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Vetiver pour Homme
by Roja Dove


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About Vetiver pour Homme

Vetiver pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Roja Dove.

Reviews of Vetiver pour Homme

I had high hopes for this one after I tried the stellar Vetiver extrait (unisex).
The latter is a crystalline pure fresh vetiver that sings and aria of love to you even more impressive as it holds this note for 2-3 hours without pausing for breath.
Pour Homme is just a smooth version of Tom Ford Grey Vetiver and has that fatal flaw that most strong Vetiver scents have which is what I can only describe as a damp heart. It smells damp and as soon as you get a whiff of that it instantly cancels out any pure freshness and weakens the masculine component paradoxically.
Roja would have served themselves much better by simply ramping up the Vetiver Extrait , just given it a bit of extra bite, removed some of its innocence. Shame.
However if you like TF Grey Vetiver and you want something smoother at triple the price then here you are.

Fragrance: 6.9/10
Projection: 7.5/10
Longevity: 7/10

The parfum is outstanding. The best vetiver I have ever smelt. Strong yet subtle, warm yet won't stop you feeling fresh, smoky woody base, masculine, depth, longevity.
Nothing comes close. Don't think the perfectly nice EDP by Tom Ford is a substitute. One is a nice Golf Gti the other the Jaguar Project 8 without the aero kit.
FBW and I did!
06th September, 2019 (last edited: 18th June, 2020)
Though this is still a strong concentration, Vetiver pour Homme feels closer to my ideal picture of a vetiver scent than the unisex Extrait version, both by Roja Dove.

This EdP version has many of the same notes as the Extrait, yet it comes across as more credible and relatable a vetiver scent. It's brighter and heartier, and certainly it is perceived as a man's fragrance (the Extrait version is unisex, so it was tailored to that end with its extra ingredients).

Both are chypres, with the EdP feeling more in line with a classic chypre than the Extrait (though neither has patchouli present, interestingly). I prefer the EdP for overall wearability and meeting of my expectations for an "ideal" vetiver fragrance. Opinions will differ, I am sure!
26th January, 2019
Smokey, lemony, green vetiver in the opening. As it dries down, it reminds me of TF Grey Vetiver but smokier and more complex. This is for the true, advanced vetiver lover and is not as easily-accessible as something like Vetiver Fatale, which is less earthy and less smokey.

Performance is good on my skin with 10 hours of longevity and average projection during most of that time.
20th December, 2018
While so much praise is directed to Roja Dove for the rich and beautiful deep masculines oud and leather fragrances he has created, this beautiful green vetiver masterpiece almost escapes attention. Yes, there are many wonderful vetiver fragrances on the market to choose from and many are less expensive, but please don't ignore this one. It is somewhat unique, very complex and covers lots of variety of rich character notes along the way of pursuing a bright green virtuous vetiver fragrance.

The opening notes are mostly green citrus with lemon and Litsea. The green continues as Litsea transitions to a thick green galbanum that is given character with caraway and celery notes - and yes you smell vetiver along with all of these. This lemony green thick blend stays expansive with a bit of rose but an added narcotic exotic quality is woven through the background with a very high quality jasmine note. Jasmine of this quality could be the star all by itself of any fragrance but there is just a slice here to give that dancing fumed exoticism as background. The base is earthy oak moss, cedar needles, gauaic wood, which rests on the soft thick amyris and labdanum underpinning. The base gives a hint of rich leather without really smelling like it is leather.

This vetiver is a complicated fragrance with many notes but the result hangs together in a remarkably tight bright green vetiver melange that hints at mysteries and then surprises me with a punctual warm light oily leather finish. I rate this vetiver very high in comparisons to other vetiver fragrances - maybe the best one I've tried.
25th November, 2016
Wow....this is expertly crafted. I've been looking for a vetiver similar to Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, but without the harsh bitterness from the grapefruit in that, and a bit higher quality overall. THIS is it; Vetiver pour Homme by Roja. The opening is a very earthy but smooth, buttery vetiver. After a while, the drydown turns into a nice, slightly understated cedar and something sweet in there. Beautiful fragrance. The only downside is the price.
06th November, 2016

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