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100 Tweeds (2015)
by Euphorium Brooklyn


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Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseEuphorium Brooklyn
PerfumerStephen Dirkes

About 100 Tweeds

100 Tweeds was intended in part to evoke bucolic memories of perfumer, Christian Rosenkreuz' Bavarian study. With windows open to receive fresh heather and bitter herbs from the verdant splendour that is the end of  summer, the aroma of his musty volumes of yellowed parchment and rich sweet tobacco notes from the humidor brought that time to life for Rosenkruez. Transported by the fragrance, Rosenkreuz could visit his study when the nights had become crisp and he would seek the warmth and comfort of his favorite tweed, settle into his over-sized wing chair that smelled of ancient woods and peat, and lose himself to the scent of paper, ink and vellum that lifted from the book on his lap by the crackling hearth.

Reviews of 100 Tweeds

A highland grange nestled within shadowed mountains, the sensation of a worn, but warm jacket keeping the chill of fall air at bay. An abrasive blend of honeyed tobacco, hay, musk, peaty soil, tender greenery and a dirty animalic kick. 100 Tweeds is earthy, musky, and slightly smoky, dank and addicting. Honey and beeswax are more prominent in the opening, and the drydown brings out the soil and animalic characteristics.

100 Tweeds becomes a skin scent after 3 or four hours, but the longevity is improved by spraying from the bottle instead of dabbing. I loved the sample enough that I bought a bottle, it's a unique and gorgeous fall scent.

I have a bottle that is from an early 4th batch(#4 is handwritten on the label, this is the way that Stephen keeps track of his batches), with deep amber brown liquid, and a 2019 8ml size that is a light yellow. The darker juice smells much more of honey in the opening, whereas the light yellow has more of a sharp castoreum emphasis. I prefer the darker blend, but both are nice and develop into very similar scents after an hour or so. The differences are likely from reformulation, but aging could be a factor as there is about a 4-year difference between the two.
04th December, 2019
Bitter opening with a turpentine/paint thinner vibe. Quit strong with the paint thinner feel. I don't mind a bit of the turps vibe in my fragrance, as conifer frags are my dazzle...but turps level is a bit much. I'm also smelling bitter herbs as well. I'm about five hours in and the turps smell has calmed a bit. Still picking up the bitter edge, but it has softened as well. Now 10 hours in, and this has become a Slumberhouse Baque flanker. Okay, so it doesn't have the sweet liquor vibe the Baque seems to have, but the tobacco note has come out and it reminds me just a bit of Baque, which I love. 100 Tweeds is much drier and more transparent than Baque and doesn't have the thickness of the Slumberhouse fragrance, but this transition has taken 100 Tweeds from a neutral rating to a thumbs up for me. Still, the opening is challenging and getting to this enjoyable dry down has taken some time, so I don't think it's full bottle worthy. I almost fell alseep reading the listed notes...sheesh! A huge laundry list of ingredients has been crammed into 100 Tweeds. Interesting wear.
30th November, 2017
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Lavender, clary sage, and woodsy tones and coniferous woodsy notes blend into an impression of being outdoors in the woods at the edge of a clearing, where herbs and a light, bright mossy notes greet you - beautiful! Whilst moments of labdanum and coumarin give it a deeper and slightly darker edge, it had added complexity with at times a peaty whiff presenting itself. An environment for wearing a tweed jacket maybe.

In the later drydown a slightly boozy transformation in the direction of incense and spice occurs, but this is a gentle spice, with a slightly sweetish tonka adding depth and richness. Still, this spiciness is discrete, more a touch of spice than a spoonful of it. In the base a light musky note is added, which together with some guaiacum develops towards the end.

The performance gives moderate sillage, adequate projection and about nine hours of longevity on my skin.

This is beautifully made of top-class ingredients and very well blended. The only drawback on my skin is a comparably limited projection; after the first thirty minutes it essentially becomes a skin scent, in spite of applying copious amounts - good for spring in the office setting. Otherwise a delight on my skin. 3.75/5
15th April, 2016
This evokes memories of summer camp in southwest Michigan! Not something I’d wear in the summer, but one of the most “comfortable” scents I have encountered. This to me is a conifer, incense and woodsy fragrance. Not as much tweed jacket and study, but more mountain retreat great room. Maybe even dune grass? There are far too many ingredients on this pyramid, but they blend together very well! My first opportunity to sample Euphorium Brooklyn, and I am quite impressed! Not for everyone, and certainly a sample first. Excellent juice, and a double thumbs up! Received two compliments the day I wore this…from females. This is masculine in nature.
15th December, 2015

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