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Nisean (2016)
by Parfums de Marly


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Year of Launch2016
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Nisean

Nisean is a masculine fragrance by Parfums de Marly. The scent was launched in 2016

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United Kingdom
A strong patchouli blast greets me form the start. It is a bit on the darker side, with a touch of harshness bit overall not too brash or intrusive.

Soon a saffron arrives that is smoother,but with a lot of s restrained spiciness in it, with a background cistus with whiffs of olibanum and labdanum enhancing the spicy impression somewhat. Whiffs of geranium ans oleander attempt to insert a floral component, but they are overwhelmed by the spices, which become quite sweet over time.

A bit later a rich woody note arises, with aromas of teakwood and whiffs of African whitewood noticeable at times. These all combine to a rich and pleasantly structured nigh-incense-laden impression of precious woods, with a characteristic that comes close to be a bit medicinal further into its development.

I get strong sillage, excellent projection, and an impressive eleven hours on my skin.

A strong autumn scent that has some original moments, is a bit linear at times, but provides vividness and excellent performance. Overall 3.5/5
27th January, 2021
Woody, spicy, balsamic. The fist thing I smell is a patchouli/labdanum/saffron combo that is reminiscent of something like Black Orchid, but as the initial blast fades the olibanum steps forward. In the heart I can put my finger on something akin to cedar. Sort of has a similar feel to it as Jubilation XXV, with its sweetened spicy incense. Classy, special. I'd consider it masculine. While saffron, cedar, and frankincense can seem somewhat pointed, labdanum and patchouli are usually chewy and round. They all go together to make this a good dish for the nose. This is my favorite PdM so far. That being said, this one is a thumbs up.
15th November, 2019
From July, 2016:

I haven't encountered too many fragrances like Nisean. It's undoubtedly masculine; dry, woody, clean and in no ways childish or trendy. There's nothing remotely sweet about it. At the same time it's not a throwback to a bygone era of masculine powerhouses and it doesn't smell like aftershave either. It's not aggressive or sharp, but it's not soft either. It's not cozy or gentle, but it's not unfriendly. In fact there's something very warm and human about it. It's kind of fatherly. The dry patchouli which maintains Nisean's aromatic quality is a very clean patchouli, with a subtle spice. It's classy, and doesn't come anywhere near "hippie patchouli." It's a very different breed. The woody backbone is firm, and not completely identifiable as any one type, though it smells like some kind of classic wooden furniture, well-maintained and passed down for a few generations. It reminds me of oak. And there's a light, pleasant leather aroma that mixes with the woods and patchouli; it's nothing fancy or in your face, it's subtle. Overall, Nisean is pretty simple. I really like this about it! Maybe it reminds me of a dialed-down Derby. It's not trying to do too much and as a result it does just what it should. I imagine Nisean worn with a clean flannel shirt and jeans, though it would also work with a suit and tie. Performance is good with great longevity and appropriate projection. Thumbs up. This one surprised me. At first I shrugged it off but the longer I wore it, the more I liked it. I'd give Nisean a very solid 8/10.
13th August, 2019
This fragrance kicks some serious ass.

Boy do i love this stuff however it is definitely not a daily wear and best kept for special Occasions.

The performance is insane. I have sprayed this on me in my room and walked in the next day with the smell still lingering in there. Crazy!

Refined, smooth, sophisticated

Best in class

15th June, 2019 (last edited: 26th July, 2019)
I feel like Nisean passed me by amidst what's been a flurry of recent releases from Parfums de Marly in the last few years, and it tends to be overshadowed by Layton (and Exclusif) and Carlisle as the standout releases in the time since Nisean dropped in 2016.

Nisean is, however, very rich, in my opinion, a sort of patchouli/incense dark wintery blend that's spicy, smoky, and a wee bit resinous without being sweet. It feels inherently masculine to me based on the scent profile, which does describe too many specific notes except for saffron and patchouli. And it does have vaguely woody feel to it throughout its life but especially in the dry down, during which the spicy aspects diminish a bit and the whole blend becomes a bit more understated.

It's a great performer and is modestly priced ($320 for 125ml retail, comparable to others, but only $135 on FragranceNet, and $116 for a tester, even) via the secondary market, where other fragrances in the line tend to be priced a bit higher.\

Overall Nisean strikes me as both underrated and underdiscussed in light of its quality, agreeability, performance, and current grey market price, all of which are a formula for what could almost serve as a men's winter nighttime signature fragrance, especially for formal occasions.

8 out of 10
29th November, 2018
Nisean is a one that I don’t think gets its due praise. It starts off strong and almost pungent or a little dirty, maybe the patchouli?? Combine this with a touch of what smells like a slight touch of dark chocolate, and that is the first 20 minutes I get out of Nisean. Then it starts to dry out and the sweet woodines comes into play, with the sweet being balanced out with some spicy saffron. Projection and sillage seem to be average, but longevity is solid, maybe 8+ hours for me. It’s a fragrance that can be worn almost anywhere and anytime. Probably best in cooler weather to get the most out of it. The bottle and box are very high quality and I think all well worth the $150 it cost me! I’m getting more and more addicted by the day!

Also: if you like Creed Royal Oud and/or CDG Wonderwood, you may really like Nisean! To me it has components of both.......and even a hint of Sahara Noir too!!
25th April, 2018 (last edited: 26th April, 2018)

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