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Ag (2016)
by Ted Baker


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Year of Launch2016
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseTed Baker
Parent CompanyKMI

About Ag

Ag is a masculine fragrance by Ted Baker. The scent was launched in 2016

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Reviews of Ag

Ted Baker Ag (2016) is one of three elemental men's fragrances to hit the market in 2016 as a Nordstrom exclusive, with the others being Au and Cu respectively. You don't really hear much about this house but they're a relatively small luxury label that works mostly out of boutiques found on high streets or shopping malls globally, being based first in the UK and then spreading all over thenceforth. Formed by Ray Kelvin in 1988, the Ted Baker name established itself with men's apparel first, them women's apparel in 1995. The house has dabbled with masculine perfume before, starting with Skinwear (1998), which was followed by a long line including XO Extraordinary for Men (2007), but never have they launched a three-piece set and made it exclusive to another chain's inventory. The neat thing about Ted Baker Ag in particular, is it represents a sort of throwback to the old powdery barbershop fougères of the 1960's, where heavier spices and musk came into the fold of the typical fougère structure, but replaces the starring role of lavender in such accords with violet leaf instead. As one might guess, putting the violet leaf in the center of a fougère automatically has thoughts of this being a more barbershop-themed take on Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel (1975), but it's nothing really like that at all thanks to a leather note which makes this feel like a domesticated Dior Fahrenheit (1988) sans the gasoline note, if anything. I'd just safely say that Ted Baker Ag is mostly incomparable to anything, since most associations of that kind are a stretch.

Ted Baker Ag opens with perky bergamot and pink pepper. There is some lavender here in the opening, because what fougère could really exist without it, but it doesn't hold down the meat and potatoes of the scent like it normally would in other such fougères. The violet note comes next, with it's characteristic "heated pink" tone that straight guys either love or hate thanks to that masculinity-challenging feminine association, but the dandy qualities it imparts here in Ted Baker Ag are yet another wonderful throwback touch I love about the stuff. Cedar and eucalyptus also make an appearance, bringing in that Proraso-like barbershop tone which re-asserts any conservative masculinity thought lost with the presence of violet, with the interplay between violet, eucalyptus, and the bright top setting up the main personality of Ag. The base consists of that 1960's-vibe powdery, musky fougère foundation I eluded to in the beginning, with patchouli, amber, musk, oakmoss, and a touch of leather finishing it off. Victorian-era Fahrenheit perhaps? Or maybe this is just a nod to the old-schoolers who pour over eBay looking for vintages, giving them something "new" to purchase in the 21st century. Either way, good performance with moderate sillage for about 10 hours in the mode of operation for Ag. I'd suggest using this at the office or a casual outing in cooler month, but maybe not the dead of winter. Ted Baker Ag also has some formal use potential too thanks to its powdery tone overall, but once again, the make-or-break facet of Ted Baker Ag comes down to the prominent violet on display throughout the length of the wear.

I applaud Ted Baker for making such an anachronism of a scent in an era of heavy ambroxan, scratchy norlimbanol woods, and mind-numbing aromachemical sillage that can't be escaped. Ted Baker Ag is a proper gent's juice full of all the good stuff IFRA restrictions will still allow, and although it might pall in comparison to a vintage bottle of Brut (1962) or Paco Rabanne Pour Homme (1973), there is an opportunity here for younger people as well wanting to smell "classic" while having a contemporary fragrance. For me, the use of violet is very judicious, and nothing about this seems racy or overwrought, even if it isn't the most exciting stuff on the planet. Ted Baker Ag also comes in a neat little 25ml metal refillable flask for travel purposes (as do the other 2), making this spicy, floral, and oddly leathery fougère even more special. Stuff like this is about as niche as it gets in the designer realm anymore, and beyond this point, you'll have to pay upwards of $200+ to get anything quite this unique without seeking vintage. Ted Baker isn't exactly a household name, and they sure do have a good slew of them that nobody is heard of to boot, so there is a little bit of hipster cred in there for the guys who care about all that. Thumbs up from me, but try before you buy unless you're already well-aware of the powers violet can have in an otherwise standard masculine style. You'll have to wander into a Nordstrom if you're in the US to test this due to the exclusivity deal, but original Ted Baker shops in the UK will have this available to sample if big department store prowling isn't your thing.
03rd February, 2019
Heavy on the violet and leather. If you like this kind of thing be very sparing as it will get right up your nose and be offensive like the inside of a French courtiers's kerchief top pocket.
I ended up having to wash it off. Of the 3: Ag, Au, Cu unfortunately Ag is the most potent and long lasting. Hard to imagine the same nose came up with all three. Delicacy and detail versus sledge hammer.
Fragrance: 6/10 from a distance, 2/10 close up
Projection: 7.5/10
Longevity: 7.5/10
24th August, 2018
Fresh, very wearable fragrance from Ted Baker! Combines citrus brightness with a sharply floral note, thanks to the violet leaf, and brought to a strong, stable foundation of leather and cedar.

Although there are other scents with violet in it (including one of my treasured classics, Emporio Armani Night He), Ted Baker Ag (silver) smells distinctive doing it. Smells sufficiently different to not be mistaken with other colognes in the current arena of fragrances.

I had a chance to try this and the other two men's scents from Ted Baker at a local Nordstrom here in Maryland. This one ranks up there, IMO, alongside Cu (copper). Very much worth a test!
04th May, 2018

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