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Sultanate of Oman (2016)
by Roja Dove


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Year of Launch2016
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseRoja Dove

About Sultanate of Oman

For thousands of years, the Sultanate of Oman has been celebrated for producing the world’s finest Frankincense. I dedicate this creation to His Majesty The Sultan and the fragrant legend that grows in his kingdom.

Reviews of Sultanate of Oman

Grabs me right from the start with an unusual juicy fresh citrus sitting in the middle of a barnyard...this already thrills me as I love these kind of combos and anything animalic...smells of exquisite blending and ingredients...nice touches of flowers and my nose , cutting through everything , is one of the creamiest , luxurious , and intense sandalwood notes I've ever smelled...awesome foundational accord of resin and oud...also noticed a nice petroly leather note for a while...masterpiece in my eyes...only. negative thing about this fragrance is the price...
22nd July, 2019
A very rich, resinous member of the Gulf Collection by Roja Dove. Woods, spices, damp florals, fragrant citrus, juicy raspberry, and oakmoss meet the inimitable agarwood (thick and indolic) to create a truly expressive, thought-provoking picture of this amazing country in the Middle East.

The panoply of accords are meant to paint an image of Oman's people and activities that can be imagined without too much effort, given the ferris wheel of notes that hit you individually and in tandem with others throughout the scent's lifecycle. SoO is a genuine ode to Arabic culture that is both full of historical interest and contemporary flair. Roja truly has created another masterpiece to honor the Gulf region. :-)

26th January, 2019
Sultanate of Oman is another rose/oud entry (aren't they all?) in the Roja Parfums collection of 2016-17 of which I'm quite fond. It is quite heavy on woods and saffron, sweetened by raspberry, brightened by citrus, and sitting over a resinous base.

It's most similar to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the use of raspberry but it's a bit sharper and more resinous. Like most of the collection, it appeals to the sweet-loving side of the wearer, so while it's not overall as sweet as, say, Kuwait, it's still quite enjoyably sweet to my nose. Apart from that, it's woody with tinges of citrus and other non-rose florals, but it's a pretty safe rose/oud to wear.

At $555 for 50ml, the pricing is steep so I'm not sure I'd ever really consider making a move on a full bottle at retail price for this. The collection is really quite excellent, a variety of rose/oud fragrances that have varying merits, but given the abundance of rose/oud fragrances in the market, this collection should appeal only to a select few, and I'd be surprised to find owners of say, more than two. Still, it's impossible to the deny the quality and the power of these juices, which are very impressive.

8 out of 10
11th April, 2018
After comparing SOO and UAE side by side, I've found that I enjoy this one much more! There is some rose, but not overwhelming like in UAE. SOO will run through a nice depth of its notes over the course of a few hours, while UAE stays linear with the rose for the most part. There is also just a tiny bit of "stank" and animalistic thing going in this after the initial spray, which goes well with the floral and helps cut through it a bit.
03rd March, 2017 (last edited: 05th March, 2017)
This is probably the most spectacular frankincense scent I've ever smelled. The first blast is extremely strong and orgasmic, the combination of rose and incense is incredibly beautiful, this combination lasts for a few hours and as the scent dries down it becomes drier and woodier possibly from the beautiful amyris, which gives the overall fragrance a soft creaminess to it. Although the dry-down becomes much softer it unmistakably remains dry and resinous that stays true to nature of frankincense. Sultanate of Oman is yet another creation by Roja Dove that showcases just how masterful the pefumer really is. He hits this one way out of the park! Bravo!
01st December, 2016 (last edited: 02nd December, 2016)
Upon spraying on skin Sultanate of Oman has the warm farmland smell of a horse barn with cut hay and soft leather. The opening scent is extraordinarily inviting but stays very soft and low in projection. I think it might be fading, so I spray on more. It fades quickly also, so I think it must be weak however, the softness remains stays for a very long time so I accept that this is a very soft light layered leather blend fragrance that has great depth but a very soft emanating presence. The fragrance does change quite a bit over its progression.

After about 4 hours the warm horse barn musk leather scent wears off somewhat and there remains a high pitched violet and suede leather aspect that is the middle of the fragrance that is remaining after this musky and warm citric floral opening ends. This is a soft but almost synthetic leather that is probably saffron, incense, violet, raspberry, orris, carrot that has a suede middle toned aroma. I like this still but it is more harsh and reminds me of Zegna Peruvian Ambrette in scent for its dryness and mild abrasiveness. The aroma becomes softer with sandalwood, amyris, papyrus, guaiac and oud wood notes, mixed with frankincense, elemi, and cardamom incense notes.

The base notes which keep peeking through are carrot seed oil, cedar and a shimmering presence of cardamom, saffron, and papyrus. These notes create a slow moving but shimmering high toned aura above the very soft leather which almost disappears into background - but not quite. This high pitched ethereal spice and light woods finish is quite a contrast to the low toned horse barn and hay aromas that were present during the first stages. In fact I can still smell this light toned incense and woods scent the day after application as it is very enduring, but not bold or obtrusive. This is a unique blending of fragrance that starts low and gradually elevates in scale ending on a high note. I don't think this will have universal acceptance and appreciation due to the contrasts of determined notes like carrot, saffron and cardamom. I do, however like it very much.
29th November, 2016 (last edited: 19th February, 2017)

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