interpretation, Cuir Sacré ultimately doesn't suit my personal use, but I thouroughly enjoyed the delicate yet carnal cardamom-saffron spices. I would definitely recommend it as a modern, sleek vetiver fragrance, especially to fans of Vétiver Extraordinaire but would like a bit more sensual warmth.
06th March, 2018
Cuir Sacrè represents my first satisfactory approach with Atelier Des Ors. A quite luxurious and lavish piece of fragrance for holy events and ceremonies at Court, an "important fragrance" for classy locations and sumptuous ambiences (baroquely equipped and regal). An idea of high inlaid ceilings, chandeliers, bas-reliefs, draperies, golden massive frames and mystery jumps more than vaguely on mind. The note of leather is initially almost un-catchable in the middle of an almost liquorous/resinous aromatic wet/musky burst (vetiver-galore). There is a clear spicy presence combined with aromatic elements straight from the forests (vetiver, coniferous resins, oakmoss, cypriol). Vetiver is the King of this phase. Spices provide a luxurious/boozy-like approach which is piquant, incensey and woodsy. Gradually leather emerges more markedly in terms of "silky/velvety single malt's vibe" draining your feelings down an ideal manneristic ambience of debauchery and indolent decadence. The combination of resins and balsams conjures me (in glorious intensity) the one I've previously enjoyed in Cerchi Nell'Acqua Usmar Venezia, an absolute favorite of mine. This is not a precious leather-wears leather (a la Gianfranco Ferre for man) or a soapy/barber-shop chypre classic leather a la Knize Ten or Derby, this is basically a resinous "palatin" spicy-leather with elements of aristocracy, greenness and etiquette (and at same time elements of "single-malt" booziness and exoticism), something (for different reasons) more towards scents a la Frapin Speakeasy, Clive Christian C for men, La Parfumerie Moderne Cuir X or Hermes Equipage. Cypriol provides a green kind of oily soft "mustiness" delicately perfumed (rounded), quite balanced and never excessive in musky intensity. Dry down is a pleasant silky-resinous leather with a woody-cedary background and a fluidy-incensey freshly aromatic aura. Cuir Sacrè is not surely the most structured fragrance I've tested on skin but is certainly a leather-experience I recommend for the lovers of this theme's variation.
06th May, 2017 (last edited: 28th May, 2019)
I always knew that Knize Ten and Aramis Classic are Leather fragrances. Always knew, but that´s all. I could never smell leather in them.
Honestly, I lost my hope to find a fragrance that really smells like leather. Cuir Sacre was a blind buy.
First spray told me:"Hello, I´m a quality juice, refined and mysterious but I am not the Holy Grail"
After one hour I sniffed again the Poloshirt and...Oh Lord I saw the Light!...and smelled Leather! A brand new leather suitcase was under my nose. I´ve opened my was still my Polo but it smelled like noble, rich leather. Praise the Lord! The gold particles in the bottle are a nice gimmick, unnecessary imo, sometimes they precipitate on the skin or clothes.
The longevity is just amazing, the linear smell of leather after the drydown is ONE WEEK on the clothes.
21st March, 2017

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