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Melkmeisje (2015)
by Baruti


Melkmeisje information

Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerSpyros Drosopoulos

About Melkmeisje

Floral woody musk

Reviews of Melkmeisje

Very green fragrance profile to my nose. It reminds me of Eiderantler from January Scent Project. I guess I should say, Eiderantler reminds me in some way of Melkmeisje since Melkmeisje was created first. It's got to be the lilac with the tangy greenness that's made me think of Eiderantler today while wearing Melkmeisje. I'm sure if I do a side by side comparison they won't smell that much a like...but there is something that's making me think this. I'm gonna try the side by side comparison just to see. Anyway, I prefer the dry down to the opening with this fragrance. It's well made and worth a sample at least in my opinion.
20th August, 2020
Very interesting lime blossom fragrance. It's very aromatic with good sillage. It starts off with green lime blossom and pear. There's a sweetness and not before long it turns into a creamy sandalwood, musk and iris. Green milkiness. It's unisex but tilts towards women.
08th January, 2019
This is an exciting perfume. It makes me think of an audacious salad from a recommended restaurant. Homemade salads generally stop well short of this. An oakmoss base, and a slight toning down of one of the sharp notes would make it one to wear.
10th July, 2016
Something tickles my nose, then my throat - sneezy!

It reminds me of the worst of spring in NC - allergies! ARGHHHH!!!

There is something that litteraly catches in the back of my throat - SPICY! HURTS! This hurts!!! I don't want my scents to be painful to my nose and throat! LOL!

I must go scrub this - it and I are so not getting along.
24th May, 2016
Probably helps that, as I applied this delight across my palette, I am looking into my back yard which has just bloomed into many shades of green Conifer and Deciduous.
A lone Lilac bush blossoms centerstage releasing it's splendid perfume.
On my kitchen table, bright Daffodils radiate their golden charm.
The clincher,in this gem, is the way in which I am drawn into the ethereal high points of Conifer Green and the landing into a sea of Creamy, Sauterne-like Citric, Resinous Savon.
No wishlist for this. I will have it now.
Highly recommended.
15th April, 2016 (last edited: 23rd May, 2016)
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening is a delight - an initially darker and then bright slightly green, night forest-like impression, like walking out of the dark forest into the lighting, an impressive combination of lilac, a few white floral hints with a slightly fruity undertone as well as a very good orris contribution. The individual components as such are not very exciting, but it is combining well into an overall whole impression that definitely is more than the sum of its parts.

The second phase is a touch sweeter, less bright and develops a vetiver that is a bit earthy but otherwise quite average. Later on a combination of woods - an evidently synthetic sandalwood note mainly - combines with a very subtle honeyed vanilla, which, together with whiffs of oak wood constitute the last phase of the development.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and an impressive eleven hours of longevity.

This is a spring scent that is characerised by a lovely and unusual first part, a respectably executed drydown, that is very well blended and has very decent performance - clearly not comparable to the famous Vermeer whose name it bears, but definitely worthy of being sampled. 3.5/5
22nd March, 2016

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