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Pour Un Homme Sport (2015)
by Caron


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Year of Launch2015
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerWilliam Fraysse
Parent CompanyAles Group

About Pour Un Homme Sport

The company say:

A fresh and modern interpretation [of the orignal] which retains the aromatic signature, and is enriched with citrus, spicy and woody notes.

Pour Un Homme Sport fragrance notes

Reviews of Pour Un Homme Sport

Citrus gelato, some herbal-feeling ginger-and-lavender, and salty ambergris, all smoothly blended together. Thick, but refreshing.

I find this altogether more gratifying than the present day Caron pour Un Homme, even if Sport will never have a place in history as a "reference" fragrance in the way its forebear did.
24th June, 2020
A solid summer scent.

The smell from the atomizer made me think this wasn't going to be my thing. It smelled way too thick, dense, plasticky, almost Play-Doh like. However, it smells much, much better on skin. It is still dense, but there's also a breeziness to it that keeps it uplifting and eminently refreshing. To borrow some associations from other reviewers: it's like a decadent slice of key lime pie just taken out of the fridge and eaten on the terrace, or a lime creamsicle on a hot July day, so cold it gives you brainfreeze. It does have a quasi-gourmand vibe, though I wouldn't go so far as to classify it as such. Key lime pie is my favorite dessert, and it's next to impossible to find here in Taiwan, so this fragrance does make me feel a little bit homesick, in a good way. But I digress.

"Warm" and "cold" accords are juxtaposed quite well - the central mass of benzoin, tonka, ambergris, white musk, and cedar, all of which combine to convey a sense of creaminess and density, is balanced with an aromatic brace of verbena, ginger, lavender, and citrus, which blow cold air onto the composition. This is where the "mintiness" is coming from, no doubt. The one thing I wish is that this had a little bit more of a gingery zing. Although the opening has some sharp zestiness to it, over time that fades as the scent fully embraces the dreamy creaminess of the benzoin/tonka/ambergris/lavender.

Overall, I'm a big fan of this fragrance. Surprisingly, given my skin's tendency to eat up anything scented, I get great performance with this one, around 8-9 hours. This is one of the only fragrances I have that can last a fully work day, and is still quite detectable as a skin scent at the end of that window. I bought my 50ml bottle for around $35, and I'd say it's a great deal considering. Is it my favorite summer scent? No, but I'll definitely be reaching for it on the hot days when I want a real feeling of refreshment.

25th March, 2020
Written in December of 2016:

This is similar to the original but also different in some ways. While the original CPUH opens with a sharp blast of lavender, the lavender in Sport has been reduced to a certain degree and paired with a sharp lemon note. It's a well done lemon, natural and bright, and very similar to the lemon used in Caron's Eau de Reglisse. So when it opens you get about 60% lemon 40% lavender. What you'll notice immediately about the lavender, besides the fact that its strength has been dialed down a few notches, is that it is less herbal and astringent and has become smoother and more polished with less bite. I can see the new lavender being more widely appealing to a modern audience, however I really like the way it's treated in the original. I love how the original CPUH opens with a harsh lavender blast, that's a little difficult to swallow at first, and then mellows out into a comforting green lavender and vanilla base. The lavender in Sport doesn't present that kind of challenging beginning and is a little more friendly or boring depending on how you look at it. Shortly after Sport opens, vanilla joins in as well. It enters a little earlier in Sport than it does in the regular version, blending almost immediately with the lavender and taming the composition into a smooth, comforting blend with traces of the lemon from the opening. After about an hour, Sport and the original are quite similar, though it seems the new one has traded much of the lavender in its composition for vanilla. If the old composition dried down to 50% vanilla, 50% lavender, Sport is more like 60 percent vanilla, 30% lavender, 10% lemon. In the end, everything smells very nice, well-balanced and smooth with no glaring missteps or abrasively synthetic qualities. Performance is as good, if not better than the original.

This does not smell like a typical sports fragrance. What it smells like to me is an updated version of Caron Pour Un Homme, designed for a more modern (and perhaps less patient) audience. It's very good, it's just different than the original. If you're a fan of lavender, and the way it shoots out of the gate in CPUH, you may be disappointed by how much tamer it seems in Sport. However, if you found the lavender a little overbearing and "old school" for your tastes, perhaps too herbal and green, you may like how it's been treated here--softer, smoother, and more blended in with the surrounding accords of vanilla and citrus. What has NOT happened here is the total corruption of the Pour Un Homme line. This is a good fragrance and a worthy flanker, albeit a bit tamer and with less of the original's quirky personality. But it does maintain the theme of the original. Personally, I like both and whether I choose one or the other would simply be a matter of my mood. Thumbs up for this relatively low key flanker of an all-time classic. Hopefully it will come to the States soon enough where it should eventually be available for a reasonable discount.

UPDATE: It is now widely available in the States and at discounters.
13th August, 2019
Not terrible but I don't enjoy wearing Pour Un Homme Sport. For some reason the ultra-loud citrus opening doesn't fit in with the rest of it. It's like they are trying to smash something synthetically sweet and sour on top of something mature, like when you see someone older not dressing their age. Later, the drydown is much better. The citrus has softened and is much more in harmony with the traditional lavender.

Seems best for warmer weather but should be versatile for any situation, except date night. This does not smell romantic or cuddly at all.

Projection is just okay but longevity is pretty good. Lasts all work day.
09th January, 2018
I have not yet tried the original so I can't tell the impact of the "Sport" in this version. I don't find it particularly sporty though. The initial phase did not impress me. Then came the drydown - that's the good part! Some say the lavender from the original is there but I found it accompanied by a sweet and creamy sort of mint. Almost like an edible minty ice cream.

I have been wearing it a few times but my sample is now done unfortunately. If a full bottle was available at a descent price I might have bought it. Try not to think of it as a bad flanker of a classic, since I don't have a history with Caron I'm just enjoying this scent. Hopefully you will too!
28th June, 2017
I came to my third and final Caron sample with some trepidation, mostly caused by the "Sport" appellation, which normally signals No Good Thing Can Happen. The question to interrogate this scent with is: how do you make the dandyish, of-its-time Pour un Homme into something "sporty"?

I am afraid my answer is facetious: Not with much success. PuHS opens with something of the realistic lavender of the original, but accompanied by sweet fruity and green notes, with the overall effect being one of molten jelly babies; a vaguely aquatic and slightly salty accord accompanies it. This initial stage lasts for about four hours with no respite; until, suddently, the sweetness dissipates and the sole remaining accord is that of Caron's excellent lavender. It then hums along quietly for another couple of hours or so, until the whole thing switches off like a light bulb. I admit, this second phase is not too bad, if linear, but being caught between that awful opening and expecting the next twist in the tail (I was expecting the burnt lavender and vanilla of the original to surface at some point) made it impossible to enjoy.

All in all, not a good experience. And I can't see where this effort is going to take the house - I would imagine that those young enough to enjoy PuHS won't be shopping at Caron anyway, so I have to remain dubious about the prospects for this scent kickstarting a Caron revival. I will be sticking to the classics from this house, and I don't mind suggesting that you do the same.
18th December, 2016

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