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This is Him! (2016)
by Zadig & Voltaire


This is Him! information

Year of Launch2016
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseZadig & Voltaire
PerfumerNathalie Lorson
PerfumerAurélien Guichard
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins > Beaute Prestige International

About This is Him!

This is Him! is a masculine fragrance by Zadig & Voltaire. The scent was launched in 2016 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Aurélien Guichard and Nathalie Lorson

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Reviews of This is Him!

The thick sweetness from the vanilla is great and the dark, brooding incense gives it some interesting qualities. More unisex than masculine to me. Feels like a cool weather scent. The incense isn’t smokey, it just provides some maturity and darkness.

All-day longevity with decent projection throughout.
19th June, 2020
Sexy woodsy vanillic incense.

This smells fantastic. It's a pretty simple scent overall, as evinced by the note breakdown. The opening is a blast of pencil shavingsy/raw woodsy ISO E-Super coupled with black pepper and quickly settles into the main act: smoky incense mingled with woods, pepper, and creamy vanilla. It does feel synthetic, but not overly. There's little to no evolution, save for the vanilla growing more prominent as the fragrance dries down. But that's fine by me, because it smells wonderful. This is as a slick, sexy, night on the town in an all-black outfit kind of scent, as has been enumerated by numerous reviewers already.

My main problem with this is that the performance is much softer than I'd like. At least, I think it's soft - I could very well be anosmic to the ISO E-Super. But unfortunately I think this is another case of my-skin-eats-everything. I get around 3-4 hours of longevity, and it's almost an instant skin scent. I love the smell, so whenever I wear it I keep my bottle around to replenish periodically, but I can't help but wish that it would just last longer. I have a 20ml bottle, but the juice is so weak (and my love of the scent itself so strong) that I've depleted almost 3/4s of it in 2 months of ownership. If it only lasted a little longer this would easily be one of my signature scents. C'est la vie. I won't be upgrading to a larger bottle when the 20ml is gone, but I am interested in checking out Just Rock!, as I've heard that it performs better and is similar to This Is Him!, for a similar price on the discounters.

Overall, this is really nice, sexy, and fairly unique (for a designer) fragrance for fall and winter evenings. If it performs on your skin, then this could very well be a great option for you. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite tick my box.

25th March, 2020
A kind of biomechanical fragrance--think Lalique Encre Noire--that blurs the lines between natural and chemical aromas. The result is an admittedly fascinating and fun rock-and-roll fragrance, a kind of dirty, earthy vanilla with a slight chemical spill component.
01st August, 2019
A surprisingly good and inexpensive designer. Smoky and creamy vanilla, which I suppose reminds one of Sandalwood. The incense keeps this one from being cloying, though it's probably not suited to hot and humid weather. Would that many younger men were wearing stuff as good as this rather than the usual dreck foisted upon them.
04th August, 2018
Gourmand,i don't like !!!!
03rd August, 2018
I had received a sample of this along with a vintage perfume that I ordered from Spain and although it smells 'tolerable', and by that I mean on another individual other then myself preferably from far away, This Is Him is incredibly cheap and synthetic to the core. I would hate to have to work beside someone who wears this on the regular because this stuff is unnecessarily strong with some monster projection. Outside of the fact that this odor naeuseates me, the aroma chemicals implemented into this composition are of the lowest grade imaginable. Seriously, there was next to no effort or money put into this. The whole ordeal is sloppy and it smells outright bad.

This Is Him is basically an Iso E Super nuke laid over synthesized vanilla and a really cheap 'cedary' accord. This is not a sandalwood aroma chemical in the least as even fake sandalwood doesn't smell like pencil shavings, more along the lines of creamy coconuts. Synthesized cedarwood smells like pencil shavings and I'm detecting a lot of that here. I get zero incense in this even if it is an aroma chemical, no incense, none, zip. No 'churchy', no bokhoor, no smoke, none of that and I'm well aware of what different forms of incense smell like including frankincense, copal, myrrh and resins of that nature, none of that here, zero. Just a bucket full of Iso E Super and fake vanilla over fake woods with maybe some ambroxan as a fixative, in that exact order. Personally, I'm highly sensitive to Iso E Super and can pick it out of any perfume from a mile away and sensed it in this as soon as I had sprayed it on, and also any form of aroma chemical as they project like crazy for endless hours right up my nose that feels like 40 grit sandpaper so naturally I hate this composition with a passion. In so many words, this is a chemical soup. It's too simple, the balance is off and I don't like it anyways because it's a handful of aroma chemicals blended poorly, 'and' I'm also a hater of vanilla so this is double no. Moderately feminine smelling which belongs on a woman. If I smelled this trailing from a dude, I'd think to myself that he's wearing a vanilla perfume for women because that's what this smells like, cheap vanilla.

My conclusion is that this is a 100% fake vanilla perfume with nothing in the way of incense. There are far better scents out there in this price range if vanilla is your bag. I think This Is Him is total garbage, great for beginners though who are entirely new to the world of perfume and haven't really sniffed much but, for a seasoned nose, this stuff is atrocious. The only thing natural about this is that glass flacon. People should go and smell some other stuff, particularly some natural compounds and then come back to this and you'll agree, this is terrible, and it hurts your mucus membranes too. On the upside though, forever sillage, lasts for eternity on the skin in the usual synthesized perfume fashion, even after numerous vigorous scrubbings. I allowed this to sit on my skin for a few hours to dissect it until I just couldn't hack it anymore and had to scrub. Believe it or not but I could still detect a soft sillage from this well over 24 hours later after a shower as well and those vigorous scrubbings which made me hate it that much more so kudos to those fixatives, my goodness. Goooo aroma chemicals!
28th November, 2017

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