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Club de Nuit Intense for Men (2015)
by Armaf


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Year of Launch2015
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Club de Nuit Intense for Men

Club de Nuit Intense for Men is a masculine fragrance by Armaf. The scent was launched in 2015

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Reviews of Club de Nuit Intense for Men

This fragrance, at first, took me to Black XS by Paco Rabanne (which I hate). But then it settled nicely and I thought this is exactly what Black XS should smell like if it was elegant and not so in-your-face. I must confess, I used to spray Black XS because there was something vaguely appealing, which I liked, but kept turning it away because it was just too much. Of course, an excess. Club De Nuit Intense does it for me, I really like it.

In my opinion, Club De Nuit Intense is a fragrance for a man wearing a suit and a nice watch, and not for someone out clubbing.
08th December, 2020
CDNI for plebian noses like mine is matter of factly, plenty 'Aventus like' as to not require the expense of Creed. I tend to only be able to pick up 'big' notes and whether I wear Aventus or CDNI I get pineapple either way. I was a little disappointed in that as it was comparing these two that made me question the sophistication of my olfactory system overall. That being said this is a great value to allow 'an' Aventus experience without having to pay for actual Aventus. Thumbs Up.
14th November, 2020
Club De Nuit Intense is not exactly identical to Aventus, however overall impression is very like Creed Aventus. Really not bad. If you're into compliment wagon people and ready to wear this one only for compliments, CDNI is your frag. If you like the fragrance, then the bonus is even greater.

For a desginer based on a niche story that is very catchy and likeable, Club de Nuit Intense is indeed a job well done. One can't even say it's very synthetic. Of course, niche houses usually use better ingredients, but there's maybe a bit of myth here as well. I don't find Creed to be an extraordinary niche house.

So what do you get with CDNI? Good mix of citruses blended with blackcurrant, apple, musk and birch that gives off sort of a woody but smoky vibe. Overall it's like a refreshing tonic. Strong but not iritating.

Conclusion: it's worth the money and it'll do perfectly what it's supposed to do. Even if you don't really like CDNI, you'll be able to wear it. I'd give it a chance and take a full bottle eventually.

Originality 4/10
Scent 7/10
Longevity 9/10
Projection 8/10
math. score: 70%
subjective score: 6,5/10
07th June, 2020
A strong blast of aggressive household product-inspired lemon on first spray... but after fifteen minutes or so thankfully that dies down leaving a pleasant, much more satisfying drydown in the vaguely Aventus/Explorer area (you know the sort of thing).

It's okay and priced fairly for what it is.
28th May, 2020
No, sorry, this was a big disappointment for me. This feels like a rougher, amateurish attempt at Aventus.

The opening is rather unpleasant for starters - the "frutiness" smells very choppy, synthetic, and cheap. Pineapple note is absent altogether.
It eventually settles down to a half-decent spicy, smokey, leathery scent with a slight hint of sweetness remaining, but never really feels well-balanced. But the real deal-breaker for me is the dirty ashtray like undertone that I find really off-putting. I've noticed this underlying ashtry smell in a few other Armaf frags, so I'm not trying anymore of them.

The sillage is quite strong, as is the formidable longevity - you'll still smell it on you the next day unfortunately.

This fragrance just doesn't feel at all smooth or well blended. Feels like something 20 year olds who want to smell like Aventus, but can't afford it, would wear at a club. If you really want something closer to Aventus, you're much better off with the dead-ringers Rasasi’s Entebaa or Pour Lui, or the similarly delightful smelling MontBlanc Explorer (which is very pleasant in its own right).
01st May, 2020
It is a very nice fragrance on its own, I know it's meant to smell like Aventus, but even if I have never tried an Aventus bottle or sample, I feel like, based on other people's reviews, Aventus is probably more focused on the pineapple note, which is almost non existent here.

I do agree on the pineapple leaf smell, which gives it that green smokey smell, I do enjoy it, but it is a little dry and mature.

I feel like a litte bit more focus on the citrus would've made this fragrance perfect, but I also think that it's still a very good fragrance.

Longevity and projection are actually amazing!
31st March, 2020

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