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Colonia Sandalo (2016)
by Acqua di Parma


Colonia Sandalo information

Year of Launch2016
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseAcqua di Parma
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Colonia Sandalo

Colonia Sandalo is a masculine fragrance by Acqua di Parma. The scent was launched in 2016

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Reviews of Colonia Sandalo

Opens with a sweet and spicy sandalwood. As it dries down, starts to become soapy and medicinal but the sandalwood is still there.

I'll go neutral because I do find this pleasant and interesting but I don't think I would wear it. The base drydown is very soft, more natural and pleasant so if it was more of that I think this would end up being more highly rated.

Good, not great performance. Lasts most of the workday.
06th June, 2020
Unlike other reviewers, I have been disappointed by this one. For sure, it performs, and the sandlawood is there. But to my nose it smells very synthetic, and I'm not sure that the pairing with lavender and cardamom works well here.

Feels a little rough and unrefined to my nose. Too sharp.
For twice less money, I opt for Tam Dao EdP without hesitation.
18th April, 2019
Sandalo is an incredibly well blended sandlewood fragrance, the sandlewood in this feels very natural, like real sandlewood was used ..typical acqua di parma citrus notes keep everything on the fresh and classy side of life. If you have experience with acqua Di parma oud then you will know what to expect with this one, incredibly they have managed to keep their sophisticated citrus style and showcase a powerful sandlewood accord that manages to dominate with support from all the top and middle notes. I pick up on lavender and a slight leather feel that leans things a bit barbershop. Overall this is one of the best sandlewood fragrances I have ever owned. Everything feels so smooth and natural with great versatility and performance.
20th February, 2019
Acqua di Parma Colonia Sandalo is another solid entry from the darker bottle line, formerly known as Colonia Intensas. It follows in the tradition of Colonia Oud and Colonia Leather before it as being an interesting albeit not too divsive entry, a blend of the "eau de cologne" concept mastered via the now-antique original Colonia as well as a mix of various other notes.

In the case of Sandalo, the blend is overall a bit lighter and fresh than in Oud or Leather, just based on the nature of the signature of note. The fragrance consists of the predictable ensemble of citruses, paired with spunky additives like lavender, cardamom, and petitgrain, with a predictable base of sandalwood and amber (and allegedly tonka bean, though I don't get much of this, myself).

The fragrance is refreshing and invigorating without being too loud, and somehow comforting without being too boring. It's palpably versatile, wearable day or night, winter or summer.

It's a decent performer but probably not quite as good as Leather or Oud, but still satisfactory. Like the others, retail pricing ($260 for 100ml at Neiman Marcus) feels like a tough sell for a relatively safe offering, but it'll no doubt become cheaper on the secondary market (i.e. FragranceNet) with time.

7 out of 10
14th February, 2019
A very light lemony Woody scent that does not last but it is ever so expensive!

Nice bottle but what a disappointment from this house.

Harrods launched it, now it is in Debenhams...should I say any more?

Thumbs down!
05th September, 2018
I have given this another try. Using only 4 sprays, I have managed to overdose. So my previous assessment was either made in rainy weather or with a much less powerful sample.

I do not know the original Aqua di Parma, so I cannot compare against that. I did try Intensa last time and liked Sandalo better.

This is an old school Eau de Cologne, with a bitter, refreshing touch. This Sandalo flanker claims to tranform into a Sandalwood base note, and I cannot falsify this claim given my merely superficial familiarity with Sandalwood. I like the woody development, though.

180€ is still a lot for this, and if I were to buy something like this, I would try the Intensa and other variations first, which are much more affordable than Sandalo.

Given its much improved longevity and sillage compared to my previous review, though, it can at least be imagined that someone likes this enough to pay this price. Me, I have enough samples for a year or two.
28th August, 2018 (last edited: 27th November, 2018)

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