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Rosarium (2015)
by Angela Ciampagna


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Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseAngela Ciampagna
PerfumerAngela Ciampagna

About Rosarium

Rosarium is a shared / unisex perfume by Angela Ciampagna. The scent was launched in 2015 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Angela Ciampagna

Rosarium fragrance notes

Reviews of Rosarium

A waxy-woody type of note which reminds me of aldehyde MNA, and puts it in the territory of Study 23 by Miller and Bertaux (see my review).
27th November, 2019
The iris jumps out at me immediately. Something woody follows. Slightly sweet violet. No other notes pop out for me. So, creatively, Rosarium isn't the greatest offering. I do happen to love iris and powdery perfumes. Good enough to finish my decant, at least.

Later on more wood appears. An earthy note, too. Musk. Slight incense.

2 and a 1/2 stars.
20th December, 2018
Dusky, a bit sweet. Wet cardboard (briefly) and then violet leaf. Not a green scent.
25th November, 2017
I’ve had enough of thin, squeaky incense perfumes; pursuing some ideal of stripped back purity perhaps, they instead come across as unnecessarily shrill and denatured. Give me smoke, richness, warmth and vibrancy in an incense rather than the olfactory equivalents of sine tones. The opening of Rosarium where just such an incense rubbed up against an equally thin, squeaky pine in a cut-price Rêve d’Ossian mode was unimpressive.
Some redemption came as the perfume began maturing on my skin – the introduction of carroty and dusty iris notes was quite transformative of the high pitched duet of the beginning, calming things down somewhat, wrong-footing expectations a little and providing an unusual pairing (iris and incense) that definitely needs more exploration in perfumery. Someone is going to get it soooo right one of these days; but it’s not here yet. Here it’s at the level of ‘interesting idea’, executed with a quality of materials that doesn’t really inspire.
25th September, 2015
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Rosarium opens with an accord resembling black ink, with hints of underlying dusty dry vanilla. As the composition enters its early heart the black ink accord vacates as stark musk-laden frankincense joins the dusty, highly powdery vanilla as it grows into co-star status adding a slight amount of sweetness in its wake. During the late dry-down the frankincense recedes, leaving the powdery vanilla, picking up a bit more sweetness along the way while adding supporting varnish-like woody vetiver through the finish. Projection is very good, as is longevity at 11-12 hours on skin.

I had high hopes for really enjoying Rosarium based on its impressive official notes list, but alas it wasn't meant to be. The key culprit is effervescent, dusty vanilla not unlike the intolerable stuff Andy Tauer uses as his signature base. If someone told me Tauer was the "ghost perfumer" behind Rosarium I would absolutely believe it. That said, while the perfumer isn't Tauer, the actual nose must have been awed by his style as the similarities are incontrovertible in my opinion. Also very Taueresque is the musky, almost root-beer-like co-starring accord that adds an off-putting element to the fine frankincense presentation in the composition's heart. In truth, if one can either get past or enjoy the vanilla root-beer float aspect of the composition, Rosarium really isn't that bad, it just represents the polar opposite of my preferences. The bottom line is Rosarium channels Andy Tauer pretty well, and those that enjoy his compositions will near-certainly enjoy Rosarium too. Unfortunately as one who doesn't, the composition was a non-starter about 30 seconds in, only geting worse as time passes, earning a "below average" 2 to 2.5 stars out of 5 rating and a strong avoid to the powder averse. While this is a major pass for me, those that love Tauer's powdery vanilla signature should give Rosarium a sniff as it will most likely impress (even though it is not by Mr. Tauer).
28th April, 2015
This is like Calling All Angels on a diet to me. It has that same balsamic-gourmand take on incense, only its density is closer to the infamous CdG series than the more sugary April Aromatics scent. And I think that’s Rosarium’s real strength: there’s a lot of restraint at work given the fragrance's theme and the materials involved. It’s cedar and rosewood (I think) with a coating of honeyed vanilla and a standard frankincense. Included, however, is the tiresome aldehyde C-12 that gives Avignon it’s chill, but here it’s tucked away to minimize the material’s industrial feel, allowing the warmth of the honey to shine through instead. The C-12, which is essentially a wonky pine-smelling material, is strong enough to clash with the honey though — especially once the frankincense has died down and the gourmand notes have elevated. It dries down to a uninspired ambroxan base, which is a bit of a let-down as the ambroxan swells up and swallows everything else. Rosarium is not wildly original, but it takes a decent stab at attempting to bridge two disparate genres (liturgical incense and gourmand) without trying to rewrite either one of them. Sadly, I find that these genres clash too much, largely because of the pine vs. honey battle, and so this was a tough one for me to wear. It won’t satiate the sweetest of teeth, nor could it be used to bury the dead, but it might hold some appeal for folks who want their gourmand and liturgical incense experience combined. I’m not that person, though.
28th April, 2015

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