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Amber Flash (2015)
by Tauerville


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Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerAndy Tauer

About Amber Flash

The company say:

Amber, this wonderful combination of labdanum and vanilla, is brought to perfection. Paired with benzoin, sandalwood, a good of rose, hints of patchouli; Amber flash is just gorgeous.

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Reviews of Amber Flash

A good, gosh-darn, fuzzy, buzzy, carbonated amber fragrance! More buzz, than a blowfly's arse in summer. Ha! But seriously folks...
Every note here is mangled, blended, chopped, and brewed into a fine mix. It's sweeter, more vanilla-tuned than many of this ilk, that I've sampled / owned, over the years. Could use a tad less vanilla - more benzo, ambrette, and labdanum. Frankly, there is a smidge more cashmeran than I like. But hey! I'm now just splitting hairs...
Patchouli here is perfect.
If someone gifted me a full bottle of this stuff, I surely would not refuse. Overall, this is a candied-amber of sorts. More femme than Masculine. One of the best, by far. Worth a try...
17th August, 2019
This is a potent, straightforward, dry, amber-vanilla that has a good amount of smokey incense. It’s like the drydown of other "burning candle" scents I’ve smelled, which is nice, but it doesn’t develop much on me. Seems best for colder weather.

Very good projection and longevity.
08th July, 2019
Stardate 20161024:

Starts out as a medicinal and pungent ambery thing. After couple hours it settles down to generic amber+tonka and that pungency is gone.
There are much better and cheaper ambers out there. Infact, the best Amber - Ambre Sultan can be had cheaper(per ml) if one waits.

Avoid this one.
24th October, 2016 (last edited: 03rd November, 2016)
Because amber isn't exactly an actual material found in nature, it can be difficult to evaluate an amber perfume. Do we prize accuracy? When does novelty become a problem? I suppose there is something like a "correct" amber, wherein vanilla, resins, and balsams meet; to paraphrase Oliver Wendell Holmes, I can't define it, but I know it when I smell it.

In this category, it seems like perfumers have a few stylistic choices left: dry or sweet, light or heavy, airy or dense, and some others I can't think of now. The real merit of any amber fragrance to this writer comes down to either (1) an unusual property (very dark, chewy, floral, aldehydic, whatever) or (2) its wearable quality. (I find a lot of amber perfumes overwhelming, sweet in the extreme and annoyingly metallic. Moreover, I live in a relatively humid climate, which does these scents no favors in the heat).

So Amber Flash falls into the second category for me. It's not a powerful amber, but it's pleasantly dry and agreeable, after its boozy start. To me, its top notes smell like fresh herbs and hay, and it has a pleasant citrusy note that blooms in heat. Its rosiness falls on the side of dried rose petals, but it's so skillfully blended that wouldn't have picked it out if I hadn't read the perfumer's notes.

Sillage isn't massive, but this perfume is surprisingly tenacious. It crreeps back up several times after you think it's played out. I very much enjoy the subtlety deployed in this scent, and I'm very happy I have it in my collection--a warm scent for warm weather feels like a luxury, like throwing on a suede jacket over a bikini.

Edit: on the next wearing after writing this, Amber Flash sprung a completely unexpected surprise on me. I had just finished putting some on one morning, turned to whatever I was going to do next--and the most beastly, animalic funk came prowling up my arm. It wasn't a barnyard; it was a zoo. It continued to evolve over the course of that day's wearing, blending with the florals and vanilla to create a much headier and more intense perfume. Suede jacket, indeed!
18th April, 2016 (last edited: 24th May, 2016)
The fourth release from the Tauerville is a delightful gourmand, a creamy, sweet amber/vanilla pairing.

It doesn't evolve much for me, generally remaining this sweet mix--the amber/vanilla pair leads to a syrupy sweetness, though less sharp than say, in 24 Gold, or Bond No. 9 New Haarlem. It's a sweetness mixed with resin, almost, as in the amber/resin quality of Le Labo Benjoin 19 Moscow

Projection and longevity are both strong, comparable to Vanilla Flash. The scent isn't quite as refined as Vanilla Flash, and certainly not as much as Rose Flash, but it's a great scent and a welcome entry in the terrific Tauerville line.

8 out of 10
10th February, 2016
Amber Flash arrived with great anticipation because Andy Tauer is the creator of one of the worlds finest amber fragrances - L'Air du Desert Marocain - a masterpiece of amber + spice and woods results in a sandy desert swept resinous amber perfume - one of the finest around. If my favorite amber fragrance is a benchmark of 10 stars (TF Amber Absolute), Amber Flash would garner a 5, maybe 6 of 10 stars by comparison. All the notes compliment the Ambreine / labdanum center of this scent - benzoin, vanilla, sandalwood, cashmeran, patchouli - for a fine dictionary definition of what amber should smell like. Amber as used in perfumery, is a fictional term for any blend of warm thick notes that smells like we think the name would suggest. I think this Amber Flash would be improved if it were blended with more dark notes of leather and frankincense possibly and possibly some animalics such as castoreum etc. Amber Flash fulfills the definition of amber with a pleasantly warm, not too sweet labdanum, cashmeran and benzoin dry amber note. The result is a competent amber note that might work wonders as a component in a more competent concoction, but it falls a little flat in the excitement category when compared to complete fragrances of amber from Andy Tauer or other makers of this note today.
19th November, 2015

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