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Narciso Poudrée (2016)
by Narciso Rodriguez


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Year of Launch2016
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseNarciso Rodriguez
Parent CompanyShiseido > Beaute Prestige International

About Narciso Poudrée

Narciso Poudrée is a feminine perfume by Narciso Rodriguez. The scent was launched in 2016

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Reviews of Narciso Poudrée

I am a long time fan of the NR line, but this flanker was one of the most soulless things I have smelled.
17th June, 2020
A yummy/candied (poudree/talky-like) balmy heavenly cloud of musky vanilla and bulgarian rose (with a fresh spacious vetiver-laced floral background), like combining together Narciso Rodriguez for Woman, Dior Addict, Cacharel Loulou, Etro Heliotrope, Amber at Vanille E.Coudray and some Xerjoff Join the Club Collection (Kind of Blue?), overall amalgamated by this landmark NR's synth pop-chic "cosmetical" musk. Jasmine jumps up gradually on the stage. Impossible to resist. Yeeeeesss.
10th May, 2018
I really shouldn’t like this and here’s why: the vision this brings to mind is of a Disney prom-bound older sister, all straightened teeth smile, brushed and conditioned hair, pinky lip gloss, perfectly manicured nails lacquered in Fairy Kiss, cutesy charm bracelet, and whispery of voice in a push-back-puberty style. The kind of being one imagines spends their entire life worshipping at the altars of Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly and Missy Perfect and probably suffers from mannequin pudendum syndrome.
But, arggh and bother, I actually like this rather a lot. It has a kind of fabric softener addictiveness that makes one want to lie back and dream. So, sure, it is a pinky haze of powderpuff musks but it’s so fatally well-engineered, I have to succumb. The trick is in the florals enclosed within the feathery musks – if one puts one’s nose close to one’s skin there’s a gorgeous trickle of nectarous rose, sparkling almost, not cloying, complemented and shaded in by an almost suede-like jasmine note. There’s also something woody that’s been milled to a cosmetics grade fineness. Knowing these elements nestle within Narciso Poudreé’s enveloping, sweet musks, helps one appreciate why it is just that bit different to the many other perfumes doing the fantasy princess via soft musks thing. But ultimately it’s just a question of wearing the thing and feeling like being carried away by a gently ascending series of lalalas.
25th March, 2018
Flower powder! And quite powerful as well. The jasmine is crisp, the powder comfy. The best Narciso I smelled so far.
25th February, 2018
I love Narciso EDP, which I think is one of the best perfumes put out in recent years, and I also really like the EDT, so I had high hopes for Poudree.

This is very sweet to my nose, with a Coca-Cola, maybe even bubble-gummy, aspect that reminds me a bit of Tabu or Vivienne Westwood's Boudoir, with a bunch of sugar thrown in. I don't get any musk (I suspect I'm anosmic to most), no cedar, no vetiver. Just that pervasive, slightly skanky, sweetness.

It was fun to sample—I kept sniffing my nose for much of the afternoon after I sprayed this and enjoyed its progression, such as it is—but whereas I don’t mind trailing a heavy dose of the original EDP, this would strike me as a bit immature at full blast.

06th December, 2017 (last edited: 07th December, 2017)
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Not a bad start with an agreeable rose and touches of jasmine and violet. The drydown is centred around white musks, which have a bright and contemporary powdery character.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

Pleasant but very synthetic and at times quite generic. 2.75/5.
05th November, 2017

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