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Aurum d'Angkhor (2014)
by Sultan Pasha


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Year of Launch2014
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseSultan Pasha
PerfumerSultan Pasha

About Aurum d'Angkhor

Aurum d'Angkhor is a shared / unisex perfume by Sultan Pasha. The scent was launched in 2014 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Sultan Pasha

Reviews of Aurum d'Angkhor

This scent is almost painful to talk about: its beauty is not only beyond my ability to express but beyond my power of comprehension. This is easily the most elegant and lovely floral that I own. Incredibly masculine but not in a macho way. Whenever I reach for it, I have to decide whether I can stand to lose anymore precious drops of this attar. I ask myself: Is the occasion equal to the scent?

The best part of this fragrance is that it has hidden elements that sneak out and delight you. Sometimes it kicks up an oud, sometimes it kicks up smoke. But always it displays a regal, crystalline clarity that I’ve never smelled anywhere else.
02nd August, 2019
This is well reviewed for very good reason.
It's accord draws across my mind with a similar titillation of pleasure to the resonance produced by the bow across the strings of a cello.
I believe it bears a resemblance to the carry off of Jasmine, Rose, Patchouli Lapidus Pour Homme sublime tune.
The cast of first-rate ingredient fill out the the canvas to vivid,textured
herbal gaseous expanses. Some references to the vetiver games of Pregoni.
It is all heavily mounted with Sandal, Ambergris butter rendering the whole luxuriously succulent.
18th June, 2019
Do you look at a Van Gogh painting and scrutinise the brush strokes and the myriad hues used by the legendary artist? Or do you simply enjoy the wonder of the experience? Very much in the same vein ask not what Aurum d’Angkor smells like for surely there are no words that do it justice. It is the scent that time itself forgot, of trees and roots so ancient they lived through the rise and fall of mighty kingdoms, of blooms and secret tinctures of such grand opulence they once graced the skin of monarchs and heirs of royal lineage.

All these from a single drop of perfume?
Mind: BLOWN.
Now excuse me while I pick up my jaw from the floor.

27th May, 2019
Now the oil on first application I noticed was thick as I applied it to my wrist and rubbed the scent onto my other wrist. The first note that greets you is a woody incense rose with the rose smelling luxurious and deep red. As the scent unfurls other opulent notes like saffron, ambergris, jasmine, tobacco all dance around this main rose accord. It smells very beautiful and fit for Royalty, the ingredients are breathtakingly beautiful.

After about two hours the scent transforms into a dark resinous woody accord and this is where the magic happens. The Oud has come out to play and It's like your smelling a fragrance in 3D, you have dark resinous woods that are radiating spices. At the same time when you smell it you get the uplifting fruity aspect at the top end with the honey aspect and the back end with the resinous spicy woods at the centre. And because you are smelling all of the above at the same time it gives the Oud a multidimensional aspect to it's nature. Wow!

To digress a little I was given a incense stick on a Sandalwood order from Pure Incense and was given this incense stick called Oud Safi and it had the same multi dimensional aspect to it. It had a uplifting candy sweetness on the front end and a deep resinous woods on the back-end but when you smelled it you smelled it all at the same time giving the scent that 3D depth effect. I hope you get my meaning.

Anyway other notes start to come and go like a bloom of Jasmine, saffron out of the resinous multi dimensional Oud and it smells amazing. Eventually it transforms again and you have a swirling melange of soft spices, and this is where the Mysore Sandalwood enters centre stage and takes a bow. This swirling symphony of exotic notes mixing in with the creamy mysore is heavenly to the nose. Really holy grail material and the best smelling fragrance I have smelled in my life. And as a fragrance enthusiast it has been a honour to smell the the highest form of fragrance art, if this scent was a painting it would be a Rembrandt, if it was a musical composition it would be one of Beethovens symphony's, you get the picture.

Anyway eventually the dark resinous woods come back to the forefront and dominant.

A amazing achievement and absolutely gorgeous and even mystical like. Wow, I have enjoyed every moment wearing this and will guard my 1ml bottle like it's a precious rare diamond.
14th May, 2019
double thumbs and toes up...this is a bona fide masterpiece...yes, i do get individual notes , but they are so expertly and exquisitely blended , that this comes across to me as one constantly mutating and evolving accord...i'm mostly focusing on and catching hints of tobacco, saffron , rose and some of the smoothest ouds completely devoid of any barnyard or cheese flavors...honey/beeswax adds a nice feel and semi-sweetness...again, i give up on talking about notes...suffice to say this is a multitasking fragrance that encompasses the best of a large variety of notes and crosses lines to touch on everything from an Oriental to a chypre...well done Sultan....hope to smell you for a long time...
06th March, 2019
bhanny Show all reviews
United States
This is pure concentrated joy. Perhaps the nectar of the gods. I've generally reserved such praise for genuine pure oud oils. This blend is nothing short of spectacular.

It starts with a juicy rose that just radiates, quickly the superstar of the show, the rare jasmin auriculatum, joins the rose. I have both the absolute and the ruh of this jasmine variety, which I find a bit more green and fruity than grandiflorum. Regardless it's stunning and when the rose and jasmin combo are joined by a most scrumptious sweet-and-sour orange blossom, it forms a trifecta birthed in heaven.

The whole thing is balanced with one of Ensar Oud's special ouds. Encens d'Angkhor. An "atypical" Thai oud. For those of you unfamiliar with Ensar Oud, you may want to familiarize yourself. These pure ouds, artisan ouds, are out of this world. I find them good for the soul and truly therapeutic. Many feel like complete "perfumes" on their own.

Back to Aurum. The trifecta (jasmin, rose, orange blossom) is so perfectly balanced, it really does blow my mind. I can't get enough of it. The ingredients used here (and really all/most of Sultan's creations) are second to none. This thing feels like luxury while wearing it.

The base is the oud, plus a whole bunch of stuff. Honey, beeswax, benzoin, tobacco, opoponax, real-deal sandalwood, ambergris, saffron, aged patchouli, labdanum, oakmoss, musk, etc, etc. Basically it's amazing as well. The transition from the top to this is flawless, which I suspect is aided in part by the oud.

Guys and gals. This stuff is just to die for! As are many, most, really all of dear Sultans creations. But this one is the pinnacle IMO. Even those that don't personally work for me, it is clear the creativity and materials that go into his attars.

10/10, A+++++++, full thumbs up, my holy grail..etc, etc
02nd June, 2017 (last edited: 03rd June, 2017)

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