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Larmes du Désert (2015)
by Atelier Des Ors


Larmes du Désert information

Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseAtelier Des Ors
PerfumerMarie Salamagne

About Larmes du Désert

Larmes du Désert is a shared / unisex perfume by Atelier Des Ors. The scent was launched in 2015 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Marie Salamagne

Larmes du Désert fragrance notes

Reviews of Larmes du Désert

Wow what a beautiful take on the Desert themed amber that is a genre now starting to gather pace in the niche world after LADDM . Atelier des ors version tho has literally blown me away, it is so well thought out from top to bottom and brimming with luxury, if you have tried jubilation 25 then you'll be in a similar ballpark with this, Larmes tho is a touch brighter with the citrus notes adding great elevation in the early stages and it performs better, incense isn't overly pronounced but definitely there and obvious, it blends into the composition with the other woods and flickers of Cypress to bring a touch of masculinity to the fragrance, I really don't feel any dryness in this as many people have been reporting, on my skin the amber tones and the resins add a delicate sweetness that keeps it very approachable but at the same time royal and luxurious. This has been my most favourite incense and amber discovery to date, mainly due to my love of cypress and galbanum, Larmes appears to have bridged two separate genres into one fragrance perfectly.
03rd August, 2020 (last edited: 04th August, 2020)
Amouage-like in its desert-y, resinous dryness, Larmes du Desert smells like a hunk of desiccated wood studded with calcified pine sap that someone's thrown onto a dying campfire. The coniferous element lends a pleasantly masculine bitterness; it's actually kind of aftershavey in parts. The amber is not the sweet and unctuous kind, but the tinder-dry austerity of desert-style ambers like Opus VI and LADDM. I almost dislike this brutal dryness (its rubbery smoke magnified by a hefty dose of Ambrocenide,a powerful woody amber made by Symrise) but for two things. First, there are no real hard edges to the labdanum, myrrh, benzoin, and other resins here - they are buffed so seamlessly into each other that all you perceive is one smooth, warm resinous mass. Very enjoyable. Second, Larmes du Desert develops a rather interestingly cool, earthy facet midway through that's not just foresty-earthy but soil-earthy. This honest-to-goodness bit of clean dirt elevates the smooth nugget of ambery resin to something a little more special. Think of that flattish, mineralic soil note from Journey Man but more ethereal. Not bad, overall! Due to the spiky woody ambers powering its engines, Larmes du Desert wouldn't be my personal choice in the resin-amber genre. But if you're the market for this - money to spend, like the haute luxe niche end of things, want something flashier and smoother than indie renditions of the resin genre - then this would be a good choice.
27th March, 2020
i spent the morning trying to recreate this fragrance with my arsenal of oils and absolutes. experimentation is my favorite form of learning. i pulled out all my resins to match this fragrance. frankincense, styrax, cedarwood, elemi, guiacwood, oponax, myrrh, sandalwood, balsam of peru, tonka bean and labdanum. arctander desribes many of these essences as having a balsamic essence and or being used in powder type perfumes. i added a smidgen of patchouli, cardamon and clove to add spice. a bit of bergamot and orange to bring up the sweetness. i get a decidedly powdery-soft smell from larmes du desert. it smells to me like an imagined sandalwood. my creation is no match. whatsoever. i am going to stash this blend and smell again in a month.

voila the missing ingredient is ambrocenide. i kept on smelling larme du desert and it finally dawned on me that the powdery smell was ambergis. i am not a fan of synthetics but i now know that this may be what makes many commercial fragrances impossible to replicate using natural materials.
03rd April, 2019
Incense & cypress blend well for an uplifting beginning. Dry. Piercing. My good friend patchouli is here in spades. The woods here are sublime. Well integrated. Smooth. Resinous. Sweetly balsamic. It reminds me of a combo of Sahara Noir and one of the Guerlain Les Desert d'Orient releases.

This is an alluring, calming fragrance. No choppiness at all, in its composition. The incense is not overdone. Expertly mixed. No complaints. Lasts and lasts.
19th February, 2019
A bright, aromatic opening with lemony frankincense & coniferous woods is soon joined by ambery, resinous notes. I agree with other reviewers that this has an agreeable warmth to it that's lacking in some of the darker or more austere incense fragrances out there. And unlike those, I think this one would be easily wearable in warm weather. Over the first couple of hours, it smooths out & sweetens a little as the benzoin becomes more prominent, & it settles into a comforting, fuzzy golden aura. The projection is not massive, but the fragrance makes its presence felt in a most enjoyable yet undemanding manner. Nine hours in it fades closer to the skin, but lasts an outstanding twenty-two hours on me.
A very nicely balanced incense, this one, & easily unisex. Perhaps if they left out the gold flecks & made it more affordable, it might even have been bottle-worthy.
05th December, 2018
Thanks to a blogger friend, I was able to test a few Atelier des Ors offerings(thank you!). Here are my thoughts on Larmes du Désert:

As its name indicates, Larmes du Désert is all about resins. Olibanum, myrrh, labdanum and benzoin all make an appearance, but most of the time, they're seamlessly interwoven into each other and merely show a certain facet from time to time.

The fragrance opens with the bracingly cool and stony smoke of olibanum, flankered by the musty sizzles of myrrh and the aromatic woody freshness of cypress. However, Larmes du Désert does not feel as aloof or austere as Avignon or L'Eau Trois for example. Because there is this mild balsamic and fleshly warmth of labdanum and cinnamon-tinged benzoin that soften the overall harshness of incense. There is also a discreet plum-like sweetness lurking in the background, although I don't know where it stems from. As a result, Larmes du Désert is like a fantasy painting of desert, where one can admire the tawny landscape but doesn't have to endure the hardship of an actual desert.

Like most Atelier des Ors perfumes, Larmes du Désert is largely linear during its 10-hour longevity, although the sillage is rather soft except for the moderately projecting first hour.

While I personally prefer an incense fragrance with a more stark constrast between its coldness and warmth, Larmes du Désert is nontheless very enjoyable and solid. Its strength actually comes from the unification of the cold incense and warm amber and its smooth execution. If you happen to be looking for an elegant and verstaile incense fragrance, Larmes du Désert might well worth a try.
09th March, 2018

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