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Dark Rebel (2015)
by John Varvatos


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Year of Launch2015
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseJohn Varvatos
PerfumerRodrigo Flores-Roux
Parent CompanyRevlon Inc > Elizabeth Arden Inc

About Dark Rebel

Dark Rebel is a masculine fragrance by John Varvatos. The scent was launched in 2015 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux

Reviews of Dark Rebel

It's refreshing to me to have an EdT that lists tobacco and actually delivers you the note so hard and in the foreground.

This is a brown to dark brown tobacco, if you've ever smoked hand rolled cigarettes you'll definitely know the difference between this and it's blonde alternative (unlit).

Furthermore, I don't think it's actually the tobacco note itself but the realness of the leather, tree sap and its wood that tilts the whole towards cigar territory. The rum is nicely done and blends in so well with the ethanol you're used to getting from applying a fragrance.

Manliest scent I've ever smelled, can only praise the daringness.
06th December, 2019
It smelled so familiar at first and I couldn't put my finger on it, but it clicked when the notes started to blend. This is a milder and more expensive version of Halston Z-14! I can pick up the tobacco and rum. I'm pretty sure there's also cinnamon and possibly a touch of vanilla, but I don't notice any black pepper or leather. It's a pleasant scent, but it has been done before and the projection is disappointing.
07th June, 2019
Fake woods and rum start this scent off. Then the tobacco takes over with juust a hint of smoke. This doesn't smell dirty at all to me. Doesn't smell like the town drunk or the homeless man. Kind of an updated, worse blended, more synthetic and better performing Burberry London.
01st March, 2019
Really interesting stuff - for about 15 minutes. Then dissolves into a generic mall scent of limited interest. No staying power either. Probably demands a large number of sprays to last a sufficient amount of time. Highly synthetic too. Neutral, but could easily be negative for the anemic performance issues.
18th December, 2018
John Varvatos' Dark Rebel was an accidental find on my part.

I noticed that the vast majority of Varvatos' colognes were in the same shape of bottle, many having the interesting weave designs and differing only in exterior part color schemes. Of course, his flankers are quite different from one another, but I was overwhelmed by how similar the bottles looked and just shied away from comparing them for a while.

At a local Lord & Taylor's fragrance counter, as I was investigating the other scents there, I noticed the simple, twiny black outer weave of Dark Rebel that made it stick out more than the other JV scents. I was curious, noticed the cool name, and felt compelled to give it a sample.

What I discovered was a scent that matched its name: A "rebellious" concoction that was both boozy and smelled of tobacco, with a healthy dose of rich dark leather spiced up with black pepper. I had images of a small town derelict, unshaven, long-haired, wearing a black leather jacket and cowboy boots, riding his worn-out Harley Davidson around town like a lone wolf who liked to keep the townfolk guessing.

A few years later, I managed to find a great deal on a John Varvatos Dark Rebel gift set at the local TJ Maxx. Since then, whenever I wanted to wear any scent at the very last minute that wouldn't disappoint, I'd grab the mini-dispenser of Dark Rebel and confidently apply the potion, enjoying it without end.

There is a definite "smoky" element in Dark Rebel that reminded me of another scent I own, Bulgari's Black. That one relies on the unusual smoked lapsang tea, whereas this one seems to lean on the resinous woods and tobacco. Overall, I feel confident and fascinated by this formulation, a definite standout from Varvatos.
25th August, 2018
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United States
Wow! Just like Dark Rebel Rider, some of the reviews for this are far removed from my perceptions. First, I don't get much "darkness" here, nor anything medicinal or industrial. And while I get the tobacco note, it's not of the cherry pipe tobacco variety. It's dry and "brown." Mostly I get the sugar note and tobacco, along with some aroma chemicals, possibly a bit of iso e super and one or more "woody/ambers." And it's not weak at all, leading me to think that those who think it is are anosmic to the long-lasting aroma chemicals used. The closest scent I can think of to DR is Joop! Homme Wild, in terms of the far drydown. It is niche-like, and I got a great deal in a swap for the large size bottle, so I'm quite content, though I thought it would be more complex (I don't get the castoreum, for example). I think DRR is superior, though, because it's more unique, more natural smelling, and more complex. The two are quite different from each other, so I think DRR should have been called something unique, Dirty Rider or whatever.
22nd July, 2018

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