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Oudh Infini (2015)
by Parfums Dusita


Oudh Infini information

Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseParfums Dusita
PerfumerPissara Umavijani

About Oudh Infini

Oudh Infini is a shared / unisex perfume by Parfums Dusita. The scent was launched in 2015 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Pissara Umavijani

Oudh Infini fragrance notes

Reviews of Oudh Infini

Hardcore animalic

Its all natural. Musk, civet, oud, sandalwood. It is so stinky right away. Lots of fecal oud and civet. The civet and musk are pissy. The sandalwood is creamy. Its so rich and potent. It really takes probably like 2 hours before this is a kinder frag that people will not find offensive. It all smells so natural and beautiful. The quality of the ingredients is just top notch. Reminds me of Bortnikoffs and Areej le Dores, but this has more of a classic french perfumery build to it. Its a happy fragrance. At like $450 for 50 ml this bad boy is exspenseev! That opening to me is just a bit challenging. Longevity is excellent, projection is medium to low. Absolutely love it.
07th September, 2020 (last edited: 26th December, 2020)
This ocean of rotwood is so deeply fulfilling it comes close to delivering on the promise of infinity its name bears. In many ways it takes me back decades to my Indian childhood – not to the soiled nappies, but to the usually older male wearers of attar of that time in their starched white kurtas who often had on something that I also recognize in Oudh Infini. Was the use of oud more prevalent then? I dunno, but tastes were also different.
This oud demonstrates why the material is so hypnotic – it marries without plaint the austerity of sweetish dry woods with an almost incredible lushness of tones and textures. It is so dramatic in its presence it can reduce other perfume styles to small gestures – until one takes a step back and realizes one cannot live in a landscape populated only by giants. It is like being in a beautiful dream which gives way to a beautiful dream which gives way to yet another… it’s this layered quality while the thing remains constantly itself that is so bewitching.
The overriding radiant impression is of the most refined sweet woody tones merged with a kitten-soft yet wild sweet musk, animalic but so endearingly at one with human skin. Beyond that, an arc of scent sensations – the hay of the farmyard (robustly aromatic but not fecal), honeyed and caramelized notes, the milky, silky penetration of proper sandalwood, woodfire tones, sharp new leather but tamed by the musk, and roses distilled into nectar. This is complexity of the best kind – a chamber of associations inviting habitation.
I could give my heart to Oudh Infini – I find it easy to wear despite its utter indulgence – but alas common sense precludes me from giving my wallet to it.
09th August, 2019
There are prestige luxury houses like Xerjoff that will charge you $500 for the bragging rights of saying you can afford their brand, then there are houses like Parfums Dusita that will charge you $500 for a hand-crafted scent sourced from the finest and most-scarce natural materials around. Even then, taste is the ultimate arbiter and among oud perfumes, there are a lot of choices good and bad that can be had at prices ranging from convincing synthetics made by drugstore houses, all the way up to prestige-tier designer ouds that smell like comet cleanser. Real oud perfumes whether in eau de parfum, extrait form as this one is, or done in old-world attar/otto format will ultimately cost an arm and a leg to obtain. This has nothing to do with aftermarket inflation from overzealous eBay sellers looking to profit from online forum frenzies, or influencers thinking their name carries enough gravitas when slapped on a bottle of IFF or Givaudan chemicals to warrant several hundred dollars, or even a cleverly-crafted backstory with family pedigrees and royal warrants showing noble provenance of the pefumer, but simply effort of the perfumer. Oud oil is hard to make from real agarwood, takes lots of time, and then blending it into a perfume of any concentration in a way that it pleases the wearer is a costly labor of love, so it's not surprising that Parfums Dusita Oudh Infini (2015) carries a $460+ price point. Furthermore, the level of sheer animalic presence in this oud also makes it a very niche product indeed, true to the title often erroneously given to perfumes at this level of cost. How does it smell? Well if you like animal ass, rose, and rotted wood absolutes enough to spend half a grand on them, rather quite good, but probably utterly horrid to everyone else.

Oudh Infini struts right out in the open with unwashed nether-regions and goat cheese afforded by that kick-in-the-crotch natural oud accord. To say this is the barnyard stank many hardcore oud fans crave is an understatement. However, this doesn't stay in funkytown forever because a very sharp and clean rose enters the fracas to do battle with the used underpants opening. After a few minutes, things do settle into tolerable parameters of barnyard funk and rose but whoa boy that first five minutes is more challenging than ten sprays of Dior Leather Oud (2010) on a midsummer afternoon after skipping a shower for 3 days. Benzoin enters the picture to continue the animalic accord, flanked by genuine sandalwood with a level of diffusion only people who've smelled the genuine article can understand. This is like real Ayurvedic sandalwood here folks, the good stuff. Perfumer Pissara Umavijani of house Dusita continues the animalic assault but brings in something besides rose and sandalwood to act as countering agents by the time the base appears. This comes in the form of vanilla, and it's really needed against both the deer musk and genuine civet in the base. With real oud, benzoin, real musk, and real civet all inhabiting the same perfume, the vanillic rose and sandalwood holding the hordes back work just adequately enough to make this not technically stink, but whether you find it pleasant comes back to that little thing called taste once more. Wear time is until you scrub it off, and you will need to do so multiple times, while sillage isn't catastrophic with light spraying, but more than 2 shots of this anywhere on the body will send everyone around you screaming. Use this at your discretion, because I cannot think of a context where something like Oudh Infini would ever be appropriate in polite society, but please consider cooler temperatures.

I like animalic accords in my perfumes. I love old musky floral Fougères, honeyed-piss chypres loaded down with civet and patchouli, and many of the astringent rose ouds that can be found on the market, but this one is challenging even for the likes of me. I can really appreciate the almost reference-grade oud and rose tandem on display through much of the progression of Oudh Infini, but with all those other animalics jam-packed into this tiny little expensive bottle, I think the scales just slightly tip away from a wearable appreciation to an artistic one. I'd love to catch whiffs of this at my leisure, but even if this sold for half the price, I'd be reluctant to wear Oud Infini for any length of time, since I could see myself becoming fatigued with just how "extra" the animalic accords are here. With that being said, I can see why this is the marquee perfume from the house that all the perfumistas talk about, and the "stink factor" of all those animalics is just barely kept from going over the edge thanks to ample rose. Something sitting at this price point is most certainly a scent to sample, even for the hardcore oud addicts, and since the stuff wears so strongly even with just a single puff of an atomizer, you could realistically live off of decants if that price ever seemed too much to bear, even with financing. I'd pass on ownership of the intimidating beauty-meets-beast if not for my boyfriend liking the kind of sexual tension it puts off, but I applaud the artistry, execution, and authenticity of materials used, giving a true work of art the thumbs up it deserves. If Montale Black Aoud (2006) just isn't wild enough, Oudh Infini might be your new savage sauce boss if the price is right, although I think I'll mostly stick to my old 1980's urinal cake masculines outside the bedroom.
29th April, 2019
Oudh Infini is the most prim oud fragrance I have ever smelled. Don't let your guard down, though - this is true oud in all of its woody, fecal majesty. The addition of civet makes this a fragrance not for the faint-hearted, and this should certainly be no one's first foray into oud. However, the perfumer accomplishes something quite profound: a clean oud. This is a barnyard that has been recently scrubbed, replenished with fresh hay, and is home to several well-groomed horses.

The pungent primary oud note smoulders alongside a soapy orange blossom, and the entire composition is rounded out with a touch of rose and a hair of civet, just to emphasize that a clean barn is, after all, still a barn. The extrait performs as it should, easily lasting over 24 hours on skin with a modest projection of about 12 inches for the first 6-8 hours before withdrawing closer to the skin.

After trying all of the Parfums Dusita collection, I can say that Oud Infini is the absolute stand-out fragrance for me, trailed closely by Issara and La Douceur de Siam. Give them all a try, though, to find your own. This is a truly outstanding house.
29th September, 2018
Well made. Has a sort of muddled oud. It's there but not in your face. This also has a dank rose. Like an old rose. The middle exposes a barnyard feel with a mixture of benzoin, sandalwood, musk, and civet. I don't find it too offensive at all. It's like one has been riding around on the top of a hairy beast all day. Eventually this mellows into a sweet vanilla with musk still present. Still a bit of animal skank if I really inhale. Oudh Infini is more of a winter or evening fragrance in my opinion.
20th July, 2018
My first approach with the Parfums Dusita Maison is consummated directly with its "olfactory frontman" the notorious Oudh Infini. A glorious main accord of "detergent" leafy rose (elusive and perverted), "cosmetical" balsams and musky/resinous civet of unparalleled impact. This fragrance, because of its undeniable furious (almost acid) animalism, is definitely a quite hard to tame sort of wild crazy horse but nevertheless (as for a weird kind of poisonous miracle) it finally manages to express a surprising sort of decadent refinement as the most mannerist baroquely decadent twists in perfumery. Well, one of the most supremely rosey introductions in perfumery and more in general a seriously visceral musky/resinous rose-chypre of the olfactory panorama. Right out of the gate you will be petrified by a draculaesque and medieval pultaceous rose with no frills, with a top hat and a black cloak. In case you appreciate scents a la Perris Montecarlo Rose de Taif, Tiziana Terenzi Gold Rose Oudh, Acampora Sballo or Paul Emilien L'Esprit Divin well, Oud Infini should be a more "palatine" and carnally aristocratic alternative for the most refined palates. This oudish rosey/woody muskiness conjures me partially the Montale Black Aoud's musky accord but whereas the Montale's one is muskier and "paradoxically" brighter Oudh Infini is darker, dirtier, wilder and more aristocratically structured (It sounds like a further paradox considering the general animalic atmosphere of the juice). A superb oudish soapiness (finally kind of "waxy/lipstick", subtle and sophisticated), smooth musk, creamy sandalwood, spices (possibly saffron and kurkuma), resins and warm civet envelop the Queen rose in a sort of arcane embrace. The oudish presence is kind of smokey, sombre, saturnine, wooden and vaguely rubbery a la By Kilian Pure Oud. I detect a mouldy kind of earthiness as undertone, a sort (at least at the beginning) humid cocktail of wild flowers, orange blossoms, fir resins, hay, roots, earth, camphoraceous muskiness and counteracting arid woodiness, overall conjuring me more the vaguely the more flowery Acampora Sballo's woodsy/damp "chypreism" straight from the humid woods. However, wheres Sballo holds on its bright, fresh, grassy and boise natural (somewhat Victorian) run, Oudh Infini turns soon out nastier and dirtier. Civet (a "flowerpot's kind of dirty stale water-rotten aroma") gradually turns out dirtier, utterly stale and saltier, transforming the juice in to an extraordinary (wonderfully contradictory) blend of warm wild malevolent animalism and royal mannered (somewhat affected) decadence, something classically virile and seriously baroque. Animalism, resinous and culinary spiciness are perfectly balanced and finally soothed by exotic balsams and soapy/waxy resins a la Cerchi Nell'Acqua Usmar Venezia (another fragrance more than vaguely jumping on mind). Dry down is somewhat stale and organic while smelling the juice quite close to skin but still incredibly refined and subtle at distance. A contemporary perfumed rendition of medieval and historical atmospheres this fragrance, though not properly a one of a kind in its genre, is definitely a must try for all the rose-addicted and the perfumistas with a passion for epic poetry, romanticism and gothic ambiences.

22nd March, 2018 (last edited: 23rd March, 2018)

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