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About Insurrection II Wild

Insurrection II Wild is a masculine fragrance by Reyane.

Reviews of Insurrection II Wild

A bracingly medicinal cherry accord serves as the backbone of this aromatic woody-herbal tonkabacco, which offers a central accord reminiscent of Bogart pour Homme, Mugler Pure Havane, and Xerjoff Naxos. The brightest and greenest of this fragrance family, Insurrection II Wild is also the least gourmand of the set, balancing the honey-tonka sweetness with aromatic green notes.

As with many tonkabacco fragrances, there may not be a true tobacco note here as much as it's just defined by a pleasant tobacco-style ambience. The potent medicinal quality fascinates me; it's detectable in Pure Havane, but not to the same extent. I suspect that the cherry accord comes from the marriage of some candied citrus (mandarin?), herbal notes, lavender, and light honey.

Impressively well done and very easy to wear.
23rd May, 2020 (last edited: 24th May, 2020)
Very nice. To me this is a clone of Mugler's Pure Havane. Or vice versa. Both are similar quality and similarly refined so don't worry.

Blonde tobacco, brown rum or cognac, honey or some sweet syrup.

I don't get cocoa here like in Pure Havane but more vanilla though. Which is also nice. A fresher heartnote as well, thought vetiver at first but it's probably a 'green' patchouli. Unless it is really vetiver and the idea comes from D&G The One, also a tobacco with a vetiver heart.

At around 40% cheaper than the Mugler this definitely gets a thumbs up.
27th December, 2019
If I were ever to create a "best bargain" list of colognes, this EdP would certainly make the cut and then some. Purcahsed for $20 USD at the time of writing this review. A strong but subdued opening of smoky tobacco and honey, with undertones of leather and cocoa on first spray. The drydown brings out bits of vanilla, but the honey and smoke remain the star throughout. A linear gourmand but one that's so pleasant you'll be thinking smugly of your own scent throughout the day.

Sillage is perfect: just more than an arm's length but not enough to be overpower any more sensitive noses. Longevity is moderate for an EdP: 3-4 hours until it dries down to a skin scent, then another hour or two until it dissipates. I do wish that it lasted longer, but am not overly disappointed with it, especially given the cost.

I strongly recommend giving this fragrance a shot if you have nothing else like it in your wardrobe.


27th February, 2018
Fabbri's Morello and Mint-infused honey blends

First off, I won't say a thing about A*Men Pure Havane similarities given that despite it is on my wishlist, I miserably never had a chance to test it yet. Having said that, Insurrection II Wild by Reyane Tradition cologne, according to what I feel and smell, fits well under Oriental-Gourmand group. It opens on my skin with a mixture of Morello cherries syrup and mint-infused honey. The Morello is a variety of sour cherries that is so dark-skinned, it is almost a mahogany red, with dark red flesh and dark juice inside. Sometimes Morello cherries are so dark red that they are almost black in color. I know Morello cherries very well since in Italy we have Amarena Fabbri company, whose syrup is the heart of a company that has a great story to tell. This syrup is made from fruits pitted and then candied in the syrup and is ideal for decorations or fillings with any dessert. The tart of these fruits is present in almost all the lifetime of this scent. That's the opening.

After a while, a green sharp tobacco note emerges, but not offensively like a cigarette on the street, rather gently, with pride and elegance typical of the finest Cuban cigars. I almost get a caramel scent as well, and over time this beautiful cologne dries down to a deep tobacco, spicy, and woody combination that is exquisite. Itís truly lovely, highly unusual, perfect for a business day as well as a night out.

The heart goes on with a sour leathery accord blended with vanilla spice, like if you were wearing a leather jacket with pockets filled with patchouli leaves and vanilla sticks. Yeah, you are right, it isnít listed in the notes, rather I also detect a hint of vanilla which provides an extra creamy and powdery smoothness. Oh, what a damn good sensation! Itís so full-bodied, gourmand and woody essence of birch is wonderfully unique and bold.

I seem that, once this scent takes off, it remains in this state of bittersweet warmth forever. If you're anything like me, you just canít help but to continually sniff your wrist while wearing this. The dry-down is this bittersweet, raw vanilla, resinous amber, with a sharp ash accord. Not a wet, damp, dirty ash, but dry and powdery cigar ashes, a Cuban cigar! It sounds nasty but I think it smells so good.

Despite being sweet with notes of honey, rose, vanilla, and amber, RTIW is certainly masculine. This is how it differs from other tobacco vanilla scents on the market which are sweet and oftentimes more feminine and ďroundĒ. The herbal and green tobacco note together with the earthy and bitterness of patchouli make it more masculine. Whoa, this is the top, it fades and most of the wear is a vanilla-patchouli tobacco. Just get it if you like tobacco fragrances. Instead, if this doesnít sound like your kind of thing, look elsewhere. However, if you like rich and masculine scents, then RTIW is a masterpiece of a fragrance.

Thankfully RTIW is an EDP, which has wonderful sillage and longevity. Sillage is just right, it isnít overwhelming but it is on the strong side of things. It doesnít require that many sprays to be effective, which is a relief with so many weak colognes out there. It also has really good longevity, this is an all-day kind of scent for both the workweek and weekend. However, be aware that it is much more of a skin scent after 5-6 hours but with a reasonable application it should still be noticeable. Suitable for both day and evening wear, Insurrection II Wild is a great choice for a signature scent, best if worn during cold weather from late Autumn thru all early Spring.

My last words, It is so good and something that Iíd wear frequently. As I said, I canít stop sniffing my wrist when wearing it!
10th December, 2017
An absolute bargain for an absolutely fantastic jus!

Just read what Darvant wrote. You know he is a strong critic and he recommends it, so...

Back-up bottle worth. A must for fall/winter! Both sexes will be drawn to you, so spray wisely :)
14th September, 2017
Paradise for any gourmand-fetish. Tested today on skin, really yummy but at same time structured and aromatic, a Pure Havana's aromatic twin (with a vague twist of Thierry Mugler Angel as well) with a more aromatic-fresh and fruity opening imo (yes with a candied "cherry" undertone and a fresh tobacco-leaves fizzy blast), a vaguely less bombastic-honeyed sillage and a similar soft coco/cocoa/creamy tobacco-dominant "vaguely toasted" soft final trail. This is basically like a slightly lighter, brighter and more "orchestrated" A* Men Pure Havana with a more prominent (or better, more traditionally earthy and aromatic) patchouli (almost anisic in vibe) and a less dark cocoa-mastered dry down. Tobacco in here is "sweetly" (culinarially) rendered. Not my genre of "creaminess" but surely a great cheaper A*Men Pure Havana's alternative (on which I prefer Insurrection II Wild for it brighter earthy-aromatic undertone and its barely less massive "honey").
27th January, 2017

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