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Luna Rossa Sport (2015)
by Prada


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Year of Launch2015
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerDaniela Andrier
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Prestige Beauty Brands

About Luna Rossa Sport

Luna Rossa Sport is a masculine fragrance by Prada. The scent was launched in 2015 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Daniela Andrier

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Reviews of Luna Rossa Sport

Only Prada would think to deliver a powdery office-friendly scent as a sport flanker to their generalist Luna Rossa (2012) range, and this they have indeed done with Prada Luna Rossa Sport (2015). I'm a bit late to the party on most of this line, not having smelled most of the Luna Rossa range until about 2018 for many releases, but they have all been nothing if not solid. Luna Rossa Black (2018) is the most boring for me personally, and Luna Rossa Carbon (2017) gets all the controversy for being similar in design to Dior Sauvage (2015), but I can barely fault any of them. Similarly here, Luna Rossa Sport isn't the most exciting fragrance in the world, and perhaps isn't meant to be with house perfumer Daniela Andrier's fascination with clean ambers, iris, powdery "tonkabacco" and lavender in most of the male range. Luna Rossa Sport is primarily the latter, "tonkabacco" dusted with juniper, lavender, sweetened with vanilla, and topped with a spicy sharp aldehyde. Nothing fancy, nothing unpleasant, but also not dictionary-definition sporty either, Luna Rossa Sport is just plain good, and nothing else. Normally I'm not a fan of things that ride in well-worn grooves with nothing to add to the conversation, but this is impeccably done.

The opening will recall the helonial note found in the original feminine market Angel by Thierry Mugler (1992), where it was groundbreaking stuff at the time. From there, we get some subdued ginger and dry juniper berry. this is very similar in opening feel to the preceding year's Eau de Cade by L'Occitane (2014), which itself was taken off the market as a fragrance, so perhaps the superior Luna Rossa Sport stole its thunder? Lavandin with it's medicinal "colorless" lavender aroma is the sole occupant of the heart, and Andrier would use this note again in Luna Rossa Carbon to great effect, but here it gets bowled over mostly by the juniper and iris ionone that enters a bit later on. Into the dry down, I am heavily reminded of Versace the Dreamer (1996) which also used iris and tobacco as its main elements, but added more softening musk to the mix. Here, the tonka-enhanced leaf tobacco is almost naked with only a touch of musk and vanilla to keep it from being too rakish, and the final accord created is powdery, sharp, fresh, and prim. Maybe this is an "after sport" fragrance you put on when leaving the gym to meet friends, but ultimately feels generalist like most of the Luna Rossa range. Performance is average, and longevity is tenacious, and best use is year round for most situations save the club. Luna Rossa Sport doesn't feel particularly youthful or fun, so in those contexts it may feel a bit staid.

Prada have created a canon of powdery proper groomed gentleman fragrances that reinvigorate 19th century aesthetics, ranging from the more-upscale Infusion d'Iris Cèdre (2015) to the workhorse Prada L'Homme (2016) and soapier Prada Amber pour Homme (2006), while the Luna Rossa range as always just slightly existed outside of that as an option for guys looking into conventional generalists without the Prada penchant for dandy vibes, but Prada Luna Rossa Sport breaks that mold by entering said canon. I like this as a low-key slight update to the vibe of Versace the Dreamer, or a classier alternative to the usual shower gel madness of most sport scents for guys, but it can feel a tad redundant if you're already deep in Prada's other masculines. Still, I can't fault it and this flanker also introduced the superior vertical stripe packaging that would later be retroactively applied to the original Luna Rossa bottle (which reminded me of a vintage condenser microphone before), so there's that too. Overall, if an unsweetened tobacco fragrance with a clean finish and juniper twist is for you, check this out. Luna Rossa Sport is a flawlessly polite and refined scent, just not really a sport fragrance beyond the red bottle. Thumbs up.
26th August, 2020 (last edited: 09th December, 2020)
My Fragrance Journey, #002

Luna Rossa Sport, or Clenching Fists

When I purchased the fragrance that eventually would lead me into this hobby, although I was unaware of that fact back then, of course I also received some samples. One was Luna Rossa Sport. Upon getting home, I was thrilled — two more scents to try, whoa!

When I sprayed it on my arm, I was irritated right away. The “Sport“ label had me mislead, and although I didn‘t know exactly what would be associated with that moniker, I instictly expected something somehow fresher; not necessarily in an “aquatic” way, but definitely not that sweet smell that now found its way to my nose. It was cloying, right away. I have worked in nightclubs a lot during my university days, and back then basically everything was filled with Le Male. Don’t get me wrong, I like(d) Le Male, I actually had a bottle during my teens when it still really was the bomb and was fascinated by the scent. But being exposed to so much sweetness over hours night after night made me quite sensitive for vanilla/tonka-heavy orientals as well as for screaming frags of guys that ultimately were only there to, well, what do you do in a nightclub anyways? So, back to the Prada, my first thought was: “This is the cheapest wannabe Le Male I have ever smelled”. It was startling. I did not get any ginger, juniper berry, or lavender, three notes I would, even then, have had no problem to make out in a scent that ultimately does not contain many others. But all I got was a very generic vanilla tonka mix that stayed and stayed and seemed to grow worse every ten minutes. I really tried to sit it through. Usually, I’m that way, I don’t judge fast but try to reasonably make up my mind — like when you watch a movie and know it’s considered to be a masterpiece by many, but find it boring upon first watch. I would be the guy to really try and “get it”, and if I didn’t like it in the end, at least I would have an opinion based on close examination and not on some fleeting and ultimately lazy emotion. So, I sat. Nothing changed. It was sweet. It was generic. It wasn’t even a nice vanilla but really just smelled like vanillin with some cheap tonka mixed in. After three hours, I had a headache, and enough. Washed it off.

Still, Luna Rossa Sport told me an important lesson: A nice designer name does not equate quality fragrance. And 25 years later, there still seems to be a market for this downright vile sweetness. That overly sweet bases are a general problem nowadays is a fact that I, fortunately, was not aware of then. Still, sweet bases are one thing, but this scent to me is downright lazy since it practically constists of not much else.

10th July, 2020
Didn’t realise this is masculine, actually. I was given a sample last summer while buying a lipstick and thought it had something to do with the non-gender microfibre clothing line, Prada Linea Rossa, relaunch? On my first try it was a sickening vanilla. I threw it in a pile of junk.

Trying it again wintertime, I actually like it. It’s so warm, it’s not a typical male fragrance, but makes sense. It’s like someone casually used shaving cream, rubbed suntan lotion on and has just been to a restaurant. Not so complex. Quite sexy.
15th January, 2019
A very solid offering here.
The most similar I have come across is the not quite as good Lalique's Encore Noire Sport which itself is a poor mans Fredrick Malle's French Lover. The Prada LR Sport overlaps with Lalique but not French Lover.
It is classily subtle and masculine and linear. Totally reliable with good projection and longevity.
Some citrus and ginger, not much if any aquatic. Can't pick up on any Vanilla but don't worry if you want vanilla overkill try the Luna Rossa Black. A bit too sweet and vanilla. Maybe good as a power fragrance for a lady.

Fragrance: 7.5/10
Projection: 7.5/10
Longevity: 7.5/10
07th July, 2018
A very pleasant but also very tame vanilla/tonka scent that doesn't smell as modern as I thought it would be. I think that's due to the lavender. It actually reminds me of The Dreamer, minus the tobacco, with it's soft spices, creamy lavender and tonka shared notes. Later, you get soapiness, often associated with Prada scents.

Projection is very weak, almost instantly a skin scent but it does last 6-7 hours.

31st December, 2017
The absolute definition of insipid. Unidimensional vanilla with very little complexity, Prada Luna Rossa sport is about as exciting as $1 hand sanitizer. It doesn't belong in the Luna Rossa line which is - thankfully - fantastic.

On paper, it smells remotely similar to Gaultier's Le Male. In practice, it doesn't have nearly the performance or allure of the Gaultier classic. It is inoffensive, but why would you want inoffensive? There is nothing interesting about this fragrance. It is fresh, in a "fabric softener" sort of way. No more; no less. Skip.
05th December, 2017

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