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Fur (2015)
by Madhat Scents


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Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Fur

The company say:

Fur is a combination of vintage musks, snow laden conifers and a bed of hot amber coals burning inside the desolate trapper's cabin somewhere deep in the Alaskan wilderness. This scent sources several vintage musks from the only licensed source in America, but please note that it is not vegan. I plan on sketching fir and pine trees for each individual bottle.

Reviews of Fur

This is a master work! What a wonderful combination of coniferous fir and pine with animalic castoreum and hyraceum. I am absolutely thrilled with how good this fragrance is!!! What a wonderful addition to my fragrance collection. Honestly, the blending here is so good that the conifer, musk, honey, cinnamon, tobacco, clove and all of the other notes have become better together than they are seperately. Okay, so maybe not the fir resin. It's already perfect on it's own. ;-) But seriously, Fur is a complete and utter masterpiece in my opinion! Not only full bottle worthy, but back up bottle worthy as well. Bravo to MadHat, as I truly believe this is your masterwork my friend!!! I'm so grateful that I didn't miss out on this beautiful fragrance!
21st December, 2019 (last edited: 22nd December, 2019)
This is a review for the 2019 version:

A heavy winter forest campfire smell. Fur is a very musk-forward scent, with castoreum as the star of the musk. Fir balsam absolute also has a strong presence, adding a breath of fresh prickly green needles and a hint of sweetness. There is a damp earthiness, a small amount of tobacco, and the smell of your coat drying out by the heater. The musk rounds out the blend, adding texture and softness as well as an implied sort of smoke. On my skin, this comes across as the wisps of a dying fire or the smell of smoke on your coat from fires past, not necessarily raging bonfire smoke. One spray lasts for the better part of a day and projects moderately around me.

There is quite a bit of similarity to Dasein's Winter Nights here, with Fur having more of a fir balsam-y character and Winter Nights having lavender instead. I love both of these fragrances, but Fur satisfies more of my craving for wintry pine forests. Highly recommended.
10th December, 2019
It's like a fire in Maine: salty, dense, and a little 'humid,' to account for the musks.

This is a scent that sticks with you for over 24 hours and evolves into a rich animalic over that time. The fun part is, you won't notice the musks until at least an hour or two after application.

Prior to those peeking out, you'll start to get hints of vanilla and spices, but those always hover in the back.

16th August, 2018
holy shit, burnt, smoke, balsamic, dry yet sweet; the base is sweet like an incense; base is a bit sour and like BO or smelly feet or a gland in an animal's butt, almost like a barnyard oud
20th May, 2017
I just got a 2.5 mL sample of this in today...and immediately bought a full bottle. It's that good.

Fur opens with a blast of campfire smoke and wintry ambience courtesy of the pine and fir. Underneath, an unctuous ooze begins to bubble and stir, slinking up to the fire to warm.

As the musks warm, the castoreum and hyraceum make their presence known by casting off scents of wet but drying fur and a faint urinous aspect, followed by raw hide.

The picture painted here is 100% the trappers's cabin in a pine forest described on the site.

If you like piney-smokey fragrances with a stout and fatty backbone of musk, this is for you.
25th March, 2017 (last edited: 07th May, 2017)

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