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Al Wisam Day
by Rasasi


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About Al Wisam Day

Al Wisam Day is a masculine fragrance by Rasasi.

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Reviews of Al Wisam Day

Al Wisam Day is an expansive, cooling and fresh silvery oceanic type of scent. Lots of sunshine and satisfying warmth in here too - rose? The cooling aspect of metallic toned cedar, oud and a smooth finish like ambergris/ambroxan is topped with a warm mint (geranium). Lots of comparisons to Silver Mountain Water exist for Al Wisam Day, but this is a distinctly different fragrance worthy of its own place in the world. Similar to SMW but also different - maybe rosier. This Rasassi works well year round whenever you need an uplift and is an incredible value for the price.
13th October, 2019
Personally, I donít understand why people compare this to Creed SMW. There is nothing in common. In my opinion, it is similar to Chanel Egoiste but with a touch of bergamot note. In my opinion, the strongest notes in Al Wisam Day are rose, clove, bergamot, and also a little bit leather, oud and sandalwood.

Overall, it is very nice smell, especially for winter or cold spring/fall and for men above 30.
24th May, 2019
Very fine, well done mix, of bergamot, lavender, and geranium. I'm not a huge fan of these notes. Here, they are perfect. It's a masculine floral vibe to be sure. I find I enjoy wearing it even so. I have never smelled Silver Mountain Water, as it is frequently referenced here so, I cannot compare. I may now have to sample SMW in the future.

This scent continues to express a fresh, clear accord. It's cool. Rose is a bit muffled for me. The sage, sandalwood, and cedar are desert-like, herbal-infusion gone wild. Woody but, not too obvious. Top and middle notes merged into one beautifully fine fragrance. The clear coolness lasts long. A green leafy accord persists.

A buzzy oud eventually evolves. Amber and musk aren't sweet. There is a wet mossy feel as well... Green vibe lasts and lasts. A great experience.
22nd May, 2019
Acquired yesterday. I can definitely see some of the similarities to SMW but I don't feel it is a "clone". The notes shared with SMW are done VERY well, but the heavy floral notes drive it in a totally different direction with a prominent Middle-Eastern vibe. This is a 60% copy of SMW, in my opinion. Remove those floral notes and you would have an incredibly accurate alternative to SMW. Having owned both, SMW is still the clear king but for the money this an excellent fragrance in and of itself. Impressive.
02nd May, 2019
95% Silver Mountain Water and 5% a dirtier, earthier edge and a little bit of natural woods. Doesn't smell as over-clean and uber-polished like SMW does so it gains versatility and for that reason I prefer it. Great performance and 1/8 the price doesn't hurt either... awesome release.
12th May, 2018
I'm not a big fan of SMW but this is so close and so much less that I have to give a thumbs up because I would recommend it. The opening is very close to SMW. The drydown is where I prefer Al Wisam Day as it goes into a sweet, soft woody note that I do like.

Projection and longevity are both very good.
20th January, 2018

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