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Suédois (2015)
by Euphorium Brooklyn


Suédois information

Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

People and companies

HouseEuphorium Brooklyn
PerfumerStephen Dirkes

About Suédois

The name means both “Swedish” and “Suede” in French.  This is the house's first alcohol-based fragrance.

Reviews of Suédois

Beautiful. Unisex. The suede and sandalwood are the strongest and longest lasting. Wearing this I feel luxurious, confident and powerful!
25th August, 2017
I have owned this incredible brew for a while now, and I just now realized I have not yet reviewed it.

This past winter (and this is most assuredly a late fall and full on winter scent), I wore this many times, and received compliments from men and women known and unknown to me. I received the first one in Starbucks waiting in line with about 20 other people. Someone asked "what is that phenomenal smell??" - well, all of us thought it had to be coffee - I mean, we were in a coffee shop for goodness sake! But the guy kept saying it smelled like a really great pair of shoes and something sexy - then he said "it's YOU!" - I know I turned 8 shades of red. He of course asked what it was. Explaining the name of such a relatively unknown perfumery, especially one with a funky name was really fun (in the morning, sans coffee), but somehow I managed to explain the name and how he could order it.

All of that to say, this is POWERFUL stuff - it gets noticed. Whether or not people will like it or not, I suppose that is personal preference, but the silage is massive. It also has longevity to rival the beast of beasts. The first time I sprayed it, I had on a scarf/wrap. I will have to do some serious washing if I ever want it to smell like anything else. Basically, that is what I wear if I want to wear this scent, and not "waste" any juice. I keep that scarf (and others that hold amazing scents) in separate ziplock bags :)

The notes listing looks like an ADD madhouse hopped up on some serious cocaine...I have no idea how all of that works but it somehow manages to make me smell lovely. I used about 10 of the 30 ml this past fall/winter, so I hope I can get another couple of seasons out of this. I do believe my next bottle will be a 50, though.

02nd July, 2016
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The top notes are dominated be a fairly bright aroma of leather, new and only lightly tannin-soaked suede, more a handbag that shoe leather. This leather has very gently smoky undertone and sports occasional transient whiffs of a faint gasoline note, the likes of which has been a component in the much heavier classic leather compositions. Like Knize No 10. In comparison, this is leather ultra-lite.

Later in the drydown the leather bones a touch more woodsy-raisinous, and a sweetish aroma develops, with anise, custard/ creme bavarois and a vanilla bent, with lashings of benzoin and castoreum providing additional complexity. This sweetish concoction is not ultra-titillating, but interesting enough to see me through to the end.

The perfomance is brilliant; I get fairly strong sillage, excellent projection and a stupendous sixteen hours of longevity in my skin - with admittedly generous application.

Overall a delightful suede/leather scent for autumn that is well blended and definitely worthy of a leather-lover's attention. 3.5/5.
27th March, 2016
Suedois is a very well balanced blend of notes to create a suede leather scent. "Well balanced" because the notes are difficult to separate out but the overall effect is smell of a new suede leather jacket. I like it. Suede plus a slightly smokey, experienced and worn quality about it. I guess you would say this is a masculine suede as opposed to the many lighter suede scents on the market. I might smell cardamom, labdanum, spiced suede accord, cade? Who knows. Suedois is simply a well crafted suede leather scent that is as good as any I've tried. Highly recommended!
10th January, 2016

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